U. of Pennsylvania teaching assistant admits she discriminates against white male students

Universities in the U.S. that have graduate students employ some of them as teaching assistants (TAs) to help professors teach large (in the number of students) undergraduate courses. The teaching assistants grade students’ exams. In some universities, the TAs also conduct discussion sessions to provide students with opportunities for discussion about the professor’s lectures and course readings which they don’t get in a class with hundreds of students.

Stephanie McKellop is a History Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

Her UPenn web-page says she was a teaching assistant for:

  • The American South: From Civil War to Sunbelt (Spring 2017)
  • History of the American South to the Civil War (Fall 2016)

On October 16, 2017, McKellop posted on her @McKellogs Twitter account (which is now accessible only by her “confirmed followers”) that she employs a race- and gender-based preferential system for calling on her students, favoring black women first, then other people of color, then white women, and last of all, white men, but only if she has to.

If Kellop, as a teaching assistant, blatantly discriminates against white students, especially white men, in calling upon them to speak in class, then it is reasonable for us to suspect that Kellop also discriminates against her white students when it comes to grading their exams.

Here’s contact information for you to lodge a complaint:

Beth S. Wenger
Professor and Chair of History Department
U. of Pennsylvania
Ph: 215-898-5702
Email: bwenger@sas.upenn.edu

Amy Gutmann
President of U. of Pennsylvania
Ph: 215-898-7221
Fx: 215-898-9659
Email: presweb@pobox.upenn.edu


38 responses to “U. of Pennsylvania teaching assistant admits she discriminates against white male students

  1. Sucks, your hypocrisy is sickening.

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  2. And yet this (((FOTM))) (((site))) doesn’t understand this is a continuation of a multi millennial children of satan = jew conspiracy to kill or mongrelize all races so kike schizophrenia demon-based jews can eventually destroy u all and make you their chattle, cattle, or goyim as they call you. Anyone have facts that disprove what I’m saying¿??????????????????????????


    • You’re interested in facts?? Sounds more like you’re a troll looking to poison the well. If only you were half as smart and clever as you think you are.

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    • Fact: the racism you espouse originates in the occult (see “theosophy”, “anthroposophy”, “brittish israelism”, “freemasonry” etc.) and thus is a product of the devil’s own doctrines (isn’t racism one of the non-negotiable doctrines of talmudism? Think about that one a bit.), ergo your contention that “race mixing” is evil is a non-sequiter and coming from the same source you claim to denounce. The problem is not the “race” (which itself is a fictitious, and false, concept) the problem is the culture & society. One cannot be genetically/racially pre-disposed to follow evil, that is a farce, everyone has free will, and thus everyone’s choices are their own responsibility.

      Other concepts like racism that also stem from the same vile pit of lies: blood type personalities, phrenology, pyramidology, nephilim angel-hybrid false doctrine, gnosticism, serpent-seed false doctrine, et al. the list goes on. Do the research, and you’ll find the whole racism thing to have the same origin… and also that it has been exploited in the past by the same puppets of evil to exploit entire cultures for their own ends (consider today’s “thug” culture an example of this.) divide, conquer, weaponize, etc. it ain’t just the “jews” either, the devil has followers in various cultures and religions, as he likes to try to go by many names in an attempt to impersonate & mock God.

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      • Seumas . . . Amen to that! I certainly agree . . . Satan certainly does have many guises. This is so his trickery can lead away as many of the souls of Our God as possible, and it certainly seems to work very well for him.


  3. White socialist dumb ass piece of shit she is!

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    • Jeff Lynn . . . that was such an exquisite, and accurate label for her. Just looking at her, leads the viewer to come to the conclusion that a screw is missing. I found that I was outraged by her admission of such “illegal” bias. Frankly, I believe that those white males, and white females whose civil liberties have been infringed need to contact EEOC and file complaints. When a student PAYS THEIR MONEY to avail themselves of the opportunity of learning . . . there is no reason that they should expect that they be short changed as far as their personal learning experience is concerned. I don’t care if this University or College might be required to pony up some money to assuage the problem that they are responsible for, after all they hired this dufus, and have continued to allow her to teach the various classes she was responsible for. It is nothing short of being a travesty!


  4. Wow, she can’t possibly be smart enough to be teaching at colleges, when she is dumb enough to post something so inflammatory.
    I love what she considers herself to be a historian on…..just another fake.

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    • Glenn47 . . . that very same idea hit me. How could she be so dumb as to throw it out for public consumption that she willingly discriminates against certain people. I also agree with Dr Eowyn . . . I would just bet that she does indeed allow her personal prejudices to influence the grades she is willing to give to those she does not favor.


  5. What in the world is “she” wearing in that picture? Looks like she has a noose around her neck. She looks more like a Stephen to me.

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  6. ‘ll wager that she’s had some bad experiences dating ‘white’ guys [whatever that means] and turned on them from a position where she can inflict pain & humiliation, which may have been how she felt at the time. It’s a bias that would –in a more perfect world– result in her being relieved of her teaching responsibilitiies. I would not want to be associated with any school that tolerated her hatreds. What else can we call them?

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    • I’ll wager she would have problems finding a date with a human, period.


    • Joseph . . . your take on her behavior is I believe right on! I also think it’s possible to infer from the fact that she is involved in “gender studies,” that she may also have lesbian learnings . . . her looks, and hatred of men would also lead me to believe that.

      (Glad to hear from you today. Hope you are well!)


  7. she probably holds a grudge for being dumped

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Seems she has learned nothing from the history she teaches, herself, or she would understand all her special treatment only instills more demands for ‘priority’ entitlements.

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    • Kevin . . . I am blown away by your comment . . . or “she would understand all her special treatment only instills more demands for ‘priority’ entitlements.” That comment made me think about the NFL situation relative to the recent game where all the black players had expected the one white player to take a knee along with them, and when he did not go along with their antics–they did not guard him, and he has suffered a broken back. as a result. Some of the sports casters are saying that the Raiders threw the game in this instance . When we can see that these spoiled thugs have gotten away with such intolerable actions, and then to top it off . . . a white player sustains a grievous injury due to their deliberately actions. I am not one to watch NFL games, but when I read that this particular white player had been injured deliberately . . . I was outraged by this. It is easy to see that there is deep seated hatred against whites, and I think this is attributable to the “special treatment” these NFL players receive, and also the eight years of having a black President who hates this country, and also seemingly hates white people.


  10. Here’s an odd thing about teaching assistants: schools use them whether you’re in college working on a B.S., or in graduate school working on a M.S. or Ph.D., even in law school, business school, and med school.

    They’re cheap, in-house labor, sometimes given full professorial duties and power. In order to be able to afford that advanced education, most graduate students are forced to teach (hence, “T.A.”s) part time during their years in school. Which then cuts into the time they can spend on their own classes and research… which keeps them in school longer and makes them not enjoy teaching. Being an adjunct (part-time) professor is not much different.

    Every time I had male T.A.s, they ALWAYS hit on the female students. Graded them preferentially. Until I decided to tag along with my female classmates when they went to talk with the T.A. in advanced biochemistry at Michigan, to be privy to the info they got regarding an upcoming exam, my grades suffered. Once I got “table scraps” from the guys writing, giving, and grading the exams, so I knew what to expect and how to answer the exams? My grades went up. A lot. It was a continual struggle in college too.

    When I became a T.A. myself down in TX, I strove to be better, and found it took a lot of time and a lot of work to do so. Most wouldn’t exert the effort. I won an award for it my first year, my college’s first, which felt good.

    When I went to law school years later, I found T.A.s also discriminate against conservative Christians… I got slammed for my writings on assignments our female T.A. gave us. Not for being an outright “Rightie”, but for NOT taking the point of view she demanded. Regardless of the merits of my logic. Because it was a Catholic school, I complained to the Dean. I was told the law school wasn’t actually part of the college, only “associated” with it… so not beholden to “Christian values”. Which is why I’d chosen to go there. I left the next semester, went back to teaching.

    But so far as racism? There weren’t a lot of “POC” in my classes (science, law) back then, and those who were, typically did pretty poorly (except those of Asian and Hispanic backgrounds in science). So this may be a relatively new phenomenon. Maybe trying to “right past disadvantages”, but at the expense of non-“POC”s. And of course, at the expense of white men (and especially conservatives). The ubiquitous scape goat…

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    • So treating students equally — on the basis of MERIT — instead of discriminating against students for their gender or race or some other ascriptive attribute — is a “Christian value”? And this from a Law School dean?

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      • Why do you think there are so many lawyer jokes out there? And, some run for public office too…. 😉

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      • Well, as you obviously know, what they are encouraging and/or tolerating is illegal. As a Christian value, it is sinful. To me, I rarely have to go to the legal end of things if the Christian end of things advises me.

        Law school dean? I tried to get into law school once but they told me I wan’t qualified. I knew both of my parents.


  11. Hmmmmm, I wonder why? She has that sinister look on (her) face that’s questionable, Is she or isn’t she?

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  12. Why is it always white liberals like her who are trying to destroy their own race? Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

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  13. She should go troll around the ‘bad part of town’ in the evening, and then see how she feels about being biased against white males. Or maybe she should go jogging in Central Park.
    Another dummy that has no real experience doing anything. Typical of most universities. Most TA’s don’t care, though I did have one that was good, he was a white male, and was actually very good. Another one I had was awful. He just talked about going to head banger concerts and didn’t give a crap that my lab partner dropped out of class, and I had to do all the work myself as the grading was 50/50.
    But, her blatant racism makes it so that she is part of the problem.

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    • Somehow I get the feeling that she would be perfectly safe “trolling” around the bad side. She probably has fantasies of “trolling”.


  14. She sort of reminds me of Cesar Romero, the actor who played the Joker on the old Batman TV series in the 1960s. It’s definitely the mouth….but the eyes are a bit crossed too. I don’t know. Maybe she fell out of her crib one too many times as an infant.

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