Swedish ambassador warns democracy is being ‘dismantled’ in Sweden

Håkan Juholt, 55, is a former member of Sweden’s parliament (1994-2016), former leader of Sweden’s center-left Social Democrat party (2011-2012), and Sweden’s new ambassador to Iceland since this September.

In an interview with the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, Juholt warns that Sweden is “in the process of dismantling democracy” and may be descending into a technocracy or dictatorship.

The Local is an English-language digital news publisher with local editions in Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Austria and Italy.

The Local‘s edition in Sweden reports on October 17, 2017, that in his interview with Svenska Dagbladet, Håkan Juholt asks about the age of the reporter’s son, and said:

“How old is your son? Four? When he is old he won’t be living in a democracy but in a technocracy, or a dictatorship. It’s sad as hell. I am sorry to say it, but I am 100 percent sure. We are in the process of dismantling democracy.

[…] I don’t think the threat is a dictatorship with tanks rolling on Sergel’s Square (a well-known square in central Stockholm), but an expert rule where we do not let the citizens’ values govern the country. Democracy is slipping through our fingers. Fewer people want to be elected, the parties are toning down their ideology. Sure, I see a risk that it may become a dictatorship in the long run.”

Juholt did not elaborate on the comments, which have sparked criticism in Sweden from both sides of the political aisle:

  • Karin Enström, foreign politics spokesperson of the conservative Moderate party, the largest opposition party in parliament, said: “As ambassador and thus Sweden’s top representative in Iceland, Håkan Juholt demonstrates a strange attitude towards the country he is supposed to represent.”
  • Culture and Democracy Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke said: “It’s remarkable. It is the role of ambassadors, and the role of the government, to deliver an accurate image of our country and promote our country in the world.”
  • Margot Wallström, Minister for Foreign Affairs and former Deputy Prime Minister, said she would not “argue with one of my ambassadors” in public and that Juholt “will probably have to explain his thoughts himself.” Then Wallström made a veiled threat against Juholt, saying “He will probably also soon learn, I would think, what it means to be an ambassador.

Note that all three critics of Juholt are powerful females.

No wonder Swedish men willingly don pink pussyhats:

On March 7, 2017, to show their solidarity with International Women’s Day, the board of directors of Byggnads, a construction workers trade union in Stockholm, Sweden, tweeted this picture of themselves

Actually, if anything, Juholt is being overly optimistic.

Sweden’s democracy has already been dismantled. See my post of October 12, 2017, “Swedish dental hygienist was fired for reporting 80% of child migrants are adults”.

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13 responses to “Swedish ambassador warns democracy is being ‘dismantled’ in Sweden

  1. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:

    Schwedischen Botschafter warnt Demokratie “in Schweden werden abgebaut wird”
    Geschrieben am 19. Oktober 2017 von Dr. Eowyn | 1 Kommentar
    Håkan Juholt, 55, ist ein ehemaliges Mitglied des schwedischen Parlaments (1994-2016), ehemaliger Führer der Schwedens Mitte-links Sozialdemokratische Partei (2011-2012) und Schwedens neue Botschafter in Island seit September dieses Jahres.
    In einem Interview mit der Zeitung Svenska Dagbladet warnt Juholt, dass Schweden ist “bei der Demontage der Demokratie” und in eine Technokratie oder Diktatur absteigend sein kann.

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  2. Technocracy:
    When Facebook has over 3 BILLION users worldwide, and tries to dictate what we read, write, say, think, and do… aided and abetted by Amazon, Apple, Twitter, etc.
    In the Information Age, those with it control those without.

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  4. “Swedish ambassador warns democracy is being ‘dismantled’ in Sweden”
    Yeah-I’ve been noticing that…..I’ll have to ask my neighbor how HE feels about it,since he has a LOT of Family in Sweden.

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  5. Yup, he’s not kidding:

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    • Yes. A theocracy in the name of Allah. Did anybody catch Socialist Sanders trying to equate higher tax justification in the US with free stuff like college, daycare, medicine, etc? He tried to use Sweden, Finland, Norway as an example of good socialism. SMH. These 3 countries only have a combined total population of approx. 20 mil according to 2016 census index, not counting, I am sure the muslim invaders. From what I read, the US let in 60 million (illegal) citizens for work visas alone this last year. Do the math, how does Sanders and these countries expect democracy to work, when the largest vocal percentage of population are not tax paying citizens, but freeloaders using the system? Yes, democracy, the voice of the mass will rule in sweden. They can call it what they want, but I call it “a mental disorder” and there is no cure.


      • Teri . . . . Amen and amen! You have called this situation absolutely correctly. It is so dumbfounding that the powers that be cannot see that this whole smoke and mirrors, politically correct, desire to blend Western Civilization and Islam is just not tenable! I grieve for the native people’s of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Norway because their efforts at having a civilized society is being flushed down the toilet by the elites.


        • I am with you Auntie Lulu. I am 3rd gen. norweigan descent and have family STUCK in Norway. I grieve for them too. Nothing can be done about Swedens plight unless the real swedes do something. As it was pointed out, the REAL citizens of sweden are taking cover, and being CASTRATED like that poor dentist who spoke out. I pray everyday (beg actually) that the people of the USA WAKE UP before it’s too late for us. It is my belief, that had the Hildebeast won, it would take the USA no longer than 3-5 years MAX. to become a sweden, london, mexico, venezula, cuba, north korea, the african continent, the middle east..you get my drift. I truly believe God was listening when (I and the other 6 mil. plus PATRIOTS) voted for Trump! God Bless you and the USA and Donald J. Trump! 🙂

          p.s. I have a minor in world religions, and studied Islam extensively. It’s my belief they are Satans Army. No other conclusion for this theocracy can be found, .
          none…..Just My (unsoliticed) Opinion!!! 😉


  6. He’s telling the truth. That’s a big no no in dictatorial communist countries. Read “God Is Red” and see what the Freemasons did under the guise of communism to destroy China and most of it’s people. They started with getting rid of ‘evil landlords’ and ‘rich people’, and gave the dumbed down farmers, homeless people freedom to beat up and murder those who had dared to work hard for themselves and their families. Then they ‘redistributed’ the wealth to lazy people who didn’t know diddly squat and ended up persecuting anyone who didn’t go along with the communist ideology. Sort of like what they’ve been trying to do in this country.


  7. Another perspective on “conquering” Sweden and other countries of Europe: http://expandourmind.com/2017/05/26/goal-islamification-dictatorship-birth-luciferian-culture-2017-05-26/

    ”Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.” – Aristotle

    First step: Make War Across The Mid-East. Already done.
    Second Step: Import millions of Muslims and build mosques. Already done.
    Third Step: Blame Terrorism On Muslims. Already done.
    Fourth Step: Blame Democracy For Chaos, Terror And Muslim Mass Migration. Coming Soon. Read A Recent NY Times Article Showing The Way: How stable are democracies? (Or dismantle democracy and blame freedom of speech and other kinds of freedom)
    Fifth Step: Create A New Dictatorship With Promises For Law And Order While Killing Islam And Christianity. Implement A New Luciferian Religion. Next Step. China Will Appear At This Stage.
    Sixth And Final Step: Start Killing, Enslaving And Robbing The People. Top Globalists Will Be Worshiped As Human Gods.

    Conclusion: Muslims Are Exploited To Create Chaos And Then Luciferian Tyranny

    The conclusion is that the globalists want to move millions of muslims into Europe to create a conflict between Christian and Muslim cultures and then kill both cultures and implement their own Luciferian and marxist culture of enslavement where families go extinct. As usual the MSM is going to be the most formidable weapon used against the people.

    Islam is under control by the same globalists as all other religions. Remember that the Islamic leaders all submit to Dalai Lama just like the Jewish and the Christian leaders do.

    At least the article ends on a somewhat positive note.

    In the name of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance


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