Big rate hikes for health insurance will slam Washingtonians

O laughs

Obamacare going as planned…

This is not happening just in Washington. I have health insurance with BCBS OK and pay $550/month – up from $380/month last year. I have no co-pays (I pay the full contracted price when I walk through the doctor’s door) and a $6,800 annual deductible. BCBS informed me that my wonderful plan is being eliminated and I will soon receive my options for next year. I can hardly wait to see how much I get slammed.

From Open enrollment for health insurance in 2018 starts on Nov. 1 and thousands of people in Washington state will see big increases in their premiums.

The state’s insurance commissioner will officially release rates next week, and his office is warning that hundreds of thousands of people who do not get their insurance through an employer, will see a rate hike in the double digits.

Some 330,000 Washingtonians don’t get health insurance through an employer.

“I’m one of the folks who has to go out and get insurance on my own,” said Edward Weatherly, who is currently working a temp job. His monthly premiums?  “It costs me about $430 a month,” Weatherly said.

And the state’s insurance commissioner, Mike Kreidler, says rates for 2018 will go up – by a lot. “We’re looking at rate increases that are going to be in the 20s (percentage). We haven’t seen that, except going back before the Affordable Care Act,” Kreidler said.

The ones hardest hit will be the middle class – people who don’t qualify for a subsidy.

“It’s that person who doesn’t receive any help that I’m worried about. That’s going (to) say, ‘I’m going to hit the wall and I can’t afford this any longer,’” Kriedler said.

Weatherly is one of those individuals. He says it’s already difficult to make ends meet. “In addition to the rent, it’s pretty tough every month,” Weatherly said. “And there have been a couple of times I’ve thought about letting the insurance go.”

It gets worse – the insurance commissioner says people who are not subsidized with the most popular “Silver Plan” could see even more dramatic rate hikes. “On top of the mid-20 percent rate increase, they could see a 9 to 27 percent (increase) on top of that,” Kreidler said.

He says one reason for the steep increases is the uncertainty coming out of Washington, D.C. “I don’t care if they call it ‘Trumpcare’ whatever it is. But you’ve got to do something to make sure you’re taking care of the people. Access to affordable quality health insurance,” he said.

Weatherly says he’s hoping for a change.

I’m hoping we just get to a point where it becomes a right. So many things that we argue about, at both the national and the state level, that to me in the overall scheme of things don’t mean anything. It’s not life and death. Whereas health insurance, to me, is life and death,” Weatherly said.

The state insurance commissioner plans to release official rate hikes Thursday. Where you live could also impact how much your rates will go up, and the rates will be broken down by region, insurer and plan.


21 responses to “Big rate hikes for health insurance will slam Washingtonians

  1. William Brandon Shanley

    I’m so sorry to learn of this, dear! May Trump’s dsire to send federal grants directly to states become retroactive to protect you from Obamacare looting!

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  2. I feel your pain. We haven’t gotten our yearly increase rate and I am not looking forward to it.
    The only way we can correct this mess is let the President do what he does best, save money. And stop pandering to big pharma and no more lobbyist,

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  3. It’s sad to see that people have no real choice about ‘health’ care. We can’t go to Chiropractors, Herbalists, Naturopaths, TCM, Homeopathic doctors or any Integrative medical people. Some ‘choice’! People eat bad food and that is a big part of their health problems. Just look at the Weston A Price foundation and see how bad this low fat no fat no animal products diet ruins your health! Most health problems are from fast food, nutritional deficiencies and consuming GMO and glyphosate contaminated foods.
    The ‘tax’ called Obamanation care is just another way to destroy the wealth of the middle class by ‘forcing’ them to buy fake health care. All allopathic doctors do is push drugs. Trump could get rid of this if he wanted to, but he’s controlled opposition. Just like he could repeal this smart meter installation that Obama foisted on us, but he doesn’t.
    Years ago he ran for president as a democrat. Remember that?

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    • chemtrailssuck . . . . . One thing that Trump just did was sign an Executive Order that allows individuals to band together to form “Co-ops” that can shop for insurance, just the same as large employers. Rand Paul was also instrumental in bringing this EO about. Perhaps, the ability to purchase health care coverage across state lines by large groups of citizens will start to bring down the ghastly amounts they are forced to spend to have coverage.

      DCG, when you enumerated the monthly cost of your insurance plan, together with having a huge deductible, and having to pay 100% of the contractual procedural amounts . . . I was dumbfounded. It is just plain to see that this whole “Obamacare” crap was intended to break the backs of middle class working people. God Bless you, I do hope and pray that you may see some relief in the near future.

      When I look at the fact that monies are being taken from those who get up every day, go to work, give the hours of life in exchange for a salary–and then a portion of that salary is mandated to be confiscated to provide for people who perhaps have made very poor choices in their own personal lives. Perhaps they just do not want to get up and go to work each day. We have all seen clips of Welfare Queens who just do not feel they should have to work . . . when people who do NOTHING can live better that those who are the “producers” then something is dramatically wrong. Just look at the cities where we see five and six generations of people who have lived on Welfare. At what point do those who get up and go to work OWE IT TO those who are TAKERS to provide them with better financial circumstances than what the providers themselves enjoy?????

      The Multnomah County Health Dept build a medical/dental building just two blocks from where I live. The “indigent” can go and get free medical and dental services, while those who work are left to struggle with how to pay for these same services. This building is open from 8:30am to 5:00pm, as far as I am concerned, that building needs to provide services for the poor between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm at night . . . it could be staffed by doctors, dentists, nurses, medical assistances who donate their time, and are able to write off the time they have donated as a charitable donation on their taxes. But no, “the poor” need to have their services during business hours. Every time I look at that blasted building, I am mad all over. The county used the law of eminent domain to confiscate the land from the original owners in order to build the damn thing . . . it is just an outrage on so many levels. I have gone in there to peruse the “lay of the land.” What I see is that the employees who man this medical center are never particularly busy, every thing is done at a very leisurely pace. That fact gripes me also, because when I go to my doctor’s office although they have 2-4 intake persons, you may have to stand in line to be served, and everything that happens in that office appears to be moving ahead a full speed.

      The fact that we have lead certain people to believe that they have a right to the same things that people who work for the same services get. As a nation, lead by the Progressives, we have created a huge money on the backs of those who work. The Libtards want these masses of people who are indebted to them for all these wonderful freebies.

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  4. I agree. If the MSM, the DemocRATS, the RINO’s would all be honest, this is happening not because of President Trump but because ObamaCare is doing just exactly what Obama, Pelosi, and all others in favor of this plan intended for it to do. Just because President Trump is in office, him and his administration will get the blame. A little honesty in reporting what is actually happening would go a long way to solving the insurance fiasco. As for me, I am fully insured, and I plan on using as little as absolutely possible of my insurance benefits. My husband on the other hand has used enough medial insurance — either employer insurance or Medicare — for me and at least a few hundred others. I have known more people die with medical insurance than I have without. There is a huge difference between having medical insurance and receiving medical care and as long as those two are intertwined we will have a medical insurance crises. I could go on to say that medical insurance costs is not the problem, just like the minimum wage is not the problem. The problem is the manipulation of the value of the dollar. However, that gets into a whole other realm. I am much more concerned about the pharmaceutical/medical/government complex than I am of a military/industrial complex. May the Lord have mercy.

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    • Ma IN mo . . . You really blew me away with some of your comments, they just ring true. Such as . . . “The problem is the manipulation of the value of the dollar, and this instability is directly attributable to The Federal Reserve screwing with our money. You go on to state . . . “I am much more concerned about the pharmaceutical/medical/government complex than I am of a military/industrial complex.” Those are some of the wisest words ever written. Big Pharma which controls medical care, in collusion with our government has the ability to CRUSH people in the middle class financially.

      God Bless you for offering such supreme wisdom.

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  5. The state of Washington isn’t the only one. Big health insurance rate hikes are happening all across the U.S.

    But no one in the corrupt partisan MSM would ever ask Obama about his promise lies that our health insurance costs would actually go down, not up, and that we can keep our doctors.

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  6. Welcome to your realization that We The People are mere livestock to the uber capitalists in the healthcare industry, being run down chutes to slaughter — the requisite insurance plans without which we are actually penalized for, either paying more when we join or re-join after an absence, and if we don’t join, we pay a tax to help pay for the poor victims who have joined and are now wondering what the hell their premiums actually pay for.

    What we NEED is NOT for the powers that be in DC to tax the middle class to pay the rich to care for the poor; what we need (and I realize this is Marxist to some degree) is to have our representatives — those we elect to PROTECT us and act in our best interests — REIGN IN the healthcare industry and legislate LIMITS on what they can charge for meds, services, hospital stays, you name it. And to then hold them ACCOUNTABLE so that WHEN they charge us for something, it has to actually be DONE and to a satisfactory degree. No more bullshit billing for things not given nor done, nor for crapulous service or substandard meds. I’ve seen victims of poor and non-existent service for far too many decades, and yet we’re still told to just suck it up and PAY THE DAMNED BILL when nothing has been done or provided, or substandard goods and/or services have been provided.

    To just continually pay their exorbitant prices, with yearly increases, without demanding accountability, is just reckless and enabling the vampires who feed off the lifeblood of those they’ve often taken an oath to HELP.

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  7. The change I hoped for became a reality when DONALD J TRUMP won the elections and Mustafa El O’bama and his clan left the black house! The White House is ours again, thank GOD.

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  8. subsidies are for socialists.

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  9. It’s not too late for street chasing. Tar is cheap and feather pillows are plentiful. All you need is a rail. You could probably pick one up at Comet Pizza.

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  10. “I’m hoping we just get to a point where it becomes a right. So many things that we argue about, at both the national and the state level, that to me in the overall scheme of things don’t mean anything. It’s not life and death. Whereas health insurance, to me, is life and death,” Weatherly said.

    Weatherly and anyone else (including some of my relatives) who thinks it isn’t a “right” have it backwards. Before insurance companies, we all had the right to enter into an understanding (gentleman’s understanding or handshake) with our local doctor or midwife or healer or medicine man. We also had the right to try to heal ourselves. To my mind, those rights haven’t necessarily been taken away. Is there anything preventing us from asking a physician to treat us on an agreed upon payment plan? The only problem I’d see, would be hospitalization which is exorbitant and potentially catastrophic for most households. However, even in that case, someone with no insurance may be able to work out a payment plan. Sure, the hospital may pressure you to file for Medicaid, in order to get those exorbitant fees paid, but if you don’t qualify for Medicaid, what are they going to do? The hospital won’t want to get nothing and if you’re willing to pay a certain amount of money every month until the amount is paid off, they’d probably agree to take your paltry payments.
    Rates for everything are artificially high BECAUSE of insurance companies (aka the middlemen). We need to try to stick it to them any way we can.


  11. My wife found out last week two things. First, she has breast cancer. And second, her health insurance is going to be either going up drastically, or it is going away, and she will have to try to find another provider. So yeah, we are not having a good time right now. I don’t usually ask strangers for prayers, but if the Lord puts this on your heart, we could sure use a good word spoken for us. We just celebrated 25 years married, and I am devoted to her. Sorry to be such a downer, but even the best of us get scared sometimes.


  12. Thank you so much. It means a lot. I am one of those Christians that actually believes that prayer works. So as the Lord brings it to your minds, I would appreciate your prayers for my wife Laura. She is being strong, but it is of course, a hard road. And you are the best ones that I could think of to trust to pray for her, since I know you are real. May you also be blessed, as I will hold you all up to the Lord in prayer.

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