Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days

melania vs michelle

From Fox News: Melania Trump is embracing a more active and public schedule as first lady – but she still runs one of the leanest East Wing operations in recent history.

According to a Fox News analysis of White House personnel reports, Melania Trump has significantly reduced the number of aides on the first lady’s office payroll in comparison to her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

During then-President Barack Obama’s first year in office, 16 people were listed working for Michelle Obama, earning a combined $1.24 million a year.

This year, just four people were listed working for Melania Trump as of June. Their salaries totaled $486,700.

The details are contained in an annual report the White House sends to Congress showing the names, positions and salaries of all its personnel. Both the Obama and Trump administrations acknowledged several additional staffers beyond those listed in the report with the term “first lady” in their titles. But even counting all those employees — 24 for Michelle Obama and nine for the current first lady — Melania Trump’s office is relatively small.

It’s an approach her spokeswoman says is intentional. “As with all things that she does, she is being very deliberate in her hiring, focusing on quality over quantity,” communications director Stephanie Grisham said in an email. “It is important to her that the team is a good fit for what she wants to accomplish as first lady, and that everyone works well together. She also wants to be mindful and responsible when it comes to taxpayer money.

While the 2009 annual report listed 16 staffers for Michelle Obama, her press secretary said at the time the staff actually included 24 people. A 2009 story said Obama’s 24 aides might have broken records.

“That may indeed be the largest of any first lady, but Hillary Clinton, with 19 staffers, and Laura Bush with at least 18 and perhaps more, weren’t far behind,” said.

Grisham told Fox News this week there are nine people working in the East Wing under Melania Trump, a few more than listed in the annual report.

According to those personnel reports, Melania Trump’s staffers include a chief of staff, a communications director, a deputy chief of staff and a deputy director of advance.

Michelle Obama’s staff included those same positions and a slew of others: additional press aides, a director of policy and projects, a personal aide, a traveling aide and a director of correspondence.

Michelle Obama’s office did not return a request for comment.

Read the rest of the story here.


26 responses to “Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days

  1. Ok, sixteen staffers at $1.24 million/year equals approx. $78,000/yr/person.
    Four staffers at $486,700/year equals approx. $121,000/yr/person. Less staff, higher quality, less money. Thank you Melania.

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  2. It’s so refreshing to have a First Lady that takes her role seriously. I appreciate Melania Trump more every day.

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  3. Moochie had a lot of food tasters.
    Girl can’t be too careful can she?

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  4. the three hombres were on the tube today.
    Man oh man what a crew. Clinton, Bush and BHO
    I kneeled and thanked God they were friggin GONE.
    Then I stood up and saluted the Flag.

    Rush went into the weeds Friday explaining how he owed Bush his loyalty.
    So that means you cannot be totally trusted.

    I don’t owe any of them bastards anything, they’re out of office. Way way out.

    Thank GOD again for a real President. President Trump

    The establishment has earned my permanent distrust and disgust for mistreating him and
    We The People

    They just don’t care about our country, just “their” country.

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    • MeThePeople . . . you have certainly nailed my feelings correctly . . . . . “The establishment has earned my permanent distrust and disgust for mistreating him and WeThePeople.” I will never be suckered into believing that they have “our interests” at heart .. . they only have their own interests, first and foremost!

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  5. Can you say ‘reparations’? The obuggers in office was nothing to mike but payback time. And a chance to spread islam by he that shall remain un-named. Screw them and the camel they rode in on. The first queer in chief and tranny first ‘lady’.
    We’ve finally got someone worth their salt in the WH – the kind of RINO we need instead of the establishment pseudo republican rinos in liberal democrat clothing.
    President Trump should, at the next election, renounce the republicans and run as a Conservative Capitalist.

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    • If only he’d take on the Federal Reserve Governors. How that could be done, I don’t know. Aren’t there any deep state people on the side of the people and of good who can help in that endeavor?


  6. The difference between a true businesswoman and one that thinks she is entitled and will milk the country for every thing she is “due.”

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    • Glenn47 . . . All I can say is “Amen to that!” I would say he actions of Mike Obummer certainly show us how folks from the hood do things, whereas Melania, being a person of breeding and wealth, knows how to get things down, concisely, and under budget. I feel such anger when I think of how that “devil woman” took such extravagant vacations, and flew all over the world–sparing no expense, all on the backs of the U.S. Taxpayers. I certainly hope that Obummer brings in enough money on the side that the budget office can start deducting dollar for dollar for money he earns from the newly established pension amount of $200,000. When I see that we are paying a pension to the peanut farmer, Slick Willie, the two Bushes and Obummer . . . it just turns my stomach. There should never been a statute put in place that we would pay and pay and pay for people who do a job for four, or eight years, and were relatively wealthy men before they ever came to the White House.

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      • Very true Auntie. Most of us have to work 20-30 years for a pittance retirement a small fraction of our regular salary. These ex Presidents all leave multimillionaires. A good audit would tell you, they don’t need our money.
        And like you, everytime I think of MO traveling the world with her very rude and nasty mother makes me ill. They both were an embarrassment to the country. Just go back and look at what MO wore to a church in Italy. Downright disgusting.
        Melanie is a refreshing breath of air.

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  7. Bush is another SOB.


    • Alma . . . In my mind both Bush Jr and Sr are SOB’s. The Bush family has made millions off of arming various countries for war. In WW!!, They sold armaments to both side that were fighting the war (if you think this is erroneous please look this up online.) You will have such a feeling of outrage when you realize that these people made money off the blood and lives of this nation’s young men! I think that whole fam damly are little short of being criminals.


  8. Michelle, evidently, needed a lot of help. We could all see that. “Nuff said.”

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  9. Trump probable told her to keep 4 and fire the rest….

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  10. A picture is worth a thousand words – Beauty and the Beast.
    Mooch is an angry bitter Hermaphrodite. It was reported she had surgery at Johns Hopkins and leopards don’t change spots. Her/He/It’s condition is common with many farm animals and those in the wild.
    Pedophilia controls both Political Parties (skip your foolish allegiance to the DemRats &RepThugs) of Congress & Senate and the glue holding this World criminal filth in place is the upper Military mis-fits. Dutch Banker, Ronald Bernard & many others told the truth.

    Leonard Cohen made many songs about it – “Everybody Knows”
    There’s much more above link – scroll down, right side including a beautiful prayer for Mother’s missing their children.


  11. Fashion models with style and social skills do not need the miracle workers hoodrats require.

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  12. I just hit me. You used Michelle Obama and bloated in the same sentence.


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