Proggies love Trump’s tax plan…when told it’s Bernie’s

Better than “whatever” Trump is proposing. Skulls full of mush…

Good job Campus Reform!


14 responses to “Proggies love Trump’s tax plan…when told it’s Bernie’s

  1. Priceless!… Passing it around to every liberal I know. Might help shake things a bit.

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  2. No wonder some call them “libtards”.

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  3. Group think has replaced considered opinions.

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  4. You know liberals that will let you talk? Much less listen?

    I sent this in to the local Newspaper Letters section –

    A recent perusal of several internet sources reveals that when you substitute Hillary Clinton’s, Barack Obama’s or Bernie Sanders’ names when giving President Trump’s talking points or proposals, many people suddenly think they’re very good ideas. What does this say about how knowledgeable the voting public is?

    I find that it’s fun to read the op/ed in the paper and substitute their names for Mr. Trump’s. It’s amazing how what the libatards say about the President describes them to a T.

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    Yep, that is right nothing but liberal mush. Clinton, Bush I & II, and Obama saw to that. This way the socialists/muslims can lead them by their nose. Although – there are still good fish out there because they are being home-schooled – thank goodness and haven’t been infected with the “dumbs.”


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  6. Richard Raymond

    Somebody called it Ideologically possessed.

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  7. I DID notice several of ’em recognize the anti-Trump attitude,and how when Trump is mentioned they automatically go into “Hell no” mode. Some of ’em could possibly escape the LibTard Clan and become NORMAL people…..

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  8. Excellent example of brain washing. I loved their sudden excuses.

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  9. Hey all you “Boomers” (like me) how secure do you feel with these youngsters in “control” of your political and financial future? I don’t trust them as far as I can “pick them up and throw them.” Mint up some more “Jackass Awards.” But beyond that, plan for your own future safety when they finally, due to sheer numbers, take over our country. You’d better be able to grow your own food to some degree, strive to keep in good health, maneuver yourself into a good health insurance situation, downsize your home/possessions into mortgage-free and easily- maintained property…..move to a tax friendly state for retirees….

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  10. I’m kinda lookin’ forward to them tryin’ to push us “oldies” around. They’re not being educated on how to deal with people who won’t dance to their tune. I’m SURE I’ll piss ’em off greatly. This oughtta be FUN.

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  11. Face plant to palm heaven…


  12. I’m mean seriously, how dumb can you be lol ?


  13. You cannot fix stoopid.

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