Unfunny comedian George Lopez booed off stage for Trump jokes

“The smallest worm will turn being trodden on.”

-William Shakespeare, Henry VI

Call it the worm turning, or the tide changing.

But something has changed.

Mara Siegler reports for Page Six, Oct. 14, 2017, that the rabid leftist so-called comic George Lopez was booed off stage at a gala for juvenile diabetes in Denver last week, over an anti-Donald Trump routine that fell flat with the crowd.

The gala was the Carousel Ball, a fundraiser to benefit the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, where tables sold from from $5,000 to $100,000.

An attendee at the event recounted what happened:

“George [Lopez] was asked nicely to stop making Trump jokes by a man in front row [Maffei] who just donated $250K. But George doesn’t, continues. Gets booed.”

The flap began when Greg Maffei, a Trump supporter who had donated $250,000 to the diabetes cause, asked Lopez to cool it with the anti-Trump jokes.

Note: Greg Maffei, a Republican, is the president and chief executive officer of Liberty Media and the chairman of Live Nation Entertainment, Sirius XM and TripAdvisor. He is the chairman emeritus of Starz and Expedia, as well as the former chief financial officer of Oracle and Microsoft.

Lopez responded to Maffei’s request with a double insult:

“Thank you for changing my opinion on old white men, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about orange men.”

Note: “Old white man” Greg Maffei is 57 years old, only one year older than George Lopez.

Sensing the audience turn, Lopez tried to recover by feigning an apology that contained yet another insult:

“Listen, it’s about the kids . . . I apologize for bringing politics to an event. This is America — it still is. So I apologize to your white privilege.”

Lopez then told a joke about Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico:

“I guess you can get some Mexicans to do it cheaper and they wouldn’t crush the tunnels ­underneath.”

When the audience did not respond well, Lopez insulted the audience, calling them “El Chapo people” — a reference to the Mexican drug kingpin who has used tunnels to evade authorities.

Lopez then announced a video segment, but he did not return to the stage, and a local newscaster took over the hosting duties.

TV host Chris Parente posted on Twitter:

“big controversy: host of HUGE charity #CarouselBall, @georgelopez, makes political comments about Trump, drops f-bomb and is escorted out.”

Why the charity ball invited George Lopez to perform in the first place is baffling because I had never found him to be funny.


38 responses to “Unfunny comedian George Lopez booed off stage for Trump jokes

  1. I am SO EFFING TIRED of hearing about the myth of white privilege. Get a new line already.

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    • White privilege is having ancestors who wanted their progeny to have a better life than they did. To this end we created they greatest nation the world has ever known.

      Let them have their jealousy and bitterness, we on the other hand will continue the true American dream.

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    • white privilege is no myth….


      • Well George I’ll tell you about white privilege.

        My mother stayed at home to raise her children but earned money taking in sewing, often working late into the night. When we were older she worked as a nurse.

        And tell my old man who worked two jobs to make sure that his children could go to college had some special rights. That privilege is called dedication, sacrifice, and hard work.

        Its the kind of values that just don’t occur in some social circles.

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      • How did that white privilege work our for the loser Clinton? She blamed Comey, Obama, Biden, Sanders, Farage, Putin, woman voters, etc., for her losing.

        When the smartest womyn can’t even win with her white privilege, the myth is exposed for what it truly is (and what sells books): victimhood.

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        • Clinton isn’t the smartest she is highly conniving. People saw her for what she is that’s why she didn’t win…..
          White Privilege on the other hand is another matter. Nay, I don’t think I’ll open that door right now if you don’t know how the minority was oppressed and had to politically fight for the freedoms that whites were already enjoying..


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  3. Exactly, how did they expect Ole Jorge to act? He wasn’t funny even when he was considered funny, about a cultural lifetime ago.

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  4. This guy’s whole schtick is racist. He had a TV show once where they had a token white woman that all the Mexicans called dirty names. They thought that was “funny”.

    If he doesn’t like its here, what’s he doing here? Whoever organized this event must have their head up their derrière. He’d do better at a “La Raza” meeting.

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    • Good question, what’s he doing here? Like many of the Hollyweird hypocrites, Lopez said he would leave the country if Trump was elected.

      Like the other celebrity liars, he remains. And he is still a bigot.

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  5. Who is the nitwit that hired him? This guy was always an angry moron. I think his last funny line was back in his twenties. Wasn’t he the one that said (in his broken Engish type banter), “I bean to Chihuahua. Ain’t no damned dogs dere!”? That was the height of his comedy.

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  6. People don’t understand that Trump has supporters as far as the show is concerned Lopez should know his audience

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  7. What do you expect from a guy that took a kidney from his wife and then divorced her?
    He is a jerk and always has been. He is neither funny nor entertaining.
    Mexican jokes are only funny if he tells them. And he used to.
    He is bitter and ugly inside and out.

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  8. Freddy Prinze was ten times the Comic Lopez is.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Have to wonder…..Is he even legal?

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    • George Lopez was born in Los Angeles, of Mestizo Mexican migrant workers who deserted him when he was 2 months old (father) and 10 years old (mother). Lopez was raised by his maternal grandmother and step grandfather.


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      • Kevin J Lankford

        So, then, apparently he is an illegal,…Not a U.S. citizen.


        • If you think George is a Dreamer, not so. Dreamers are those who came to the U.S. illegally when they were minors, with their illegal parents. While his parents probably were illegal aliens, George is a U.S. citizen because he was born in Los Angeles.

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          • Kevin J Lankford

            A child is what the parents are. If his parents were here illegally then he also is illegal. Birth place alone does not confer citizenship (so called ‘anchor baby’ crap). That comes from the intentional misrepresentation of what the 14th amendment confirms.


            • You’re equating what should be with what is. Your opinion doesn’t change current laws.

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              • Kevin J Lankford

                Not to be argumentative; but, my opinion is verifiable based on the congressional debates during the ratification of the 14th amendment. The introductory phrase was merely a statement of what was already accepted; that citizens came from those born in the U.S. ‘and’ under its jurisdiction, referring to the country presiding over the origin of citizenship (which unquestionably originates with the parent), or those who have actually been “naturalized” through legal process. The 14th amendment conferred no other citizenship but to the then freed slaves and their progeny.

                To my knowledge there has never been an actual law that grants birthright citizenship. Birthright citizenship is a lie and myth, and any law claiming other wise is an abridgement of the 14th amendment.


                • 8 U.S. Code § 1401:

                  “The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:
                  (a) a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof;”



                  • Kevin J Lankford

                    Only a repeat of the 14th amendment. If it was meant to confer citizenship by birth alone, “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” would be redundant. It is clearly acknowledged with in the congressional debates at the time that “under the jurisdiction thereof” references the country to which possess the right of citizenship, which can not be relinquished by the simple transgression of borders.

                    The confusion, which is now intentional, stems from equating the jurisdiction of one citizenship with being subject to the law of the land one has trespassed.

                    To me this is clear and indisputable. (no insult intended)


                    • Actually, that’s a well reasoned argument. Otherwise, a British Subject, for example, who came to the US, and birthed a child here, that child would have “dual citizenship”. It doesn’t seem likely that it was the intent of the authors to have that happen.

                      On the other hand, I have seen this situation with Canadian citizens who are allowed to “declare” their choice of citizenship at adulthood. How that came to be is a mystery to me.

                      Either way it seems obvious that the intent was not to supersede the “natural” citizenship of the parents. Another way to look at this might be to realize that the child is not an adult. The “child” gets its citizenship from its parents. A country cannot intervene and declare his birthright ineffective.


      • I guess that’s a big part of the reason he is angry. No reason to take it out on white people.

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  10. Deport Lopez with his illegal friends.


  11. George Lopez is a damaged individual from the barrio who has no business criticizing anyone’s age or appearance.

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  12. Some people are so brainwashed by the msm (and too daft to question anything they are told) that they seem to think everyone hates Trump and that it’s OK to bash him. Not even stopping for a moment to realize that he was voted in by over half of the country. Foolish.

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  13. I’ve never paid the slightest bit of attention to George Lopez, other than a few times where I saw him briefly interviewed and instantly recognized that — like so many others in the “Entertainment” industry — he had somehow “magically” managed to fashion a career while being plagued with NDT (No Discernible Talent).

    My Brother used to say, years ago, that Lopez stole most of his joke ideas from African-American culture, and didn’t seen to have anything original going for him at all.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  14. Poke face Low life Greasy looking bastard eh? Yuk!

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  15. Why didn’t he move out of the country like he said he would? Can we Crowdfund his bus fare?

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