Hunter S. Thompson was a pedophile-bestialist who made snuff films

Hunter S. Thompson was a journalist, author, and acclaimed founder of gonzo journalism — a style of journalism where reporters eschew the traditional “objective” journalism, but directly participate in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their stories. The author of “new journalism” books, such as the 1971 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that was made into a movie, Thompson was known for his firearms, alcohol and illegal drugs. He became a counterculture cult figure, hobnobbing with Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp and John Cusack, and fawned on by late-night TV talk show hosts like David Letterman.

In 2005, at age 67, depressed by his chronic medical problems and advancing age, Thompson shot himself to death. He left this nihilistic suicide note to his wife:

“No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun — for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your (old) age. Relax — This won’t hurt.”

The video below reveals a side of Hunter Thompson even darker than his already depraved public persona. He was a pedophile, bestialist, and made snuff films.

I tried to verify the claims made in the video. Here’s what I found:

(1) Pedophiles & child kidnapping:

From Hunter S. Thompson’s 2005 book, Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness Modern History from the Sport Desk, p. 3:

(2) Bestiality:

From a website devoted to Hunter S. Thompson’s writings, The Great Thompson Hunt:

“Palm Beach is a place where reality does not apply, ‘money is cheap’ and there is no ‘place for Horatio Algers’. (Thompson, 1990, p. 193).

Nakedness is also part of the scene, and HST [Hunter S. Thompson] finds himself in a red Chrysler convertible with naked lesbians on their way to an orgy.

Bestiality is another aspect of the lifestyle, because it is felt to be a victimless crime in Palm Beach, even though it is technically against the law. This is where the title [of Thompson’s article, ‘A Dog Took M Place,’] comes from. First, HST meets a woman whose friend makes $50,000 a year (tax-free) to screw dogs for rich people; then HST meets a bartender who feels like a ‘beast’. He tells HST, ‘I see those s–t-eating grins on their faces and I feel like a dog took my place.’ This leads back to the final ending where HST decides that it is better to get involved with animals than people, ‘because they will never call the police on you or take you in front of a judge or run off and hide with your money…. Animals don’t hire lawyers’ (Thompson, 1990, p. 206).”

(3) Hunter Thompson made Child snuff films

Photographer Russell E. Nelson said Hunter Thompson offered him $100,000 to shoot a snuff film, copies of which would then be sold to “wealthy business people for tremendous amounts of money.” This is verified in a 2005 article by Tom Flocco for Prison Planet:

“Recently arrested photographer Russell E. ‘Rusty’ Nelson–who according to U.S. District court testimony [2-5-1999] was impersonated by another photographer at Capitol Hill child sex parties during the Reagan and Bush presidencies, told us last week that in 1988 he refused Hunter Thompson’s offer of $100,000 to film a graphic child sex ‘snuff movie to be sold to wealthy private clients where a young boy would be murdered as a sacrifice.'”

In his shattering book on the 1988-1991 child sex ring scandal that involved GOP élites in Washington, D.C., and prominent citizens and Boys Town of Nebraska, The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, attorney and Nebraska state legislator John DeCamp (1941-2017), a Republican, interviewed Paul Bonacci, one of the child victims who provided testimonies to grand juries of his abuses and what he had witnessed. DeCamp was Bonacci’s attorney.

Bonacci’s testimony included an account of how he and another boy Nicholas were taken to Las Vegas and ordered to rape a boy, after which an adult man sodomized and shot the boy — all of which was filmed. The director of the snuff film was Hunter Thompson. Below are screenshots I took from pages 103, 104 and 327 of the book, which confirm the video’s recounting of what Bonacci said.

Hunter S. Thompson’s $3 million funeral was paid for by “close pal” Johnny Depp, and attended by 280 people, including U.S. Senators John Kerry and George McGovern; 60 Minutes correspondents Ed Bradley and Charlie Rose; and actors Jack Nicholson, John Cusack, Bill Murray, Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn, and Josh Hartnett.

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45 responses to “Hunter S. Thompson was a pedophile-bestialist who made snuff films

  1. This is the real stuff that should be investigated in HELL wood, but they won’t. The Discovery Channel was set to air the Franklin cover up documentary (it was in the TV Guide), but was pulled at the last minute. Apparently some people went and threatened the Discovery people and ‘bought’ the documentary. The raw footage was on youtube but it’s been awhile since I last saw it so not sure if it’s still there or not.
    Most people do not believe how depraved, sick, twisted and pure evil these types of sub-humans are, but they are doing this to innocent children. Brice Taylor wrote about this satanic mind control in her book “Thanks for the Memories”. She also wrote about this beyond evil snuff film in a novel format called “Star Shine”. She was still under mind control (these people are so insidious it’s almost unreal) but she mentioned these vile snuff films that she was forced to help with when she was a child. They would use mind controlled children to lure other kids into the clutches of these torturers. She said that most of these Hollywood types were tortured and not even aware that they were controlled. She said they all had multiple ‘suicide programs’ imbedded into their psyches to keep them from remembering. Is it any wonder why so many A-listers are all on drugs and die of drug overdoses? Apparently from what she said, those ‘overdoses’ are planned too.
    I also think Brice Taylor also mentioned Hunter Thompson.
    Didn’t the Hell’s Angels beat him up? Too bad they didn’t get rid of him permanently.

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    • It wont go anywhere because 1) High profile people in Omaha were involved, names under seal except Peter Citron, (openly gay)an ex media/anchor in Omaha and Alan Baer, who was a very wealthy (closet gay) jewish businessman, both deceased. 2) I know for a fact that some of the lawyers involved in the Franklin Scandal went on to become Nebraska District Court Judges, maybe 1 or 2 still on the bench (I believe) 3) A number of the child victims/witnesses were murdered, or died under “questionable circumstances”, i.e. drug overdoses in jail or hospitals, 4) Gary Caradori who was the investigator who flew to Chicago to get “the smoking gun” was murdered, along with his 6 year old son, when a bomb was placed in his private plane. The photographs he had of victims and perps were confiscated by the FBI at the crash scene, and also from his office never to be seen again. 5) Boystown (catholic parish)was heavily invested in Larry King which supplied the children, 6) All the evidence led straight to the White House!! Omaha is a very wealthy enclave, due to Warren Buffet, whose friends and associates made BANK with him. 7) Bellevue is home to Offutt/SAC airbase, which Bush flew too during 9/11. Omaha is a very connected city politically. Any scandal associated with Omaha will never see the light of day, even the extent of this phedo ring, which has more tentacles than a octopus. And for those of you waiting for a Seth Rich (jewish, democrat, Omaha native, Ben Nelson campaign) investigation? It will never happen either. Its called Corruption and Omaha is an EVIL, DARK city. Trust me on the above, I know!!!

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      • I back up everything Teri said regarding Omaha. However, word has gotten out, the truth is there for the world to see but the fabrication media cannot tell it. This is why it has to come from word of mouth, forums, books like DeCamps and Bryants, etc. As the old evil made infamous by the Franklin, dies off, just noted that Harry Anderson is dead, as are Citron, Baer, Mahoney, Carlson and some others of the Omaha satan gang, I assume younger satanists have taken the leadership roles of these denizens of hell. One of the old Omaha gang is still alive however, and he’s the head of it all as the high priest, I suspect he’s the richest man in Omaha, one of the richest in the entire world.

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    • “Didn’t the Hell’s Angels beat him up? Too bad they didn’t get rid of him permanently.”

      From the wiki link embedded at the beginning of the post, re the Hell’s Angels:

      “The relationship broke down when the bikers perceived that Thompson was exploiting them for personal gain and demanded a share of the profits from his writings. An argument at a party resulted in Thompson suffering a savage beating (or “stomping”, as the Angels referred to it). Random House published the hard-cover Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in 1966, and the fight between Thompson and the Angels was well-marketed. CBC Television even broadcast an encounter between Thompson and Hells Angel Skip Workman before a live studio audience.”

      So he got a stompin’ but not a permanent whoopin’. 😉

      <br />That guy was one majorly messed up dude.  I'm at a loss for words.  I've heard OF him for decades, but have never read a word of anything he ever wrote.  Just the titles sound soooo hopeless, lost... which is exactly what he was.  His father died when he was 14 & his mother, though she worked as a librarian, was said to be a heavy drinker (per wiki) after her husband died.  
      Hunter got fired a lot as a younger guy; the Air Force rejected him as a cadet pilot; etc.  He "came of age" during a depressing era (drugs, booze, sex, rock & roll, blah blah) & let it take him down all the way, instead of seeking God & pulling his act together.  
      He looked severely doped up or drunk in the David Letterman segment in the video in the post.  (I'm always shocked how people can STAY drunks/druggies from their early 20s all the way through their middle-age years & on to the elder years.  You'd THINK they'd get sick of it, the hopelessness, the despair, the boredom, etc., & seek God to help them out of it.)  But if he was into all those murderous perversions, then it's a wonder that he didn't off himself much sooner.  Who could live with that horrible stuff in their minds?
      I wondered at what time/age he gave himself over fully to the dark side (pedos, beasts, snuff).  The wiki link says he first messed up bad for a writing assignment when Rolling Stone sent him to Zaire in 1974 to cover the "Rumble in the Jungle" fight between George Foreman & whoever; & Thompson got drunk over there in the hotel & missed the fight & assignment.  Maybe he met up with some "voodoo" crazy people over there.
      I also can't help but wonder if the "celebs" & politicians who went to his funeral are also part of the pedo-beasts-snuff "network."

      One last tidbit. Wiki says he killed himself while talking to his wife on the phone who was out in town, & his son & wife & grandson were right there at the house in another room. How weird! His wife thought the cocking of the gun was the sound of his typewriter; & the son/wife thought the thud was the sound of a book falling off a shelf, so none of them “ran to his aid” right away. Very strange!

      Friends said he hated February as there was no more football to watch & only cold weather. (Big deal, it’s the shortest month of the year.) “The police report stated that in Thompson’s typewriter was a piece of paper with the date ‘Feb. 22 ‘05’ and a single word, ‘counselor.'” He shot himself two days before the 22nd. I guess he couldn’t wait two more days! (It would be “funny” if it was an accident; maybe cleaning a rifle in his lap, & lost his balance in the chair due to his hip-replacement, & fell backward or something.)

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  2. Hunter S. Thompson reminds me of the Royal Family of England:

    Here is some more on Monarch Mind Control:

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  3. BULLSHIT! More “satanic cult” nonsense. PROVE your accusation. What? You don’t have any proof? Just an unfounded third hand account? Made against dead men you hate? From two “actors” that would have been killed on the spot as witnesses? You are not winning any credibility points from this one. You are acting worse than the Clintons, and with less integrity than the Obamas, and no—I am not a democrat or any other political flavor. Just someone who values honesty and integrity. AND: You do know that spreading unproven rumors is one of your deadly sins —right? I believe y’all call it “bearing false witness”.

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  4. Hell is too good of a place for these Satanic pedophiles. My heart aches and soul just weeps for Paul Bonacci and all the children whose innocence and lives were stolen by these inhuman monsters. There are no words…..

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  5. Another source exposing these allegations was the late FBI Director Ted Gunderson – his talks are still found on You Tube. A very brave man, after retirement he devoted a good part of his life investigating kidnappings like the Johnny Gosch case, talking to mind control victims such as Brice Taylor, in order to expose these evil people. The biggest shock for me was finding out who participated in these satanic orgies – names like George Bush Sr, Bob Hope etc are among those implicated. The facts revealed in Gunderson’s videos are very disturbing. They forever changed my view of the world we live in. Only faith in God and knowing He would one day bring these monsters to justice brings some hope that good will prevail in the end. I pray every day for the children today who are in these monsters’ clutches. May God protect not only the innocent ones but those brave enough to expose these NWO-Satanic-Illuminati scum.

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  6. How horrible! And shame on anyone who admired HST.

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  7. so much evil….that poor boy! those poor boys! all children who are being abused, molested, raped, tortured, “sacrificed”….my heart aches…I pray to the Lord!

    I had no clue who this, thompson, guy was before this post…
    what a wicked male and all the males around him!
    I looked up pics of depp and thompson online and in almost every pic, they are touching….
    depp lived in thompson’s basement for weeks to “study” Thompson for a movie role. depp even paid $5mill for thompson’s funeral and starred in 2 movies about him; and in the kid’s animated movie “Rango”, there was a thompson “cameo” inserted.
    In the trailer for ‘fear and loathing’, depp asks: “how much for the ape?”
    I wonder how long they actually ‘knew’ each other?
    Depp quote: “He’s part of me, you know? You know Hunter was one of my best friends and one of my favorite people that ever lived.”
    no surprise hollyweird loves this guy
    “Johnny Depp still gonzo for Hunter S. Thompson: ‘He’s part of me’ ”

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  8. After reading this post, which is excellent by the way, l found that I was starting to have literally pain in my chest . . . the fact that such demented, vile activity is going on under our noses is almost unbelievable. This just shows that Satan and his followers are alive and very active in the lives of the Children of God.

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    • I know exactly what you mean, Lulu. It affects me that way too. I have this theory that these super evil creatures get to a point where they are trying to outdo each other in their sinfulness. You can’t get much worse than this.

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  9. Dear God, that is sickening. I hope people like those monsters are all stricken from the Earth and made to suffer in the worst way.

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  10. Nice post doctor. I’ve read about this long ago and am not surprised. Thompson always creeped me out. His ego was immense.

    The real story is that the “movers and shakers” be they Hollywood or D.C., are Satanists. All the rest is a production. The sooner we understand that the quicker we can escape the manipulation.

    They band together because that is how they preserve their pride of place in their group decision to serve Satan. They only get one (limited) shot at getting the biggest bang for their bride price for selling their souls. They made the decision that money, power and celebrity are worth more than the cost of eternal damnation.

    So the only reason for my rant is that I get frustrated that we don’t at least acknowledge this and stop acting surprised. We are drowning in a sea of lies. No one with a title is telling the truth.

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  11. We are stepping back from the edge; may we march or run from it.

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  12. (I’m still without internet access and I am writing this on my phone. I hope it takes.)
    Hunter Thompson was one of the worst people who ever lived, and I’m sure he’s in hell. And I’m waiting for the whole truth on Hugh Hefner to come out. But let’s hold the guilt by association—I’ve never heard anything criminal about Jack Nicolson. I hope I don’t.
    But I AM waiting on the whole truth about the British Royal Family. THAT will be cringeworthy.

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  13. I know Paul and worked with him just before the story came out in the Wierd Harold aka world herald, Omaha’s rag then owned and edited by none other than Harold Andersen, one of Paul’s biggest abusers. Andersen used his paper to do damage control on his satan group but DeCamp made sure the story got out. I had no idea John had died this year, I never met him but I stopped at his office in Lincoln and bought some of his books to pass around and talked to his daughter once.

    Anyway, Paul was absent from work as the story hit the headlines, and when I started reading the Franklin story in the middle of the paper one day I was like wtf am I reading and I turned to the front page and there was Paul’s pic. It explained some of the things we talked about at work, such as the abuse going on and the rich and powerful people doing it as well as what I knew of such things. It also explained his absence from work.

    I will say that if you’ve been in public education in the US in the last 50 years you’ve been experimented upon by these wicked criminals. Some of us were more experimented upon and were meant for participation in things such as Paul has described, and I never understood what had taken place in my school days until I read Paul’s story and then everything clicked. Well, as you can see if you read the book DeCamp wrote, you’ll see these people (satanists) do not give up, they cannot give up because if they do they’re dead either by other satanists or the prison system. They will also go to extraordinary lengths to maintain ties, setting up relationships, etc etc, to keep tabs because they take rejection personally and brother they keep score. The almighty saw fit to keep me alive while I walked in the valley of the shadow of death and didn’t even realise it; I ended up as “friends” with some of the very people who did the dirtiest work for the Omaha covens. Be careful who your friends are, they might not be what they seem.

    We need to pray for all those who have been victims of this human scum, pray for every one who wants to leave satan but is too scared, and for every repentant heart. We also need to pray for dissension among the ranks of satan and for them to be exposed. There are covens of these assholes in every state, small towns to capital cities, from dirt poor to the richest comprise their membership rosters. They’re in government and police depts and some of the churches and hold satanic ceremonies inside them, the pastor on sunday might be a high priest on all hallows eve or some other stupid satan holiday.

    I’ve been lately wondering about satanists/cia/fbi/mossad using their fellow deludeds, the muslims, to do their dirty work, or to join up overtly in the fight against christians.

    just some thoughts for you all

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  14. As I was googling the perps of the Franklin case to see who was still alive and who are now frying in hell, I came across some links that may be of interest to you all;

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  15. Worthy of comment this time of year, Satanists see power from the blood of sacrifices and therefore drink it for personal Satanic powers. Satan complies.

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