Good business practice: More gun control measures proposed for Illinois


Just another “feel good” proposal that will do absolutely NOTHING to address Chiraq’s gang and gun violence.

From MyFoxChicago: At least two gun control measures could be addressed in the upcoming veto session of the Illinois General Assembly.

The proposed measures come as reaction continues to the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded, The (Springfield) State Journal-Register reported.

The legislation introduced by Rep. Martin Moylan, a Des Plaines Democrat, would ban the sale of assault weapons, large-caliber rifles, bump stocks that allow rapid firing of weapons and large-capacity magazines, which are described in the bill as holding 10 or more rounds of ammunition.

Moylan has previously proposed similar measures, but they haven’t passed the legislature. He thinks circumstances may change since it was discovered that Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, had reserved hotel rooms in Chicago overlooking the Lollapalooza music festival last summer. Paddock didn’t use the rooms.

“I’m passionate about it this time because of the events that happened in Las Vegas,” Moylan said. “Especially since the guy was scoping out a Chicago site, I think this bears a lot of weight on it. I would hope I get a lot of support, both on Republicans and Democrats.”

Rep. Kathleen Willis, a Democrat from Addison, has also proposed a measure. Her proposed bill* would create state licensing of gun dealers in Illinois.

*I tried to find more about this “state licensing” bill yet couldn’t locate anything more than proposed in this story. No doubt it will involve more bureaucratic and prohibitive actions that will do nothing to stop Chiraq’s gang and gun violence.

“This bill is something that has been worked on for 15 years,” Willis said. “I don’t think that it is definitely tied to the Las Vegas shootings. I think this is a good business practice bill.”

She said 16 states already require a state license for gun dealers in addition to a federal license.

Legislators are expected to meet in Springfield for the session starting Oct. 24.


15 responses to “Good business practice: More gun control measures proposed for Illinois

  1. I’d like to hear them explain EXACTLY how these new Bills will stop or reduce gun crimes. What better way to show what idiots Liberal Lawmakers are?

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  2. Since the Las Vegas shooting is mentioned, I would like to ask if anyone else has heard about a woman who claims to have escaped unharmed from the event, but died several days later of natural causes, at the ripe old age of 28?

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  3. Las Vegas is another Tim McVeigh’s conspiracy, nobody really knows, there’s no gambling, drugs involved, a radical individual, it was just a supremacy terrorist attack in the making, it doesn’t end there, Chicago is at the boiling point.

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  4. Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results.

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  5. After Illinois finally gave in (as the last of 50 states) to concealed carry, they made it so expensive and time-consuming most ordinary folks couldn’t afford it.

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  6. Well this is laughable. Just how will banning all these rifles stop the weekly carnarge from Glocs, Specials, Magnums and the others? All hand guns.
    I think the toxic water from Michigan has landed in Chicago.
    And then we have people like Kimmel pushing for this crap while he just hired more armed guards. What hypocrites
    Taking guns from good people will never be a good thing. These are the people that will protect us and scare the evil doers away. Just ask Japan.
    And as much as Hollyweird cries take them, and dam to the NRA, they have yet to find that first shooter as a member. I expect soon, they will be padding the memberships with those looking to do harm.

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