Julianne Moore calls on limiting number of guns people can buy

Sorry Jules…I don’t take Constitutional advice from Hollyweird. Especially from one who promotes gun violence in her movies. Hypocrite.


15 responses to “Julianne Moore calls on limiting number of guns people can buy

  1. Since Moore enriches herself by starring in movies with guns, she has no — ZERO — moral authority on gun control or any other subject.

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  2. Ah hello Julia….we don’t give a rats butt what you think. You and your fellow Communists in HOLLYWEIRD have no credibility with the American public.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Most of us are already limited by the unConstitutional infringements already imposed, if not for the continuously expanding expenses associated.

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  4. Who the hell is she to talk? Betcha she packs an arsenal in her closet or she wouldn’t be talking about, do as I say not as I do -what a bimbo!

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  5. So, she is giving up her armed guards, right? Coming from a woman that slobbered all over Obama, I choose to ignore her.

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  6. Another brain damaged, politically correct wanna-be that can only come up with idiotic ideas and statements. I am starting to believe that unHolly(but sure as hell)weirdos all have brain damage (with rare exceptions,) because all they can do is repeat the words given’em as scripted by someone else. There are exceptions, of course, but they are faaaaaar and between. What other kicks and tricks is she up to, other than spewing nonsense? Another Weinstein cohort for sure…

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  7. I think it’s time to build a wall around commie Californicstan to keep all these weirdos from damaging the rest of the country. And make the whole state a sanctuary state and send all the illegals and doubtful refugees, dreamers and schemers and zombies there, and let’em drown in their own crap! Not one more cent of federal funding! I am sure they can survive just fine! (And if not, good riddance!)

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  8. Hadenoughalready

    Perhaps when they BAN STUPID, I may consider limiting sales…..NOT!

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  9. Globalists will do anything to disarm the United States of America, and there are americans ignorant or stupid enough to let it happen. And, then, there are americans who hate their own country. If the killing of 280 million human beings at the hands of Communists, Nazis, and Fascists isn’t enough, will the planned slaughter of at least 6,500,000,000 be enough? The Moore’s (I am including Michael – now there is a useless eater!!, probably not related to the original subject of this post) will be gone.

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    • Well that is it of course. It is moving from “liberal” and “conservative” to “white supremacist/nationalist” and “Globalist”. Only one “choice” permitted.

      Anyone who ever had any lingering doubts about the relative intelligence of liberals should have had that clarified lately. They want to be drones in the hive. What complete fools.

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  10. How about a limit on the number of plastic surgeries an aging Hollyweird hag can purchase???

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  11. I think we need to control the number of shoes she can own,or the number of RINGS-yeah,THEY can be weapons too. Ever been punched in the face by someone with a bunch of rings on their hand? Takes a LONG time to heal.

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  12. I have no idea who this conehead is. Has she done something notable. They gave obooboo a nobel prize when he hadn’t done anything. Maybe she should have one too. Hell, everyone should get a trophy.
    You can’t legislate fair. Dumbasses.

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