Jimmy Kimmel to woman: Put your mouth to what’s in my pants

Over the past month, ABC late-night TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has forcefully spoken out on the need for gun control and against President Trump’s efforts to reform/repeal Obamacare.

The Daily Beast points out that Kimmel, however, was noticeably silent on Harvey Weinstein’s sexual molestation and rape of women. Although the New York Times‘ Weinstein exposé was published on Oct. 5, Kimmel and his late-night counterparts Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and James Corden did not cover it until four days later on Oct. 9.

Kimmel defended himself on Good Morning America, saying that “the Harvey Weinstein thing, people like this false equivalence of that’s somehow equivalent to what happened in Las Vegas,” arguing that Weinstein’s alleged assault of dozens of women does not deserve the same attention as the killing of nearly 60 people in Las Vegas. In so doing, Kimmel presented a false either/or choice, because there’s no reason why Kimmel couldn’t have spoken out on both Weinstein and Las Vegas.

Kimmel then said that Weinstein is “not a friend of mine” because “I’m not in the movie business,” which is absurd on its face because of Kimmel’s hosting of the Academy Awards and his friendship with many of the movie stars in Weinstein’s orbit.

The video below of a so-called “comedy sketch” explains Kimmel’s reticence on the subject of Harvey Weinstein.


Kimmel to woman: “I’ve stuffed something in my pants, and you’re allowed to feel around on the outside of the pants. You have 10 seconds to then guess what is in my pants.”

The woman bends down to feel Kimmel’s crotch.

Kimmel: “You should use two hands, two hands.”

To another woman squatting down and groping his crotch: “Maybe it would be easier if you put your mouth on it.”

Later, Kimmel reveals what was in his pants — a zucchini with a rubber band around the top, to simulate a penis.

This is what passes as comedy in America today. What a commentary on “feminism” that there are women so desperate to be on TV that they willingly degrade themselves — and right in the open, on a public street.


25 responses to “Jimmy Kimmel to woman: Put your mouth to what’s in my pants

  1. She probably would have been better off using a magnifying glass and tweezers . As for his comment about the mouth , she should have said , ” No thanks , I have my own toothpick ! “

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  2. Just goes to prove all these leftist toadies are perverts at heart who believe they can get away with anything. Disgusting bunch, and yes, they really are mental.

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  3. “What a commentary on “feminism” that there are women so desperate to be on TV that they willingly degrade themselves.”
    ….continually and consistently….that is the mindset….20 minutes of fame and hopefully, a sugar daddy, at all cost.

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  4. Not surprise at all these happenings, all of these young women are looking for exposure, they wanna be noticed so they can land somewhere in tv land, do we see any decent gals on these takes? These takes will follow them but……” I was young and naive and wanted to have some fun, I deserve a second chance!”.

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    • I honestly don’t even think it is so much about the exposure aspect. I mean, sure, they get on tv for a minute acting like a bimbo… But if you all see people the way I see people regularly, then you see people have zero moral compass. Neither publicly nor privately. People will do just about ANYTHING and anywhere, regardless who sees. Especially these “millennials”, the have no self respect nor dignity. My goodness, I see these girls all the time with hickies and they don’t even try to cover them up. It isn’t just the women either.
      But the main point is the massive hypocracy. These liberals absolutely don’t tolerate trump for a statement he made 20 yrs ago about grabbing women’s vaginas (but didn’t act on it), but have been completely tolerant (and complicit, even?) in everything hollyweird.
      Yeah, the first amendment guarantees all US citizens the right to free speech, without question. We are also guaranteed to have what ever thoughts and beliefs we want. But considering how liberalism stems from Marxist socialism, and those who push these concepts are against every founding principle this country is based on (especially in religious sense), I consider it a valid concept for these people to be charged for insurrection, sedition, or what ever else fits as a crime against this country and its’ citizens.

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  5. This, of course, is Kimmel’s background for being there:

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  6. If he “knew” (in the Biblical sense) Sarah Silverman its a wonder he has a “member” left.

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  7. But…but….but, I thought he was a paragon of virtue. I mean, he wants us all to have good ‘health’ care. And he doesn’t want anyone to be able to ‘just say no’ to subsidizing it for others. But, thinks it’s a-ok to penalize people who just don’t want to enter into a contract with an insurance company. Those are the kinds of people we simply don’t want in this country.

    In fact, he’s the first person I think of as a real man, a real mensch, so to speak. /sarc & barf

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    • Yes, that’s because Freedom is the enemy of Communism. If we “allow” some schmuck to refuse to subsidize a poor insurance company the next thing you know they’ll insist on their right to insult a swisher.

      It’s always better to let the Central Committee make these decisions for us.

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  8. I understand Kimmel being more concerned about the shooting in Vegas, because that’s where his family’s from. He grew up there. Which is likely why he has no moral compass.
    But what I don’t understand is why he’s made such a big deal of why we NEED Obamacare, because without it, his “…son would have died from medical complications following birth”. BUT, Kimmel’s a multi-millionaire, and could likely BUY a hospital to fix his son if he wanted to, rather than rely on the goodness (and forced premium payments) of others to buy medical insurance coverage for him.
    So knowing he can afford coverage himself, why does anybody give any credence to anything he says about why Obamacare is necessary because without it his son would have died? It’s simply not true. Not in his case.

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  9. women collude and are willing participants; if men don’t seize the opportunity women will force themselves on men.


  10. He should put his mouth back in his pants. Letterman opened the floodgate for this late night filth.

    Jimmy Kimmel: that’s the dry food I feed the cats.

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  11. Just locker room talk. (Sarc. of course. Will Jimmy Kimmel go the way of Billy Bush?)


  12. And this is actually funny and you’re dumb shit with no understanding or sense of humor.


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