Changing their tune: Clinton Foundation won’t donate Weinstein’s campaign donations

hillary clinton

Did anyone really believe that the Clinton’s would give back money?

From Daily Mail: The Clinton Foundation told it will not return as much as $250,000 in donations from Harvey Weinstein, saying on Sunday the money had already been spent on the organization’s programs and used for charitable purposes.

The foundation’s decision comes as politicians and philanthropic groups grapple with whether to return donations they have received from Weinstein, after numerous women stepped forward this month to accuse the movie mogul of sexual assault, harassment and rape.

Over a dozen Democratic politicians have said they will give back or donate Weinstein’s campaign contributions to charity.

The Clinton Foundation faced questions about Weinstein’s funding after Hillary Clinton said last week she would re-gift his campaign donations to charity.

Weinstein was a major bundler for Clinton, hosting fundraising events with deep-pocketed Hollywood donors, and personally contributed over $35,000 to her 2016 presidential campaign.

A spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation told that the group will not return Weinstein’s donations, which totaled between $100,000 and $250,000. He said Weinstein’s last contribution to the group was in 2014.

The spokesman said the foundation already spent the money on its programs, such as lowering the cost of HIV medication and supporting women and girls in developing countries.

The foundation said it supports commitments to combat human trafficking, and runs the No Ceilings Project ‘which aims to advance the full participation of girls and women around the world’ through ‘data-driven analysis on gender inequality, an in-depth conversation series, innovative partnerships, and CGI commitments.’

The explanation comes after foundation board member Chelsea Clinton ducked questions about Weinstein’s money from a reporter while attending a Clinton Global Initiative University event at Northeastern University in Boston on Saturday. The former first daughter hustled out a side door after the event, evading a reporter as she rushed to her car surrounded by aides and security.

The Clinton Foundation and a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton had previously declined to comment on the Weinstein matter.

Organizations have been divided on whether to return money to Weinstein, who gave to numerous political and philanthropic causes over the years.

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16 responses to “Changing their tune: Clinton Foundation won’t donate Weinstein’s campaign donations

  1. Hillary Clinton: “Charity begins at home.”

    (On a side note, I don’t think I’ll be opening any more FOTF articles. Those damned video ads are too annoying, and they even interfere with scrolling down the comments sections. Thanks, but No Thanks)
    (And yes, I do realize that they provide a revenue stream……)

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    • I don’t get the video ads. You may want to review your apps and settings. If you need help, ask a young computer savvy friend to help you.

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    • Chulai, I could never get signed up with WordPress, so I can’t vote, but the ads I get are still and silent ones.
      But, I love the comments here. The people are so well informed.

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  3. Here we go again -let’s us shout. Crooked Killary will keep,the tainted money from Weinstein’s. Two Jews of a kind!

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  4. When is she going to be indicted???

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  5. The Clintons would steal a baby’s piggy bank if the baby wasn’t looking. They will never return a penny.

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  7. Well, all of us here knew that it was a moot point about her ever giving a dime back. Just another Clinton lie. Anything over 59 cents will stay in the bank. They don’t call it the Clinton Foundation for lack of a reason.They actually give so little of the funds, hard to believe that money had already been earmarked for something. It is simple, take the $250,000 from another account. Maybe Chelsea could give some of it back, afterall she had one heck of a wedding on people’s dime.

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  8. And speaking of Clintons, Weinsteins, sex scandals and money…

    Harvey Weinstein helped pay Bill Clinton’s legal bills during Monica era, Washington Post archive reveals

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  9. “That’s right, we…….., er,……..set Thame aside, that’s it, we SET THEM ASIDE. There they are, right over there”!

    Poppy Bush and Slick Willy make quite a pair. Wormwood and Screwtape. There isn’t an earthquake or tsunami they have milked for every penny they could squeeze from it.

    They even donate their annuities. “To who” you may ask? Why, to the Clinton Foundation, where else? That way they avoid taxes.

    I keep expecting to one day hear the beating of leather wings followed by Hillary exploding in a sulfurous cloud. It makes me smile.

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