People are furious about Party City’s “Wall” costume

the wall costume

It’s almost Halloween. A great time for the perpetually offended.

From NY Post: Halloween is on the horizon, which means that the early contenders for offensive costumes are hitting the stores.

Party City has become the latest retailer to come under fire after releasing its “Adult Wall Costume.”

The company does not outright mention President Donald Trump’s immigration policy in the costume description, but the getup has led many social media users to comment that it’s a reference to his border wall proposal.

The costume, which features bricks with the words “the wall” on the front, is advertised online as a “unique Halloween look.”

“Really @PartyCity? A “Build The Wall” costume?” wrote one Twitter user. “This isn’t about being politically correct, it’s about being decent [sic] human beings!!!!!”

Another furious user tweeted, “If I see anyone wearing a “The Wall” costume, fair warning, you’re getting punched. Like hard.”

Others, however, suggested that the costume was referencing Pink Floyd.

“This is not a racist costume,” argued a Twitter user. “It’s just a reference to Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ album cover.”



21 responses to “People are furious about Party City’s “Wall” costume

  1. I LIKE this costume! Too bad there’s such a proliferation of “Butt-Hurt-Itis” out there. Another chorus of “W-F-W,call the WAAAAAmbulance’ anyone?

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    Barack’s flown across the ocean
    Leaving just a memory
    Snapshot in the family album
    Barack what else did you leave for me?
    Barack, what’d’ ja leave behind for me?!?

    All in all you are just a prick on the wall.
    All in all you & Biden all just a load of pricks on the wall.
    Yes, you!
    Stand still lady!”
    I want to play with your pussy!

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm on the Internet
    Biden, leave them kids alone

    Hey, Biden, leave them kids alone

    All in all it’s just another prick on the wall
    All in all you’re just another prick on the wall

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm on the TV
    Biden, leave them kids alone

    Hey, Biden, leave us kids alone

    All in all you’re just another prick on the wall
    All in all you’re just another prick on the wall

    Wrong! Do it again!
    Wrong! Do it again!
    If you don’t beat your meat, you can’t have any pussy!
    How can you have pussy if you don’t beat your meat?!
    Yes, you, behind the bike sheds, stand still, lady!
    I want to play with your pussy!

    (Apologies to Pink Floyd)

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  3. Speaking of the perpetually offended, ALL things Halloween offends me. To me, Halloween is from Satan himself. So how do I demand that ALL things Halloween be removed from our society? I am just following the lead of those who demand that the Cross of Jesus Christ be removed from our society? Or bacon be removed from our society? Or the Ten Commandments be removed from our society? I am not joking. Halloween literally offends me to the core. May the Lord have mercy.

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    • Nothing wrong with halloween itself, its the puppets of evil that ruin the event, when was the last time you saw any bobbing for apples or nice sober parties/dances eh? Not like some “churches” are doing much better either, with their “hell houses” and such, doing more work for the enemy than for Christ with that.

      As I’ve said before, Halloween, is a good time to talk to folks about God’s traits, like Generosity, and how Ghosts can’t be real because everyone who dies is accounted for and God doesn’t miss anyone, etc. just some suggestions. I would posit one of the worst things a Christian can do on the holiday, aside from the hell house fiasco, is hole themselves up in their houses in fear of the event, and/or to spurn trick or treaters… its one thing to wantonly indulge in the debased festivities, its quite another to use the event to advance the goals of Good where you can.


    • I agree. I hate Halloween and my kids do also.


  4. 2x4 to the head

    have been on many construction job sites, the rented urinal walls are replete with slogans.

    get the f**k out of my country seems to be the coherent message.

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  5. What do people have against Pink Floyd?

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    • Probably nothing-just a convenient target. I’m currently wearing out my sixth album of “Dark Side Of The Moon”. Wised up on this one and recorded it to a CD and archived the album for posterity.

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  6. Thought about making a long response, but instead will just ask a question: What type of high-paying job do these “victim culture” people have that allows them enough free time to literally search things out to be offended about…..?!? I leave for work–it’s dark. I get home–it’s dark. Maybe I should use the lunch hour ( that I don’t get) to find “offensive” things too! Just wow

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    • Govt-teat suckers — either as employees or on welfare?

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      • True Dr.E…… or just frustrated because they got a “job” at Best Buy or Target working 22 hours a week because there are not really any jobs for spoiled little brats who Major in Gender Studies with a Minor in Psychology… not to mention the ridiculous ursury/student loan debt they are saddled with. At any rate, I spend my free time exercising, along with growing my home-based bakery business that I started with my daughter…. I truly don’t have time to find “stuff” to complain about. And here’s a tip for the Grievance Culture™ folks out there….. Turn off the TV! Except for an occasional college football game here and there, I gave up TV about 3 years ago… strangely enough, my life has never been better–or more prosperous! Fancy that!

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  7. Now they protest this costume, yet they won’t protest the skin-tight slutted-up ultra sexualized costumes that women and even little girls get stuck with, or the two-piece ultra-sexualized garbage that leaves a man wearing effectively a speedo and a collar, that they dare call a men’s costume? This is what they get their dander up about? Its not land of the free, and home of the brave, its land of the wuss, and home of the knave.

    Needless to say, it seems courage and morality have been conditioned out of the culture, what can be done to regain these things?

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  8. I LOVE it!! 😂

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  9. Pink Floyd was one of my favorite bands. I like the costume. They need to lighten up.

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  10. Pink Floyd,Another Brick in The Wall (Lyrics).

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  11. Proverbs 25:28 | View whole chapter | See verse in context He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

    2 Chronicles 14:7 | View whole chapter | See verse in context Therefore he said unto Judah, Let us build these cities, and make about them walls, and towers, gates, and bars, while the land is yet before us; because we have sought the LORD our God, we have sought him, and he hath given us rest on every side. So they built and prospered.

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  12. I believe Halloween used to really mean something evil,then it became a kinda fun holiday for the kids,,but these days it’s just another holiday for kids to extort candy from people. No-that’s not completely true anymore. THAT would be too DANGEROUS for the kids. (Even though VERY little possible risk has ever come to any kids around here. ONCE there was an incidence of nails in apples or some such thing. After that,kids could have their treats x-rayed {They SHOULD use the MRI machine-IT would rip the nails etc. right outta the treats. BOOM-instant safety.} at the Hospital to make sure it was safe,at no charge,) Around here,actual Trick-or-Treating is now done VERY sparingly. Parents take the kids ONLY to the homes of friends and family and people they know well.. I usually get about a dozen or so kids,and occasionally 2 or 3 Adults Trick-or-Treating for drinks. MOST kids go to “Safe Street” in a shopping plaza during daylight hours to get their candy. I’m told on their radio ads that it’s SAFE!!!! They get to meet Cops and Firefighters who dole out the goodies. What FUN!! Or WHAT fun? I miss the good ol’ days….

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    • When you translate 1st Thes 5:22 directly from the Greek, it reads as follows.

      22 ἀπὸ (From) παντὸς (every) εἴδους (form) πονηροῦ (of evil) ἀπέχεσθε (abstain).

      from all appearance of evil abstain

      If this is the word of God, why would anyone participate in Halloween?

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  13. Fellowship of the Minds is #fakenews

    Two people are “offended: and you use the NY Post as a reference. You should be more concerned with 40 yrs of corruption involving Dotard Donnie…beginning with his role as Roy Cohn’s butt-boy.


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