Assbakistanis Miscalculate Russian

Three muslims spit on a Russian

They must have mistaken him for a Swedish Pussy Hat type

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The muslims have been provoking violence since A.D. 622. When allowed to gain majority power they have inflicted incalculable harm on innocent people. If only the Swedes, Finns, Danes and Norwegians would call up their viking heritage to deal with these monsters. At least the Russians will stand up and fight.

I know this was gratuitous, but it does one good to see a band of orcs get what’s coming to them. They didn’t know they were spitting on Steve McQueenski.

11 responses to “Assbakistanis Miscalculate Russian

  1. HA!
    the muzzies aren’t used to people fighting back….now if all of the eu had the balls of this guy, there would be no ‘muslim problem’.

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  2. Note to self-DON’T CROSS THAT GUY!!

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  3. Gotta love that toxic masculinity!

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  4. HURRAY!!! They got what they deserved.

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  5. The bear really rocked the sand fleas!

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  6. Yet another reason why I like Putin’s Russia!

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  7. That did my heart good. He opened up a can of whoop ass. Love the testosterone that comes from Russia. We who have pink pussy hat wearers.
    BTW I think the whole Viking story was actually a myth. I see no evidence coming from the Scandanavian countries that it ever existed.

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  8. Dr. E, I don’t feel this was gratuitous in the least…. Western people need to wake the Hell up, and quickly! These uh, “people” mean business, and we need to show them that we mean business too…. Up until very recently, I felt that the only “Western type” countries that showed any will to survive were Russia and some of the former eastern bloc countries, but recently there was about 75,000 Brits that marched against “immigrants.” Obviously the eastern Asian countries keep these “people” in check, but maybe there is a glimmer of hope for us after all…. please keep fighting the good fight! You are doing yeoman’s work indeed!

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  9. This is exactly what every muzzie on the planet needs… at least three times a day, until they get it into their ignorant heads that we aren’t going to knuckle under to their hate. They all need to be driven into the ocean, like lemmings.

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  10. This was the feel-good story of the week!

    There are a lot of people out there who need to be “educated” in EXACTLY that way. They cannot be reasoned with. The ONLY thing they understand is a busted head and a fat lip. THOSE things they might actually learn from.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


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