Vanity Fair magazine names Michelle Obama, but not Melania Trump, for best dressed list

From Fox News, Sept. 7, 2017:

Vanity Fair just released its annual International Best Dressed List, but there’s one name in particular that’s missing and people have taken notice.

First Lady Melania Trump didn’t make the cut, although her predecessor, Michelle Obama, did (not for the first time). But while no Trump family members are on the list, the Washington Post points out that Melania’s go-to stylist, Hervé Pierre – who dressed the First Lady for her husband’s inaugural ball, along with several other high-profile events – was named….

In response, fans of the First Lady are fuming over the Trump family’s exclusion from the Vanity Fair list, with some accusing the publication of ignoring her purely out of spite.

Let’s compare Big Mike and Melania in their casual clothes:

Not even close . . . .

Vanity Fair must have a thing for trannies:

H/t Will Shanley


61 responses to “Vanity Fair magazine names Michelle Obama, but not Melania Trump, for best dressed list

  1. Michelle Obama was THE WORST dressed First Lady of all times. Her and Oprah must use the same dresser. Neither has any taste or flair for fashion.

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  2. Confirms what we all know, the fix is in. To even compare the two would be a travesty. Too bad Vanity Fair isn’t adult enough to put aside their political leanings. We shall see what happens from shooting themselves in the foot.

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    • How much does Michael pay to get to the top of their stupid list each year? It HAS to be a “money” thing,it sure as Hell isn’t anything related to STYLE.

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  3. What a difference! Like from night to day”. I love the day, the night is sinister because it hides all that is obscure. BTW, First Lady Mrs Trump stands upright, distinguished, she’s a natural. On the reverse of the coin, Mickey’O is always grabbing at the front as if the “apparatus” is on the upswing, unmanageable, “she” needs one of those elephant cap strap to hold it in place. There is an old saying that says “you can dress a monkey in silk and a monkey always be”

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  4. Oh yeah, Moochelle was always best dressed…for Halloween

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  5. Did hilliary make the list? I here Chairman Mao outfits are all the rage.

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  6. Confirming once again that lefty, proggy, elitists have no taste and no class. Love our First Lady and so proud of her.

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  7. William Brandon Shanley

    Oh, I get it! Lol! Vanity Fair editors are not actually complimenting Fake First Lady, Tranny Michael, for being best dressed, but his designers for masking his football player-wide shoulders, wider than hubby Fake President Barry Soetero’s, and disguising his enormous bi & triceps and trapezoidal derriere ala expensive fashion designs. Guess they missed out on Michael’s appearance wearing a pants suit on Ellen when his Big-Black-Man-package fell out of its thong! Ha-Ha! Opps! Am I being politically incorrect? I sure hope so!!! Ha-ha-ha!

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Love the comparison. The difference is if you have CLASS you can’t fit in Vanity Fair. Also, there is a big difference – it is called femininity. Mike is masculine and Melania is in the class of femininity which is a woman’s single most attractive quality. Mike is more masculine which is okay – every women has different attributes which gives them their personality. Mike is more rough and tumble t type – whereas, Melania comes across as the delicate type. It all has to do in how you were raised and your attitude.


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  9. encourage the faithful

    “for although they knew God they did not accord him glory as God or give him thanks. Instead, they became vain in their reasoning, and their senseless minds were darkened.: Romans 1:21

    Those who worship the creature instead of the Creator have minds which are addled. Their thoughts have no anchor. They are filled with nonsense. The editors at Vanity Fair, filled with self-righteousness, have become stupid. See Romans 1:18-32 in which Paul explains what happens, in detail, to those who do not accord God His due reverence.

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  10. Since when, have simians been included on the International Best Dressed List?

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  11. Proggies are hilarious…

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  12. Kevin J Lankford

    Could it be just another example of ‘lowering the bar’ for the less,……well…..just too many blanks to fill in here.

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  13. I would say that Big Mike looked like Sasquatch in a dress. That would, however, be quite an insult to all Sasquatches. 😎

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  14. Moosh is a transsexual, Obama would have it no other way..
    Yep. Michael is Hot and Melania’s not.
    Vanity Fair is a left-wing rag read only by the people who daily overdose on Kool-Aid

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  15. Looks like Melania would have to earn her place…..
    If Michelle is a tranny concrete proof would need to be provided otherwise it just let people making these accusations haters….


  16. Melania could wear a burlap bag and flip flops, take a roll in a mud puddle, and she would still look hot compared to the former Michael Robinson.

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  17. I hated the fact that Michelle/Michael very frequently wore sleeveless dresses and/or shirts. I guess she/he wanted everyone to know how muscular her/his arms are.
    The first lady should dress modestly as a representative of our country. Michelle/Michael always dressed as if it were taken off the rack and no one with any idea of decorum or with fashion sense ever spoke to her/him about it. I honestly can’t remember a single occasion when I thought to myself, “that’s a decent, modest and becoming outfit,” with regard to Michelle/Michael.
    But, that’s just me talking of course.


  18. Jealous her dick bigger than yours,pecker wood


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