2017 Darwin Award: Woman killed sticking her naked torso out of moving car

The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor, originating in Usenet newsgroup discussions around 1985. The award is conferred on individuals for their contribution to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via stupid behaviors that lead to their death.

Although there are still 2½ months left in 2017, my nominee for the 2017 Darwin Award is a Russian woman named Natalia Borbina.

Natalia Borbina, 37, from Moscow, Russia, and her friend, Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, from Ukraine, were vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

On Oct. 10, 2017, the two women were en route to Punta Cana airport in a red KIA Picanto, with Boirachuk driving, while Borbina rode in the front passenger seat, with her bikini top off.

At around 4:00 p.m., Borbina hoisted herself out of the car window to show off her breasts as her friend recorded her on video.

Almost immediately, her head struck a street sign.

Rushed to a nearby hospital, within hours she died from severe head trauma.

Borbina left behind two young children.

Punta Cana police arrested Boirachuk for driving under the influence of alcohol. (Source)


23 responses to “2017 Darwin Award: Woman killed sticking her naked torso out of moving car

  1. Would this nut job act like this at home in Russia? No they save up this heathen behavior for vacation time in a poor under-developed country! Thank goodness she will no longer be adding to the gene pool.

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  2. How sad.

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  3. I would think that the Darwin Awards are bestowed upon idiots who remove themselves from the gene pool before having offspring (which would continue their hereditary lineage).
    However, if she wasn’t a mother already, I think she would certainly be in contention.
    Now, if some stupid white guy would go to Chicago’s South Side on a Friday or Saturday night, shouting “N****r!” at the top of his lungs, he would be a hands down winner….. before he hit the ground riddled with bullets.

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  4. I guess God took her at the right time.
    The children should not be told the truth which, in my estimation, would be best.

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  5. Wow. Every time I think I have heard it all, some thing like this comes up. Praying for the children.

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  6. I really feel for her children. How sad it is that they will stumble upon this video eventually and see their passed on mother behaving like this. I pray that they grow up ok and in the Lords light.

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  7. Two children motherless for the stupidity of a careless mother, how pitiful!

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  8. So many idiots in the world…Lord help us. I just watched a video where no passerby could spell forty properly or even twelfth, much less name the number of letters in the alphabet or the number of stars on the American flag. God help us but the Government has done a great job of dumbing down Americans to the point of being morons.

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  9. Silly woman paid the price for being stupid…

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  10. The degree of irresponsible behavior from this Mother of two is beyond comprehension. I will pray for her babies.

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  11. Nature has the means to weed out fools.

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  12. Alrighty… “Bad Mom” behavior is bad for a reason.

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  13. like so many people today, she wanted to be in front of the camera for her 5 minutes of fame….sad.
    I applaud her for bringing life into the world, instead of aborting her 2 children (which is the norm in russia). It’s a shame her exhibitionism led to her demise…had she chose modesty instead of the attention-seeking behavior of exhibitionism, she would be alive today and home with her family.

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  14. No pain baby, cause mommy drunk while decapitated…sorry


  15. Sin Kills The Body And Soul.

    Jesus Cleanseth Our Sins.

    Go And Sin No More!

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