NFL to formally endorse criminal justice legislation, finance activism boot camp


Doubling down on losing more fans.

Try to ignore the blatantly biased opinion of this CBS writer.

From CBS Sports: Protests around professional sports have been nothing if not polarizing, especially considering President Donald Trump’s persistent war of words with athletes who use the national anthem as a platform for activism, but player demonstrations may have fueled NFL support for legislative change at the federal level.

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported two weeks ago that Roger Goodell has maintained a steady dialogue since this summer with many civic-minded players whiners, including Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles, Michael Bennett of the Seahawks and Anquan Boldin, who abruptly retired before the season. Goodell and the players have been working on ways that the NFL can assist them in their community endeavors, an effort that began well before the president made remarks critical of NFL players.

And, now, it appears those efforts have grown into formal league action.

ESPN’s Jim Trotter reported via Twitter Monday that “the NFL is going to formally endorse criminal justice legislation” that surfaced early in October and has garnered support from several players “lobbying for” reformed sentencing guidelines. NFL Network’s Judy Battista later confirmed via league spokesman Joe Lockhart that the NFL would do so.

The league’s endorsement of such legislation, which Politico said on Oct. 4 is “aimed at easing sentences for some non-violent offenders, such as for drug crimes, while beefing up other tough-on-crime laws,” represents a victory for peaceful-protest-driven activism, according to former NFL executive Joe Banner.

“[This] is a big win for players on the issues they brought up if they can get past [the] method of protest,” Banner tweeted Monday. “Seize the moment.”

This is likely only the beginning of formal league efforts spurned by Goodell’s talks with players in the effort to turn player protests into action. From La Canfora’s report from two weeks ago:

The NFL had been getting closer to finalizing and announcing some of those plans, sources said, prior to Donald Trump’s remarks calling protesting players “sons of b——,” and considerable effort in the aftermath has gone to working with players, owners and teams on their response to that diatribe. But the league remains hopeful of getting this initiative, informally referred to as “From Protest to Progress,” within the league office, off the ground shortly.

The league is seeking tangible ways to help players channel their concerns over social injustice, racism, police brutality and other societal ills into action at a grassroots level. No just offering financial support but working in tandem, physically, with players as they go out into their cities both in season and in the offseason. Bennett, Boldin and Jenkins all have strong convictions about the need for criminal justice reform, which is one area the league could possibly assist their cause. Those men met with politicians on Capitol Hill about such measures over the summer — and Goodell has been very receptive to their ideas as they and other players continue regular outreach into their home communities as well as others (Native American reservations, Haiti, etc).

Trotter said in an appearence on “Outside The Lines” that the NFL is also discussing the creation of a PSA campaign regarding social issues and the potential for owners to organize meetings between players and politicians. The league has also “agreed to finance a social activism boot camp at Morehouse College in February,” Trotter reported.

Some of the hundreds of NFL players who knelt, linked arms or stayed off the field during pregame anthems in September did so in rebuke of President Trump’s call for team owners to “fire” those who protested social injustice during the anthem. But others, including Jenkins, Chris Long and Boldin, have repeatedly demonstrated not to protest America or its flag but to spark discussions about police brutality and criminal justice reform, even facilitating meetings with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and local law enforcement.

Now, it appears they have gotten the NFL’s support in getting some of that reform.

The proposed legislation, per Politico, has a substantial backing from both Democratic and Republican senators but “will still face opposition from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who helped sink the bill when he served in the Senate.”


37 responses to “NFL to formally endorse criminal justice legislation, finance activism boot camp

  1. 🇺🇸 I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 🇺🇸

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    • The nation is divided and there is no liberty and justice for all this makes the pledge a lie…


      • I think the idea/ideal behind it is that we pledge to make these things so. We should strive for non-divisiveness/division and for liberty and justice for all (law-abiding citizens). So it’s not proclaiming that that’s how it is, but rather what we pledge to strive for making it become and remain… in order to receive citizenship, we strive to make it a great, unified country.

        Because if we’re not “one nation”, we’re divided, and headed for a really big fall, with no government left to help anybody regardless of their beliefs, religions, races or creeds. It will lead to the rise of either chaos or a state of martial law (or, that could follow chaos), and then an even bigger split.

        I support the whole 1st Amendment including a need to discuss what’s actually going on in society, and then acting upon the facts, rather than beliefs or myths. And if the (NFL/other) players want to take time off of their games, and sacrifice their salary for that game or games to do so in order to show how serious they are about it, that’s their right (well, hopefully). I think that would make a tremendous statement of their sincerity.

        But to do what they’ve been doing, they’re instead stealing $Millions from their team owners, the advertisers, and the fans, not to mention the wasted time they’re causing — as fans, disgusted by the spectacle of disrespect shown our flag, anthem, and nation, leave the game or turn off the T.V.

        They should just organize on their own time if they want to accomplish something, but don’t want to risk losing their salary for that game. But of course, then they wouldn’t have the spotlight on them so much as when they do it on game day… which is why they do it.

        So to get their viewership and accomplish their goals, let them do it the right way… or play ball. But not at the same time. Not while they’re getting paid to perform a game and set an example of how U.S. citizens are to act and respond to the National Anthem in public as a member of a publicly-owned professional athletic team and/or league on public television.

        On the other hand, if it’s actually the Anthem/flag/country they hate, let them leave. There’s nothing forcing them to stay here and get paid $Millions to play a kid’s game on T.V. every week. There are plenty of other countries I’m sure they could find more hospitable to their views… and then maybe they could find regular jobs like the rest of us.

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        • There are some thing you’ve mentioned that I can agree with but I disagree what you said about protest. There is no right or wrong way. Plus if one is risking their livelihood makes it genuine.
          People don’t want them to protest on game day, they come to see the players play, they want to take photos next to them, but outside the sports arena they are treated according to the color of their skin. Some of those same fans will even call Police if they walk down the street in their neighborhoods…….if this isn’t something to protest about, then what is?


          • If one is risking their life, especially those serving in the military or as first responders, “live”lihood makes it genuine.

            Outside of the voluntary employment area of the sports arena, anyone, of any skin color, can probably not obtain a book deal worth a million bucks. Just ask the oppressed Kaepernick who has a net worth of more money than my “white privilege” ass will ever know. A $20 miilion net worth is sure something to protest about.


            • Like Don King says; you can rich and be the top person in your field and accomplish what no other can but in America you will always be just another ni**er…


              • So says the oppressed man worth $150 million. Race baiting and hustling folk in the sports arena pays good for him.


              • that is don king’s opinion and it’s unfortunate he allows others’ opinions to define him

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                • Don King isn’t the only one who has that opinion and the opinion is based on how a group is treated.
                  BTW Don King loves America and will tell you there is opportunity for the taking he does not allow others to define him or what he does…


                  • I’m sure there are people who hold that opinion as well…
                    but, I’ll say it again…..people should not let others’ perception of them dictate who they are.
                    when don king made that statement, he took all of his years of hard-earned ‘opportunism’ and threw it out the window and replaced it with someone’s else’s perception…
                    everyone is victimized on one level or another (people are shot at, kidnapped, raped, murdered, harassed, mutilated, psychologically tortured, robbed, drugged, abused, etc…all of it is wrong) and I don’t believe it is right for one group to claim ‘victimhood’ status over everyone else (I don’t care if it’s race or ‘religion’ or sex or whatever). It’s just another divide and conquer tactic using the distraction of “us” (‘victims’) against “them” while TPTB continue to promote their evil.
                    Let the facts speak for themselves and move on.
                    IMHO, the best way to get over ‘victimhood’ is forgiveness (Christianity), an educated mind, and putting a spotlight on people who commit evil against others (prison for those who broke the law). Anyone walking around with a big “V” on their chest clearly has issues with forgiveness and living with that much anger and hatred will just eat away at their spiritual, physical, and emotional health.
                    Of course, the biggest doers of evil against others (outside of satan himself) are TPTB and as long as they are in control, evil will always be in the forefront of people’s lives.

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  2. I guess they don’t want to be coons anymore; Spartacus’s spirit lives and just like Ray Charles who refused to perform at a segregated concert hall, and Muhammad Ali refused to go to Vietnam; just like Don KIng says you can be the top person in your chosen profession, be rich and accomplish what others haven’t but they will only see you as another ni**er


  3. The NFL doesn’t mention putting abortionists in prison for murdering black babies.

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  4. how’s about putting out info to the players and social media on what it takes to be a real man?:
    01. recognize Jesus as Lord
    02. read the Bible
    03. be humble
    04. repent (ask God for forgiveness)
    05. forgive others
    06. be consistent with self-discipline
    07. exercise consistent financial responsibility
    08. respect yourself (no drug use, no prostitution, no diseases, don’t be
    pawns for satan)
    09. respect others (including unborn babies, wives, and the law)
    10. keep ‘it’ in your pants (also helps with #4 because they won’t have child
    support payments to make to girlfriends)
    11. get married under God
    12. produce children within the confines of marriage
    13. be a husband to your wife
    14. be a father to your children
    15. understand the importance of a properly educated mind
    16. teach your children about the Lord
    17. be a man of your word
    18. keep it real/be truthful
    19. protect your family and those around you
    20. lead by example

    it is impossible to have “equality”, unless everyone is exactly the same. communism tries to sell the false notion of “equality” to people who prefer to not think for themselves, be led like sheep, and live off the govt coffers; and only after communism has been fully implemented do the ‘sheep’ realize they are surrounded by wolves.
    I’m curious to find out what the ticket sales for nfl will be next season….
    I do not believe it is respectful to the fans to push social activism during team sports activities (even linking arms…are they lovers or something that they have to be that close?). People pay good money to be entertained, not to hear the woes of brain-damaged grown men and their satanic backers.
    If the players really want to make a statement, they should ‘take a knee’ for Jesus…that will get the satanists’ panties in a bunch.

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  5. Could you imagine the real change if people went to church instead of worshipping at the Television of their choice?
    I guess the NFL is desperate to revive its tarnished image by trying to do the bait and switch here.
    They revealed their true colors already. That’s bad enough without all this BS ‘social justice’ crapola.

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  6. it makes total sense, that the player “thugs” would support easing sentences for drug crimes and other criminal justice reform. I live in downtown denver and quite often a large group of “black” bronco players come into downtown restaurants wreaking of marijuana, during playing season, mind u. My son worked at a bar, now shut down, because of the flow of cocaine, etc., a upscale bar visited by mostly bronco players. And I have noticed that the broncos commercials lately, seem to only show latino and black fans. Obviously, the NFL doesnt give much creedence to any fans that are not black or latino and IMO, drug users. I saw statistics regarding the number of players arrested, or sidelined or temp. suspended due to domestic violence and drug use and it was mindboggling as to the %. All i can say is I sure hope the fans the broncos seem to only want to embrace, can get daddy Soros to fund their season tickets!

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  7. Great article. I feel a seething anger at these getto thugs over their tactics at supposedly trying to draw everyone’s attention to societies ills.

    It is quite interesting that in today’s news a WHITE player by the name of Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles achieved notoriety because he has donated his first six game checks of 2017 to fund scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville, VA. Evidently the remaining 10 game checks for this year are earmarked to be donated to four educational based programs located in three NFL cities . . . St Louis, New England, and Philadelphia.

    Now here we have a WHITE MAN who is putting his money where his mouth is! He is actually putting skin in the game, in order to promote equal education opportunities. When we think about the predominately black player “taking the knee” against the “white player” who is actually donating monies to help black children to have access to equal education . . . which of these two examples is actually showing someone who is trying to improve society. When the black players can do something more than disrespect our flag, those who have fought for our freedoms . . . then perhaps others may be more keen to listen to their complaints. I for one do not care if the NFL goes bankrupt. I am tired of the cry baby antics of these spoiled high earnings thugs! I certainly do hope that the populace at large makes note of the difference in attempting to correct the ills in our society between the white player who is giving up basically his entire earnings for this year, against the sniveling knee taking antics of those who only wish to have the rest of us bend to their will, and who continue to disrespect this nation!

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  8. Pathetic, that there are still some millions of white American “guys” whose identity is defined by sipping cans of watered down beer watching a fake game where NINETY-FOUR PERCENT of the telecast involves absolutely zero action and where there are more minutes of replays than live action.

    On top of this, America’s middle-class taxpaying “guys” get to be insulted even by the commercials, depicting them as irresponsible jackasses, with women, Asians, and blacks as their savvy betters.

    If one were to address a group of NFL fans as “you men,” you can bet they’d instinctively cringe and look around apologetically. In fact, what could be less American and less manly than sitting in front of a giant TV supporting racist white-hating performers who hate this country almost as much as the NFL’s owners but for whom not one minute of this would have happened?

    Support for the NFL and professional sports in general is as good a measure of how sick this society is as any. Such voyeurism in grown men is truly about as disgusting as it gets, who instead of morally and physically preparing themselves for what is worth dying for, will be cheering on those who’ve declared war on them and their children.

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    • Dan . . . . . Very well put. How true when you wrote . . . “Such voyeurism in grown men is truly about as disgusting as it gets, who instead of morally and physically preparing themselves for what is worth dying for, will be cheering on those who’ve declared war on them and their children.” How very, very sad that this particular segment of our society JUST DOSEN’T GET IT! I seriously think that African American’s were striving for a better society back when Martin Luther King was alive. We did not see single parent families, headed by uneducated single women, who put no emphasis on getting an education . . . and thus their children languish in despair; uneducated, no hopes of good paying jobs. The cycle of despair repeats itself again and again with uneducated children feeling that life has passed them by. Unless women push their children to get an education so that they can compete with all others in our society, they will always be resigned to live in despair.

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    • Dan, if I may, I would add one more thing to your post: The wearing of “another man’s name” on your back. i.e. wearing an NFL jersey( that the “fan” paid for)….. how cucked is that that a “man” would advertise for another man by doing this.??? Why not just buy a cheap/plain jersey and put “BetaCuck 77” on the back?? And to wear these “licensed NFL products” in front of your children???????? Idea: Just tell them everyday, “I’m a low-T guy with horrible self esteem that sits on the sidelines of life and lives vicariously through the actions of other men kids! That’s right little ones, daddy gets his jollies by rooting for other men to be successful!”

      Ugh……. DISGUSTING

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  9. So now it isn’t over-priced fetch? Do people who watch these things really want to support this? Why is everything “political”?

    These spoiled, over-paid whiners want people to listen to the pleas of their downtrodden? Chairman Mao does football.

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  10. The issue is never the issue, ’cause the issue is really always Leftism.

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  11. from Indiana Attorney General:
    “NFL Players Should Take A Stand — Against Black-On-Black Crime”

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  12. I think, rather than keep going over this circular discussion. Their employer pays them (theoretically) because the fetchers are good at chasing and catching balls and people pay lots of money to watch. Sponsors pay lots of money to hype their overpriced, useless junk as well.

    Now, do the fetchers have rights? Sure. If, instead of representing those that pay ridiculous sums they want to show the world their politics, they should go right ahead. Then they should be summarily fired.

    That way the rights of those who watch are preserved when they hire replacements that actually play the games they were overpaid to play. The players made their choices and dealt with the consequences. How just is that?

    It shouldn’t be “sure I’ll pay you to do this but instead you did that”. If it were in any way important I’d waste more time in point-by-point debate. But it isn’t. It wasn’t worth these few lines.


  13. A $100 million fund to appease America-hating players while sticking the knife in patriotic fans…

    NFL Bankrolls The Resistance to Trump

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