Bloodsucker: Seattle council member wants to toll drivers who try to avoid tolls

mike o'brien

Mike O’Brien: One way or the other, you will pay

There’s never enough taxpayer money that Seattle demorats can’t get their hands on.

Earlier this week I told you about how two Seattle council members were proposing a new business tax that would place fees on the city’s top earning companies to fund programs for the homeless. This comes after the council approved an income tax on the wealthy (for individuals making over $250,000 per year), yet that will face a legal challenge.

Now this: A Seattle council member wants to toll folks who drive alternative routes to avoid a highway toll. That’s liberal logic for you.

From A Seattle council member thinks he may have a solution to drivers avoiding tolls — another toll.

“To maintain the bus service, what we need to do is make sure that there aren’t more cars on our streets downtown,” Councilmember Mike O’Brien told KIRO 7.

As the council considers its next budget — expected to pass before the end of the year — O’Brien wants the city to look ahead a couple of years to when the Highway 99 tunnel opens under downtown Seattle. Drivers will have to pay a toll to bypass downtown surface streets.

Some studies suggest that drivers will likely avoid the tunnel toll and move to surrounding streets, according to KIRO 7. In which case, O’Brien wants to establish another fee to keep people from doing so.

“Folks that are on (highway) 99 that are going to try divert to get out of the tunnel, because that they don’t want to pay that toll, do we have some sort of toll that says, ‘You are going to pay a toll one way or the other’? So if you are going to use the tunnel, just use it,” O’Brien said.

London has a similar system — known as congestion pricing — to cut down on snarled traffic in its central district. Traffic volumes decreased by 10 percent, KIRO 7 reports.

O’Brien is currently pushing for $200,000 in the next budget so the city can study the potential toll before the tunnel opens in early 2019.


26 responses to “Bloodsucker: Seattle council member wants to toll drivers who try to avoid tolls

  1. Where’s the $200K coming from? They already tax everybody and then spend the money on busses (subsidies) to move people around. People that wouldn’t be able to afford the busses if they had to pay what it really costs to run them. We don’t need more or bigger roads. We need to figure out a way for people NOT to need to travel to a job every day. Or to get to work by walking, biking or pooling or working from home or living closer to work. Instead of spending money on roads, use it to incintivise businesses and individuals to promote less driving.

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    • Well, moving populations from the countryside and suburbs into regional hubs where all live and work using buses and transit systems along with bicycles and walking as the only mode of transportation is part of the globalists plan for we prisoners of the STATE. Individual ownership of cars, homes, businesses etc. will be prohibited. The STATE will own everything and will tell you where you will work and what your job will be. Everyone will live in very small apts. owned by the STATE. Be careful what you wish for………your comments make the globalists very happy.

      Really, it costs $200K to do a traffic study?

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      • Thanks for the objective reply. Rethinking my comment. I’m not advocating people be forced into such behavior. Just offering a choice. And buses suck. All they do is move adults to jobs, leaving their children to do as they please in the suburbs. Crime waiting to happen. Not something I want. I’d be a lot happier if the gumment didn’t confiscate my earnings and call it taxes.

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  2. I would love to see the day when these greedy yokels are dragged out of there by their feet.
    Imagine fining people because they have enough smarts to bypass tolls.

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  3. Idiot wants $200K to STUDY how to further screw the people he represents.
    Sounds like reason enough to recall him and perhaps put him in the loony bin. But I know from having lived through similar non-sense that it’s accepted as par for the course these days. Politicians are addicted to it. Make a name for themselves, maybe get it stuck on a building, a bridge or a tunnel.
    Takes, take, take… spend, spend, spend.
    And more often than not, not on those from whom you take.

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    • “it’s accepted as par for the course these days.” Depends on where a person lives. If you live in a community where this behavior has already gotten a grip on the subjects,yeah-they just figure “Well,okay-that’s the way it goes.” But for someone who still lives in the “relative” freedom of greater America,,we’d be saying,”Oh HELL no!” and there’d be a fight trying to enact it. This all loops back to the Government’s “Incremental Changes”. It starts with an innocent “temporary gas tax”,just to pay for new traffic signals. But it isn’t temporary,because it turns out the new signals require a Department to audit their effect on traffic patterns and re-program them whenever the power goes out. Then,they need just a couple more cents per gallon,to re-paint the lines on the main streets to improve the traffic patterns. THEN,they’ll “need” to re-design the Downtown Corridor and cut the four lane traffic down to TWO lanes,and add fancy curbs and gutters for a “better parking experience”,like they do it in California. I’m sure you see where this is headed. Just small,innocent sounding changes,for the betterment of the City,until we suddenly realize the changes they’re making are severely screwing up our happy lives. But by then,there’s nothing we can do to stop the madness.

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      • Yep, just like putting a frog into a pot of water and slowly bringing it to boil. Before he knows it, he’s cooked.

        Except with such taxes, we’re kept alive so we can continue paying… the only way out is to move. Or die.

        For those of us who otherwise enjoy (and are invested in, and have family near) where we live, either is an unpleasant choice.

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        • We’re kept alive until we are no longer good consumers AND producers (as the U.N. as said). Once we are only consumers, our usefulness is zero, (since we are only thought of as monetized units of energy) and the memo has gone out that to save on Social Security and Medicare, we are to be put on the fast track of ‘palliative care’ whenever we set foot in a hospital. We recently heard from a medical doctor who is now in his senior years, but is still teaching, and who confirmed all of our suspicions. If you are older than 65 and land in the hospital, you’d better have an advocate with you 24/7 to question EVERYTHING that is done to you. If the medical industry can do away with you, they actually reap greater rewards than they do keeping you alive. And they’re fast tracking people who have perfectly good chances of recovery into hospice whenever possible, especially if the family is unsuspecting and uneducated in these matters. Everyone in direct patient care in the hospitals is aware of what is going on. They are either actively involved or look the other way because their job depends upon it. This doctor was fearful to even discuss it out loud, but had experienced it recently himself with his own wife!
          If you have a family member who’d prefer you meet your maker sooner rather than later, (as in cases where the children or heirs may see financial gain in your demise) then designate a trustworthy person as your champion. This doctor told us of a man who was sent off to his reward (although he wasn’t that ill) because the daughter requested hospice in order to rid herself of her father and access his wealth. Mind you, the patient was still lucid and able to advise of his wishes, but the attending doctor went with the daughter’s request! I’ve mentioned this book before, but I’ll mention it again. The title is, “Morphine Genocide: How the Fed-Med Mafia Kills Our Elderly” by MS King. It’s inexpensive and worth the read. These are not isolated cases. This is happening all over our country and around the world.

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          • That’s disturbing. I guess I need to get those durable and revocable powers of attorney filled out, and the third one I forget the name of… Need to setup long-term care insurance too, as if that will make a difference. At least, “to die is gain.” But for quite some time now, to live has been a big pain the the neck. Without God, there’d be very little reason to live, IMHO. (If only the anarchist, atheist left felt the same.)

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      • If you want to catch a pig (the sheeple) you put out some food. When they see the free food they might be suspicious. But they are hungry so finally they take the bait. After they come to eat put up a little piece of fence. They’ll be suspicious, but they’ll get over it. And they’ll take the food. When they get used to that you put up another piece of fence. They’ll get used to that. Finally you put up the last piece. The one with the gate. When they’re all inside you slam the gate shut and slaughter the whole lot of them.

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  4. It is almost same the logics used in 3rd World Vietnam:

    They built a toll road noone wants but promissing totally funded by some company. After construction, tolls were proposed on all other routes just to stop those who may have used the toll road from not using it!

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  5. Why not a walking and bicycle tax. Followed by politician tax rate based on stupidity.

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  6. Seattle voters hold the “trump” card when he runs for office, let him know that the time for “stealing” is over. Boot his ass out of office, that’s the only language the bloodsuckers understand.

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  7. When you elect a Liberal, you are placing a thief into power.

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  8. They should just have a “liberal” tax. They’ll have plenty of money, at least until they want more.

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  9. I love how they use stolen money (tax dollars) to build and maintain these roads, and then make them toll roads that hardly anyone uses! Where we are, they made an expensive toll road and installed those automatic throw your money into the bin toll collectors. And it didn’t work! Then you have to worry that they’re not going to register the money you threw in (TWICE) and give you a fine. So, we didn’t go on that road ever again. And hardly anyone does!
    Driving is expensive enough without all these dumb toll roads.
    Thanks for the information, when we do a road trip we’ll make sure to stay away from Seattle!

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    • chemtrails, all of them build swimming pools, fix their driveways, hire bodyguards, buy the newest Sub, have illegals working as housemaids with our taxes, the PEOPLE’s hard earned money until they are caught, and the money? Is it returned to the taxpayers, NO! They just go to jail for five years, that’s all!

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  10. We have a tool bridge in our area. The tool was so high that most people won’t use it to save the 9 minutes it cuts off the commute. They wern’t making enough on it so they raised the toll and now even fewer people use it. Guess they’ll have to raise the toll again.

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    • That there is LIBERAL MATH-if you’re not making enough money,just charge each remaining customer TWICE as much. STILL losing money? Charge the few remaining customers TWICE as much as before. When you run out of customers,apply for a Government Subsidy! Hey-if it’s good enough for the Railroads,it’s good enough for all of us.

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  11. I would posit this isn’t about money, this is about harassing the general citizenry to further stress society, and for the sake of being evil. Consider how long it would take in tolls to replenish the 200,000 dollars spent just to “study” the garbage…. and what do they intend to spend the tolls on? Not road maintenance, I’d suspect… more likely funding for a politician’s cocaine addiction or buying minors for sex in brazil or mexico.

    I would hope this scuzzbag is thrown out of office, but I doubt that will happen.

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  12. There’s no end to it. Who are these little demigods to decide for everyone what we are “allowed”? To me that’s at the heart of this. It’s all about CONTROL! The so-called “liberal” way is to deny everyone anything that looks like choice.

    They want to micromanage everyone’s lives for them. They want to fine and imprison those who don’t agree with them. Basically, they are communists.

    Admittedly the schoolbook version informs us that they shouldn’t be concerned with money. But we know that isn’t so. It’s money to coerce the recalcitrant and to increase their power.

    Washington State, and Seattle especially, have some of the worst roads possible. They don’t do anything like the other 49 states do. They “hate” cars. Whenever they secure a grant to alleviate traffic they spend it on bike lanes and traffic circles. They think that by making it so onerous to use a car people will pay big money to ride electric buses and weave their own papyrus canoes.

    Meanwhile, the traffic grows worse with each passing day. The problem is eminently fixable. There simply is no willingness among the leftist control module that runs everything to do something that works. They are too busy disdaining automobiles and planning new ways to fleece those that put them in office.

    The ex-mayor is a good case in point. It isn’t enough to be a pervert to get the boot. No, you have to be a child molester with multiple episodes and have it go public several times to pressure you into quitting. In a normal place they would have been ripping up the pillows and boiling tar long before he “decided” to call it quits.

    This little snowflake is merely a thief (at least as far as we know). He’s golden for decades of malfeasance and disrespect for the public he “serves”.

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