Hitler learns about Harvey Weinstein


17 responses to “Hitler learns about Harvey Weinstein

  1. Pretty good. These Hitler ones are always pretty amusing,

    but the diet pill video won’t stop.
    Saxenda? Is that a real product? Injectible?
    Can I get it on Medicare B?
    The side effects sound like a death sentence.

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    • FOTM has no say on which ads WordPress places here, but I will email them about that video and ask if something can be done.

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      • I agree the ad for Saxenda is a real bumber . . . the volume come in much higher than anything else. You cannot get the video to stop unless you go to their page, and then back out of it. This means of advertising is not acceptable to a lot of us, They just want to hold us hostage so to speak. I for one would appreciate it if you would contact the powers that be and ask that they turn down the effort to romp and stomp on us. It is not appreciated.

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        • I sent an email to WordPress. This is what I wrote:

          “My readers are complaining about the video ads placed at the bottom (end) of posts, specifically that there is no way to moderate the volume of the sound. I tried to click the “loudspeaker” icon in the lower right of the video: Even when it’s muted (X), the sound continues — loud.

          Readers say the recent spate of video ads, especially the one for a diet pill, are so irritating, they may avoid my blog altogether — which, of course, works contrary to the interests of WordPress.

          Is there something you can do about this?

          Thank you for your attention and assistance”

          I’ll let y’all know when I get a response.

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    • Switch to OPERA browser….has built in ad blocker.

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  2. What is the name of the movie this Hitler clip is from?

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  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    We need to laugh in times of no laughing matter.

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  4. “Maybe Keith Olbermann?”
    HA HA HA HA!

    Seriously, this Hitler spoof video is so true, it isn’t funny (except for the above line). Just view Hitler as a stand in for Satan, and it all makes sense. I believe that the Angelic Army, led by Michael the Archangel, helped to defeat Hillary last November. But that was just the beginning. The battle is ongoing, and we’re seeing the Enemy’s minions — Anthony Weiner, the NFL, Hollywood box office collapse, big Demonrat donor Harvey Weinstein, George Lopez being booed — falling away, one by one.

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  5. It looks like Mark Taylor’s prophecies are coming true. He said that many pedophiles would be exposed and other powerful, wicked people exposed. Here are a couple of videos of Mark Taylor’s prophecies:

    Time is up Prophecy–Mark Taylor

    Donald Trump: A Man Sent by God

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    • Tim, I’m reading Mark’s book and I’ve watched a bunch of his interviews. He really has talked about a lot of the things we are seeing now. I’ve heard him mention, in interviews he did last year, that the main stream media outlets are going to go down. I am so looking forward to that!

      Thank you for mentioning him.

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      • Mary: There is no doubt that the Lord has raised up Mark Taylor for such a time as this. He said that Donald Trump would be President back in 2011. Mark Taylor’s prophecies really bear witness with my spirit. Mark speaks with authority; his words are anointed.

        I believe that THE NEW YORK TIMES and CNN are going to go belly up.

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  6. A refreshing chuckle.

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  7. Great stuff DCG and Dr.E! Love your stuff because most highly intelligent people lack a sense of humor–or at least the ones I have met. On the flip side, most of the people I know with a good sense of humor don’t keep up with political and world events. Nice melding of the two…. keep up the good work !

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