Gold Star Army widow releases video of President Trump’s condolence phone call

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) set off a media frenzy this week, claiming she had overheard President Trump make a heartless comment to the widow of slain U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson, that the soldier “knew what he signed up for.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not deny that the president made the comments when she was asked about them during an afternoon press briefing on Wednesday (Oct. 18), but said that his words were well-intentioned and “taken very far out of context.”

Yesterday (Oct. 19), an emotional White House Chief of Staff (retired Marine Corps) General John Kelly made an impromptu appearance at the White House press briefing. He described how the U.S. military treats, with great dignity, the bodies of  military members slain overseas, how the families of slain soldiers are informed, and that he was “stunned” and “broken hearted” by Congresswoman Wilson’s negative description of President Trump’s call to the widow of Sgt. Johnson.

General Kelly himself had lost a son, 29-year-old First Lieutenant Robert Kelly, in Afghanistan in 2010. He said that “typically,” it’s the company commander — as well as the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States — who writes a letter of condolence to the family.

As for phone calls, while all presidents write letters, only “some presidents have elected to call,” and that “there’s no perfect way” to make that very difficult phone call.

Kelly said when President Trump asked him about making the phone call, his first recommendation was “not do it because it’s not the phone call that the family members are looking forward to.” Trump then asked Kelly what previous presidents had said to the families of slain soldiers. Kelly said:

“I said I could tell you that President Obama — who was my commander in chief when I was on active duty — did not call my family. That was not a criticism. That was just to simply say I don’t believe President Obama called. That’s not a negative thing. I don’t believe President Bush called in all cases. I don’t believe any president, particularly when the casualty rates are very, very high, that presidents call. I believe they all write.”

Kelly said that Trump decided to make phone calls to the families of four soldiers killed earlier this month, and asked what he should say. Kelly told Trump what his best friend and casualty officer Joe Dumphy had said when he delivered the news of Robert Kelly’s death:

He was doing exactly what he wanted to when he was killed. He knew what he was getting into by joining the Marines, that one percent. He knew what the possibilities were because we’re at war. And when he died . . . he was surrounded by the best men on this Earth — his friends.”

In other words, what President Trump said to the widow of Sgt. Johnson was precisely what the casualty officer had said to General Kelly about his slain son.

Today, Natasha De Alencar, a Gold Star widow of Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar, a member of the 7th Special Forces group who was fatally shot in Afghanistan on April 8, 2017, released the transcript and video of the phone call she’d received from President Trump on April 12.

In the video of the 4-minute phone call obtained by CNN, President Trump is heard saying how sorry he was about the “whole situation”. Trump said about Sgt. De Alencar:

“He’s an unbelievable hero and you know all the people that served with him are saying how incredible he was. If you’re around Washington, you come over and see me in the Oval Office.”

Natasha De Alencar told the Washington Post of President Trump’s call:

“At that moment when my world was upside down and me and my kids didn’t know which way we were going, it felt like I was talking to just another regular human. It was a moment of niceness that we needed because we were going through hell.”

To Congresswoman Frederica Wilson:

Go fornicate yourself!


40 responses to “Gold Star Army widow releases video of President Trump’s condolence phone call

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    It would be apparent to any one that President Trump would not call the family of a fallen soldier to desecrate his memory in any way. Clearly Trump’s intention was to compliment Sgt. Johnson’s courage,dedication, and patriotism.

    Only someone full of spite and hatred, lacking patriotism and appreciation for the sacrifices of those that have given all, and harboring total disdain for this nation would interpret Trump’s words as insensitive.

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  2. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson seems to be cut from the same cloth as Al Sharpton. Anything at all for publicity.

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  3. When Wilson talks reminds me of a rat trying to get out of the cage, she and Letrine Waters enjoy the rattle, look, the Cowdung girl hasn’t done a damn thing for the people in her district, the murder rate in Miami Gardens keeps climbing and is just as bad as Chicago, she doesn’t care about the slums, or underprivileged blacks, the pregnant girls and the small children killed by stray bullets, and by handing out meal tickets she buys votes. She is not going to talk about the dead Marine anymore because she has been criticized by all, Cowdung FrederiKa is walking a tight rope now, she may fall when she’s up for re-election.

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    • Pardon me, Alma, but I think you were mistaken in your identifying these two Congress critters. I am certain that’s good old Fred Wilson, our #1 Congress critter in drag, w/his friend Latrine Waters in tow. And while it’s true that they haven’t done a useful act since they were born, you MUST remember they are making a STATEMENT about their deviance and what a great country this is to support them and so and so on and sew buttons, as me saintly departed mum would have said about these two.

      Actually, being of Sicilian heritage and newly arrived in Murrika, pulled out of finishing HS by her supremely oppressive old man father, she would have said a great deal more, but then again I’m writing for a majorally Christian site that shouldn’t have its ears burned….





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    • Kevin J Lankford

      I, as well as many others would agree on the criminality of the c.i.a. and their involvement in fomenting the worlds troubles as much as the ‘world banking cartel’. No doubt they are just another tentacle of the ‘world bank’ illuminati, and all the other exopolitical shadow governments, just like the rest of the ill regarded federal agencies. But it is certainly folly to attempt to belittle those who do give their lives in the hope they are making a real difference.

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  5. I just heard the most disgusting comment made by Lawrence ODonnell from MSNBC, he attacked Gen Kelly in the most horrific way.
    Wilson is one of the most vile people on this earth that is pushing lies right and left. She says she always supports our military, when in truth, over and over she voted against laws that would benefit the military.
    She said when she was called an empty barrel and said it was racist, when in fact, the term goes back to Plato and others.
    For her to try to political profit from this puts her in the category of snake shit. Sorry.
    Imagine the fall out if the President hadn’t called these families of the fallen.
    He can’t win. OBama never called and they considered him a hero. What hypocrites.
    And her damn hats make her look like the idiot she is. I would venture to say, she doesn’t know the front from the rear of a horse.

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  6. Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR race driver died doing what he liked most, police officers die in the line of duty doing what they like, firefighters die in the line of duty doing what they like, soldiers die on the front lines doing what they like – Sgt. La David T. Johnson, a 25 year old Miami native died for all of us, he gave his life for our FREEDOM, HONOR HIM and pray for him so he can Rest In Peace.

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  7. She’s a snollygoster. Had to whip out a dictionary to look up “empty barrel”. That cracked me up!

    Snollygoster – ‘a politician who cares more for personal gain than serving the people’

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  8. The lib’s TDS knows no boundaries. I’m so over these asshats.

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  9. I am sure she already fornicates herself! She’s just trying to fornicate everyone else, starting with the POTUS. Once a moron, always a moron. Fits her!

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  10. Just another loud-mouthed, know-nothing, venal broad who would’ve done more good for the country by cleaning restrooms.

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  11. She must have bought that hat because she thought someone called her “Trigger”. I am so sick of this endless whining and ridiculous complaining. Maybe she can find a pirate’s hat for her buddy Maxine.

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  12. Just another far-leftist trying to change the meaning of the words spoken by Trump in order to influence other mentally-ill folks into thinking, oops no, into believing what they’ve been brainwashed to believe and “fight” for, and with which to use to proselytize others into their cozy coven.
    The meanings of the words are clear and long-standing: The soldier fought and died with dignity. He went in knowing full well the danger and yet STILL carried out his mission in order to protect Democracy and Freedom for others. He was a brave patriot. Of course, those are NOT words, actions, or ideas held in high esteem by the wacky anarchist left… so they adulterate the meaning to make it sound offensive (although I don’t get how it could be…)

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  13. Nothing but a rabble rouser. I couldn’t find any reference to the Empty Barrel phrase that indicates it’s a racist term. But that’s the only thing these race baiters know how to do when they can’t make an intelligent statement.
    Change the subject and make it about race. Who’s the bigot here?
    And that stupid hat. I doubt its because she’s on her way to a line dance.
    Who the hell votes people like this into office?

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  15. Fedora Wilson reminds me of someone ELSE who thinks she’s relevant in Politics-Dina Titus. Even SOUNDS like ‘er. Same fake accent. (Hey-someone should “leak” that to her-maybe they’d fight to the death for the right to the fake accent.)

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  17. Many Thanks Dr Eowyn,Heck who needs enemies with creepies like this in the same office earwigging,Very Nasty& even more so when it wasn’t out of care for the grieving lady, but solely to dig the dirt on President Trump & muckspread it about.Have re-blogged it on my wall:
    Take Care,Kindest& God Bless

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  18. thumbs up for the widow doing the right thing;
    thumbs down for the “congresswoman” who should be removed from office for lying about the president


  19. And speaking of veterans… pass this around everyone…


    U.S. Navy Vet Rewrites ‘Hallelujah’ for Fellow Veterans

    This video shows that no one knows how to honor America’s veterans better than one of their own.

    Sailor Jerri, a U.S. Navy veteran and musician from Minnesota, recently uploaded her own rendition of Leonard Cohen’s 1984 hit ‘Hallelujah’. In addition to some lyrical changes doctored to highlight the heroic deeds of America’s fallen heroes, the video also features powerful images of soldiers doing their best to live their lives on and off the battlefield.

    Jerri has been singing for quite some time, but took up the guitar as recently as August 2016. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell based on her beautifully performed rendition in the video below. She began taking music more seriously after leaving active service with the U.S. Navy, where she worked as an aviation mechanic for some of the branch’s most combat-effective platforms such as the F/A-18 Super Hornet.

    Since then, she has spent her free time working on music and performing for her fellow vets at the VA.

    “I love singing, and getting words on paper,” she says on her website, “I began performing for Veterans at the VA, and in different groups online where we meet to give each other support. They are 100% behind me. That is an amazing feeling.”

    Jerri goes on to add that performing not only serves as a personal creative outlet, but also as a way for her to express her appreciation and love for American families who don’t see their loved ones return from overseas conflicts.

    “Mothers are listening and remembering their sons, wives connect better with their combat veterans because of this song, daughters listen to it and remember their dads, and men and women who wear or have worn the uniform listen to it and remember people they have lost,” she adds.

    If you know a veteran, Jerri’s performance might be exactly what they need to hear today. Listen for yourself below.


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