California Long Beach Public Library has horned-demon drag-queen read to little children

Are we in Hell yet?

On October 14, 2017, the taxpayer-funded Long Beach Public Library in southern California saw fit to invite a drag queen in grotesque make-up with horns on his head, to read to little children to “celebrate” LGBT History Month.

Confusingly, many sites attributed the drag queen event as having been held at the “Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library” (MONL). While MONL has an “unofficial” Facebook page (whatever that means), the website given is that of the Long Beach Public Library:

In a statement on its Facebook page on October 16, two days after the drag queen book reading, Long Beach Public Library self-righteously and defensively proclaimed that because “the social media post the City of Long Beach Public Library shared to celebrate LBGTQ History Month received several hateful and harmful comments to the LGBTQ community, mostly from those outside of Long Beach . . . the City decided to remove the post as it was no longer a productive conversation.”

Here’s the library’s original Facebook post, now deleted:

Blogger Deplorable Kel discovered the drag queen Xochi Mochi’s Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Deplorable Kel warns:

“There are photos and videos of gay porn all over his page! I am not clear if Xochi himself is in the videos or photos. But I seen things I never wanted to see, and know things I have no need to know. I’ll spare you the details. Just know, this is not someone who should be reading to children at a public library! In fact, I’d say Xochi should be locked away and kept far away from children!”

Contact info. for Long Beach City Government:

Robert Garcia, Mayor:
Ph: (562) 570-6801
Fx: (562) 570-6538

If you live in Long Beach, click here to find who your City Council member is.

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV, Bob and lophatt.


34 responses to “California Long Beach Public Library has horned-demon drag-queen read to little children

  1. Hadenoughalready


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    • Hadenoughalready . . . . . My sentiments exactly!!! Why would small children be exposed to frightening beings like this? Someone from the city has more than a few screws loose. I wonder if parents knew this perverted stuff was to be presented to their small children? This is really a travesty.

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      • Hadenoughalready

        I know there’s a lot of good people still in California but they need to either use due diligence to move out or file impeachment proceedings against the idiots ruining what was once a good and prosperous state.
        As for evil “spreading”, it’s everywhere. We’re surrounded and it’s our job to contain it; G-d willing and with His help.

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  2. What is historic about perversion is Sodom and Gomorrah.

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  3. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:

    “Es gibt Fotos und Videos von Gay Porn auf seiner ganzen Seite! Ich bin nicht klar, ob Xochi sich in den Videos oder Fotos befindet. Aber ich habe Dinge gesehen, die ich nie sehen wollte, und Dinge kennen, die ich nicht wissen muss. Ich erspare dir die Details. Nur wissen, das ist nicht jemand, der in einer öffentlichen Bibliothek Kindern lesen sollte! Tatsächlich würde ich sagen, Xochi sollte weggesperrt werden und fern von Kindern bleiben

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  4. its Halloween season….


  5. vile and disgusting…corrupting young children (one of the kids wore a “feminist” t-shirt while posing with the drag demon) as the “parents” watched…
    they were sacrificing their children to demons.
    those pictures on his website show the drag “queens” in their true colors seemed to blend appropriately with their “death” style (not lifestyle).

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    • MomOfIV- I’m not even on social media, yet I see this so much- parents so eager to put their kids out there, trying to make some point, to feel like a sanctimonious liberal hero, and maybe go viral or whatever. “Look at my son, he wears dresses and I’m SO supportive because I’M so forward thinking, look at Me!! Meanwhile the poor son is like 4 years old, tries on sisters dress once and then he’s on blast for the rest of his life. I picture him at 15 years old and friends seeing his parents “accepting” him for “who he is”. Can you imagine?

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      • those so-called “parents” are pathetic…real parents protect their children, not seek approval and recognition by bowing at the altar of political correctness while using their children as pawns

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  6. Yes. We are in hell.

    He’s reading to a very young audience for whom that costume is totally inappropriate. This is why we can’t take seriously the demands of the LGBTQ communities. They have this kind of representation. I don’t care if it is a Halloween costume…it’s not appropriate for the age group he’s appearing before.

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  7. WTF IS WRONG WITH THOSE (and I use the term loosely) PARENTS??? I would NOT let my kids get within 100 yards of something like that!!! Are those poor little kids on downers? If I was little and saw THAT THING, I would run screaming out the doors!
    Great article Dr. E! People are insane if they think this is “OKAY” or NORMAL. What’s next, having goat sacrifices for kids on a fake Ba’al altar?
    These kids need to go to church, not this satanic library.

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    • I’ll bet there’s not a Conservative in the bunch. Meaning ALL the Parents involved are Liberals,and thus,they ARE insane. Too bad we couldn’t stop them before they reproduced!

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  8. This is related to the “Michelle Obama (ne Michael) Library. Horrifying as this is, and it is, it is being done with the blessing of the ex-first tranny. Can there be any doubt how Satanic these creatures are?

    I found this post related to the Michelle Obama library. I read it because I found it hard to believe that there would be a “Michelle Obama Library”. What would it contain, rap music and sports paraphernalia? What I found was this, a series of children’s readings by Satanists and transvestites. It was billed to be a “role model” for the little ones.

    These people need arresting. It is perverted child abuse. This is your New World Odor in action. This is your new “religion”.

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  9. P.S., The acronym “MONL” I think relates to MONA or the LA Museum of Modern Art. All of the pedophiles related to the “Pizzagate” saga have connections there as well. It is rumored to be one big OTO-affiliated boondoggle.

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  10. Mentally retarded freaks! Someone please call the closest asylum and lock up these morons!

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  12. Well, that’s Commifornia for ‘ya.

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    • DCG . . . . . Amen to that! Unfortunately, the evil vibes from “Commifornia” seem to flow into adjacent states. At least we get more than enough Commie ideas up here in Oregon.

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  13. Good grief, these twisted people. I pray these little children just think,this is some weird Halloween costume and nothing more.

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  14. Straight from hell. May God protect children everywhere!

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  15. It gets even worse…I found his real name, and fb page…His friends are commenting inappropriate comments about the children. These ppl are sick!

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  16. got this from makow’s site:
    “California is Liberal Lunatic Wasteland Beyond Saving”


  17. It is a sign of their success that we can even read about this without losing our minds. I could write a book about this one. I’ll just leave a couple of thoughts.

    I got upset at our local high school a couple of years ago for allowing a non-denominational Christian “church” to use their facilities. Why? Because they didn’t allow any other religious organizations, Christian or otherwise, so why should THIS group get the benefit of public funding?

    Here we have some group funding indoctrination in public schools. Queers (or any other form of disorder) have no “right” to enter public schools to indoctrinate youth. How is this happening?

    Of course we will be told that they could be sued for not allowing this. What if we wanted to send a Christian group in to read to kids? Can you imagine! This is disgusting and must stop now.


  18. more sickness promoted to children with parental approval…undercover video:
    “Drag Queen Festival In Austin Promotes Early Sexual/Gender Confusion”


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