Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop wins award for “worst pseudoscience”


Shocker, not: A demorat who is full of garbage and lies. Par for the course in Hollyweird.

From MSN: The “wellness” brand Goop, which is spearheaded by Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, has received a not-so-prestigious award from The Skeptic Magazine.

The Goop brand was the recipient of the inaugural “Rusty Razor” award for being the “best” promoter of the worst pseudoscientific content, according to Gizmodo UK.

This comes as Goop has appeared in its share of headlines in 2017 — namely for promoting rather avant-garde wellness techniques, to say it lightly.

For one, as Gizmodo UK points out, Goop endorsed the practice of placing jade eggs in the female nether regions. They also touched upon “bio frequency healing” stickers which were condemned by NASA.

The Rusty Razor award came as part of Skeptic Magazine’s “Ockham Awards” celebrating scientific and skeptical activism, Gizmodo UK writes.

Goop was reportedly invited to pick up its award, which was distributed at the QED Conference in Manchester, England. A Goop representative did not attend.

Skeptic’s Managing Editor Deborah Hyde said that the staff was surprised at how many nominations Goop received, labeling it a “popular win.”

According to Gizmodo UK, she said that with different issues affecting health today, “it’s a shame that many people prefer to contemplate their yonis than engage with evidence-based reality.”


4 responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop wins award for “worst pseudoscience”

  1. Anyone who is so stupid as to read Goop and buy the pretentious, over-priced merchandise she hawks, like a $15,000 gold dildo, deserves to be fooled.

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  2. I have first read about yoni eggs (as jade eggs can be called, since yoni eggs can also be made of black obsidian or rose quartz) in an article featured at Stillness in the Storm:

    Here’s the beginning paragraph of the green-text commentary of Justin Deschamps, which I would recommend reading slowly and carefully: “Having a good orgasm is more than just getting off or indulging in some carnal pleasures, it is an essential part of maintaining health in all respects, body, mind and soul. While some spiritual practitioners contend that the release of sexual energy reduces one’s stock of life force, this seems to be only one perspective on a complex issue.”

    If anyone has any opposition to using yoni eggs, I ask this question: when you vulnerably look into your heart with an honest mind, what truth do you find there regarding the matter of yoni eggs?

    If that question changed your mind, look no further than this website on the benefits of using yoni eggs (and even a selection of yoni eggs to choose from):

    In the name of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance


  3. From what I can observe, once the bloom is off the rose, as women age in Hollywood, they are no longer desired to appear in films . . . so they take up hawking various other products in order to earn a living. Someone who has previously made their money by playing someone else is hardly in the position to advise me as to what I might need to improve my life. Thank goodness I have not succumbed to purchasing anything Paltrow or her group have promoted, and I don’t think I ever will.

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