This is why we oppose gender-neutral bathrooms: Transgender rapes 10-year-old girl in bathroom

Remember those gender-neutral rest rooms in Target stores and other places?

On April 19, 2016, the chain store Target announced a new policy of allowing members of the opposite sex to use the bathroom or fitting room that fits whatever gender they imagine themselves to be.

Many women and parents object to the policy due to their concern that adult males claiming to be “transgenders” would use their access to those gender-neutral facilities for illicit ends.

Those fears were confirmed when reports came in June 2016 of a young man who went into the ladies changing room at a Texas Target store, peered over the wall into a neighboring cubicle, and took pictures of a young girl who was trying on clothes.

Now, a case in Casper, Wyoming, further validates those concerns.

Shane Sanderson reports for the Casper Star-Tribune that on October 18, 2017, Casper resident Miguel Martinez was found guilty of first-degree and second-degree sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom in a private residence.

At a previous hearing, public defender Tracy Hucke said that her client, Miguel Martinez, identifies as a woman and uses the name Michelle. (Source)

The girl’s mother reported to Casper police in March that her daughter said Martinez, a family friend, invited her into the bathroom, touched her breasts and genitalia before penetrating her. Nurses at the Wyoming Medical Center completed a sexual assault exam and found redness and abrasions on the girl’s genitalia.

Martinez denied molesting the child to arresting officers and pleaded not guilty to the charges in May at an arraignment in Natrona County District Court.

According to court documents, Martinez was drunk on the night of the assault and a breath test showed he had a blood alcohol concentration of .218, nearly three times the legal limit to drive.

During the trial, prosecutors played video of the girl describing the assault to a forensic interviewer for the Children’s Advocacy Project. The girl told the interviewer that Martinez should go to jail.

Martinez could face up to 70 years in prison. He will be sentenced at a later date.

On February 22, 2017, one month and two days after he was inaugurated as America’s 45th president, President Trump revoked Barack Obama’s directive that public schools must allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. (Reuters)


29 responses to “This is why we oppose gender-neutral bathrooms: Transgender rapes 10-year-old girl in bathroom

  1. sick…just sick…on every level
    that poor child with another PC “parent” (which is an oxymoron)
    I pray for all the children

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  2. That’s why Obongo was placed. To destroy America. Hanging is too good for the lot of them. Let’s all turn our backs on the accumulated wisdom of 2,000 years of Christian culture. That’s how we get drag queens reading to school kids, after school Satanist meetings, “gender optional” bathrooms. When will it be baby-rape and cannibalism in public facilities?

    Only time will tell if we survive this as a nation and as a culture.

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    • “When will it be baby-rape and cannibalism in public facilities?”
      Horribly enough, I just read a story the other day of a man caught raping a two year old in a public bathroom.
      And some years ago here in Canada a man murdered then cannibalized another man on a Greyhound bus. (That man now walks free if you can believe that!) So much evil in the world 😦

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  3. I would say that that 70 years is the appropriate sentence for this goon . . . . and the general population in prison needs to be appraised of what he was doing that got him there. Thank God our current President rescinded the previous edicts of Obummer, but closing the barn doors after the horse got out is little consolation.

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  4. Make this scum bag get sodomize while in jail……with a burning skewer.

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    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they put him in a women’s prison to match his “gender preference”…and he raped women while in prison…this sickness of the soul will not stop until he dies or submits to the Lord.

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  5. This Pervert needs to be CIRCUMCISED like the Muslim Arabs circumcised their Black male slaves, cutting everything off and leaving a little pipe for them to pee from.

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  6. William Brandon Shanley

    Excuse my “French”: Pig whore, vermin, swine!


  7. Seperate Transgender Toilets will be built wholly funded by lefties !


  8. It’s bad enough getting molested,but to get molested by what looks like a drunk rodeo clown will have her in therapy for along time….

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  9. I am proud to say not one member of my immediate family has stepped foot in a Target since their misguided policy took effect.

    And the best part??? We don’t miss the place one bit.

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  10. What ever happened to the liberal mantra “if it saves just one child”?

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  11. Looks like its makeup was running. Perhaps a result of surgical application of a billy club.

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  12. First, Obama and his followers learned a valuable lesson. If you change the rules with a pen, and not by going through the legal means of congress, then the next president can simply change them back, if he has a pen.

    We should not expect sinners to act like believers who are saved by the blood of Christ. Even if they could live a perfectly moral life, they are still condemned. It is only because of the blood of the Lamb that we are a bit different from some of these people that we like to look at in disgust. Before we chose to follow Jesus, we were exactly the same. Let’s never forget from where we came, and just what a great debt we owe. It makes us love Him even more, I think.

    This does not mean that I in any way accept sinful behavior as something that is fine, or the proper way to live, no matter what your status with God. Every society has standards of moral conduct, that all are expected to adhere to, and while for the first 240 + years, our nation has for the most part followed Judeo/Christian values, for the last generation, probably since the end of the second world war, the United States has been sliding towards immorality as the normal state and a so called sexual revolution which is actually not anything new, it is just one more thing that could be called ME, or as the Bible told it… Judges 17:6 In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

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  13. Another “brave” progressive hero…

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  14. They should just dispense with a trial, take the worthless POS out behind the courthouse, shoot him and throw his carcass into the dumpster.

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  15. he’ll have 70 years to reflect what he done….

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  16. I’ve said it here before and I will say it again: I am a middle school teacher & my girl students more often than NOT tell me that they will NOT use the girl bathrooms anymore while at school. They wait all day until they get home..which for some, with an after school “Think Together “” program, means that they do NOT /can NOT use the girl’s rest room fr approximately
    7AM drop off until 5 or 6 PM pick up. YET ANOTHER BURDEN piled on ordinary biological females by one thing or another, b/c other’s “rights” ( to not having “”feelings hurt” or their “”feelings”” of sexuality accomodated) count MORE than even the ordinary/biological release of urine in the course of a school day or even otherwise…shopping,, etc… Has madness overtaken us? Probably so….when we can’t rule for the least hurtful situation,, in favor of hurting the most…….!

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  17. I live in Michigan, where we have the strange gun laws. A person with a concealed carry license can carry a firearm openly on a k-12 school campus. I am also an early retiree due to a medical condition, of chronic pain. If I had daughters still in middle or high school, I would make sure that I was stationed in the school with my 1911 visible near the bathroom, for every young lady to be able to use it, with no fear of some pervert trying to slip in and molest her. I would not of course, use the gun, since there are laws and all, but I would not be afraid to cause great bodily harm to a rapist, making sure that there would be a clear message sent. It is time that people like us are willing to step up and take our country back from those who wish to tear it down. It is one thing to dress like a woman, but it is certainly another to sexually assault a young girl in a middle school bathroom, or to make her afraid to even use it.

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  18. At least he got caught. A lot don’t. Anytime my kids need to go to the bathroom I go in there with them. Even a 10 year old isn’t safe. Neither is a 15 year old either if they aren’t taught what to do in these situations. These kids need to be taught to YELL, SCREAM, KICK, BITE and do as much damage to any potential rapist that they can. Rapists are generally cowards and are looking for a submissive victim. Read “Protecting the Gift” by Gavin deBecker (I don’t agree with his low kidnapping rate, as that’s a bunch of BS) and look at some training things that kids can get involved with like yellodyno that teach kids what to do and what to look out for.

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  19. Its an all out assault on Gods basic plan of one man and one woman and seems that satan is pushing the agenda at full speed ahead. This country needs revival and prayer. Its the only way to turn this around.

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