Just in time for Halloween: a sex-offenders map of your city

All 50 states in America, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have Megan’s Law web sites containing information on sex offenders.

Those web sites enable you to look up a map of your city (or search by your zip code, your street address, or the sex offender’s name), which shows the locations of registered sex-offenders.

When you click on a location, it’ll show that sex offender’s name, address, height, weight, date of birth, charge(s) and other information.

As an example, I went on the California Megan’s Law Website and searched for the sex offenders map for Long Beach, CA — home of the Long Beach Public Library that invited a frightening-looking horned-demon drag queen to read to little children.

The map shows there are 813 registered sex offenders in Long Beach. I clicked on one of the locations, showing the name and other information of a sex offender named Dana Branch.

I urge you to search for the sex offenders map of your city/town, and use it as a guide so that your children or grandchildren avoid those areas when they go trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Also, inform your friends and neighbors about the sex offenders map!

For links to your states’ Megan’s Law web sites, go here.

I haven’t checked every link, but I do know that the link for California doesn’t work. Instead, click here for California’s Megan’s Law website.


10 responses to “Just in time for Halloween: a sex-offenders map of your city

  1. We got one living right up the road, but we already knew about it. The problem is with the ones that have not been caught, or are being protected for whatever reason. Those are the real problems, because this megan law thing gives parents a false sense of security. It’s better to teach them or have them take some classes like yellodyno.com or others that help kids know what to do if confronted by a child predator or bully or whatever life may spring on them.

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  2. It is a sad indictment on our society that we have to worry about these kinds of perverts. Thankfully, someone came up with the idea of tracking these deviants. Thanks for the reminder this time of year, as little ones may be going door to door on Halloween.

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  3. Thank you for this. I’ve tried to search for a similar guide in Canada but haven’t had much luck.
    It’s shocking (not really though) to see how many monsters lurk all over our towns. And these are only the ones who have been caught. If I had nothing to lose it would be sweet sorrow to take out as many of these pieces of garbage as I could.

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  4. Pretty upsetting to see how many there were when I expanded my search to a 5-mile radius from my home. Hundreds. It makes me wonder if they’ve been convicting and labeling offenders at a higher rate in recent years?

    When I first did this search years ago (20?) I found a group of them right near the grade school. Spoke to some neighbors who agreed that was bad. Found out they were within the letter of the law regarding the number of FEET they had to be away from children, which was in respect to linear feet they would need to travel by street or sidewalk to actually reach the school.

    But looking at the maps, one could easily see the shorter foot paths directly from their homes to the school (which the kids likely also took). I think that got the law changed, because within a year or so, those guys were all gone. So it might behoove others to make similar checks of how the law works in their neighborhoods.

    Another point: I was going to caution folks about the chances minors can be branded as offenders even if they and their girlfriends were BOTH underaged and just dumb or horny or whatever while in school, but the girls’ parents often get the boy arrested and labeled an offender within the letter of the law.

    Well, by the looks of things (I get photos of the guys — and 2 gals — on the search here), there are maybe 5-10% at most who fall into that category. So the court must be cognizant of that theory and not be labeling too many pubescent Romeos unless the facts actually support it.

    But another thing I noticed is the majority of offenders who were listed as “homeless” near me were the younger ones. Probably kicked out of their family’s homes. I find that kind of sad. Not much chance for them. May as well put them behind bars where they can maybe rehab or whatever, or at least be kept under control.

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  5. A very timely and worthy PSA? Thank you.

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  6. If the USA is anything like the UK, many of these ‘sex offenders’ may well be innocent. Just saying.


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