Al Gore says Trump has “surrounded himself with polluters”

Al Gore hypocrite

Are ManBearPig’s private jet flights powered by unicorn farts?

From Hollywood Reporter: Al Gore previously expressed cautious optimism that Donald Trump would rethink some of his environmental policies, but the former vice president said he now realizes that he got that wrong.

Speaking at Mexico’s Morelia film fest this week, where he is presenting his Inconvenient Truth sequel, Gore chuckled when a reporter asked him when he would show the film to Donald Trump.

“I had a lot of conversations with Donald Trump after he was elected and after he went into the White House and I actually thought there was a realistic chance that he would come to his senses, but I was wrong,” Gore said.

Gore has not spoken with the president since the announcement that the U.S. was pulling out of the Paris climate accord and he now says he’s “not going to waste any more time” on reaching out to Trump.

The former vice president slammed the decision to withdraw from the agreement, calling it “reckless and indefensible.”

An Inconvenient Sequel opened stateside in August. Just days ahead of the release, a conservative think tank criticized the former vice president, saying his electricity bills showed he consumed at least 21 times more energy than the average American.

On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly vowed to “drain the swamp” in Washington, but Gore believes that has not happened: “I think he has surrounded himself with polluters and special interests who seem to not care at all about the public interest.”

Trump’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt has questioned the consensus of scientists that the earth is warming and that man-made climate emissions are to blame.


8 responses to “Al Gore says Trump has “surrounded himself with polluters”

  1. AlGore is a climate whore. Why is it when he gives lectures the press is not allowed in the room and he refuses to take any questions.. It’s because the fat slug knows he can’t defend his lies.

    If he were to take questions this is the way it should go down. HA, this is great.

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  2. The first polluter on this earth is Al Gore letting all those obnoxious gases he passes through his gored ass. What a stupid asshole! Does he not realize he makes everybody laugh at him. Hey Al, do us a favor hear, Become a mushroom and never leave the shit closet.

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  3. The Clintons have their “foundation”, Dirty Al has …..This! He has been pushing for a tax empire fueled by “credits” that allow you to pollute, for a price. In other words, he owns the air we breath and he’ll sell it to you, for a price.

    I remember when he had his home state flood a river during drought conditions so he could do a photo-op in a canoe wearing a red flannel shirt that still had the creases and pins in it from the bag it came in.

    He’s such a phony. He has zero qualifications for this so he writes a book. Just like Obongo wins a Nobel Prize. We haven’t all burst into flame yet so now he’s on the sequel.

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  5. Any global warming is coming from the gases released by Al Gore.

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  6. Oh Al, you are such a hoot with your big houses, wasteful planes and large SUVs while standing there calling others reckless and indefensible, code for you can’t make money off the deal.
    Polluters, uh? I guess you never looked at the difference the democrats and Republicans make when they leave a rally. The dems trash the place.
    Go back to your great big cave Al, you are so ridiculous even Tipper left you.

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