What Michelle Obama said when she left the White House: “We’re free!”


Girl bye…

That’s pretty much what I said, too.

From Daily Mail: When former President Barack Obama finished his term in the White House last January, his wife and First Lady, Michelle, exclaimed ‘We’re free’, according to Richard Branson’s new autobiography.

The former US leaders traveled down to the billionaire Virgin executive’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands shortly after Obama handed the White House over to President Donald Trump.

Upon greeting Branson on the Caribbean island, Michelle Obama told him, ‘We’re free’, and told his staff to call her and her husband by their first names rather than their formal titles.

‘It’s so nice to have my name back after eight years’, Branson recalled Michelle Obama saying in his new book, Finding My Virginity, which also mentions his other famous friends including Bill Gates and the late Nelson Mandela.

Branson said that at the end of their ten-day trip, the Obamas treated his staff to a thank you party. They were ‘dancing with us, getting the party going, making everybody feel at home and welcome’, Branson wrote in the book.

The vacation also marked Obama’s return to his love of watersports, activities he couldn’t participate in while he served as president. He learned how to kite surf while on the island and challenged Branson to see who could stay up the longest. The president won the challenge.

Michelle Obama spoke out about what life was like in the white house during a tech conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, last month. ‘It’s like being shot out of a cannon while drinking from a fire hydrant blind,’ she explained as she told of how she got used to her new way of living. ‘You have to tell The White House what kind of toilet paper you like. You don’t know where your forks are.’

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29 responses to “What Michelle Obama said when she left the White House: “We’re free!”

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Yeah, that works two ways, America is now free from the tyrant, Obama..


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  2. I had never agreed with the First Tranny until now: the feeling is mutual.

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  3. That’s what America said when these welfare leeches left the WH. May they get what they deserve in the beyond.

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  4. Why were’nt they sent to (what’s it’s names) Texas Ranch for a week-end frolic – where the Good Judge was done-in within day’na’half..??


  5. Hello y’all, life is good!

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  6. To have those two sexually and morally deviant men out of the White House is a start. I pray President Trump can stay alive and in office long enough to rid our government, corporations, hollywood and our country of the pedophiles, human sex and slave traffickers, satanists, muslim terrorists and all those practicing all modes of perverted deviancies.

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    • D.T.’s just getting started. He’s got the lib’s eating their own. He’s starting to pit the rino’s against each other. After he’s got ’em both going good he’s gonna tie their tails together and throw ’em over the clothesline.
      And he may not be through with hillary, lynch, comey, and a few others.
      He’s just got more important things to do.
      Drain The Swamp.

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  7. Now, now, Michael Obongo, shame on you, after all you have accomplished you have not freed yourself from the shackles! From mediocre status to First Lady, sporting a new do, rubbing elbows with the “liberal elite”, high roller, world traveler, and so much more. C’mon, are you that stupid not to realize that all that is because YOU ARE FREE, otherwise you’d be doing dishes at the White House.

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  8. The only problem to this scenario is . . . . . she and Obummer have hunkered down in DC, so that they can do everything possible to destabilize President Trump’s Presidency. This is just not the way an honorable ex-President acts. But then, we will never see much honor coming from either of these two. I certainly do hope that their hanging around DC to inflict pain on Trump and his family will be a short lived project. I thought we would be rid of him for good.

    I certainly do hope that the legislation of cutting ex-President’s pensions passes and is signed into law. If it were they would get $200,000, and if they made 400,000 from outside deals, there would be a takeaway from their base of $200,000 of one on one (monies over $400,000 the treasury would start deducting from the base, for every dollar in excess which was earned, one dollar would be deducted. I say it’s about time that the bleeding of the American people is stopped. Let President’s provide for their own retirement.

    As far as Moochelle making the comment that “you have to tell the White House which kind of toilet tissue you prefer!” Any person of real wealth is acquainted with “handling of servants” and should not come as any big deal; but when you are from the hood–Southside of Chicago, you probably are not acquainted with this degree of etiquette. It would just be business as usual to express your personal preferences regarding any number of things.

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  9. When you elect someone who’s only experience is a term as a senator, you are getting someone who really has no clue on how to act at a state dinner, or how to react when you have a staff to deal with. That Obama and his spouse, I can’t decide whether to say wife or not, were glad to be out of the spotlight, is not surprising. These are the two who didn’t even know how to put together a team to keep people out of their early administration’s parties, having a husband and wife sneak in without an invitation.

    All administrations experiences growing pains, but not like the Obama's.  They were the not ready for prime time players.  Say what you will, but at least the Trump administration has some class.

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    • Well Pigpen, to be fair, he had a lot of experience as a beach hustler, nose powderer and community organizer. I’m sure they used to encourage “new talent” to show up to their events.

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  10. never thought I’d agree with him

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  11. I have no pity for grifting, hideous trannies from the ghetto.
    This simian conveniently forgets its lifestyle was free of cost courtesy of American taxpayers.

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  12. It’s too bad the First Tranny (lol @ that!) & former President Homo were not at Branson’s Necker Island when Hurricane Irma hit. There were photos of Branson’s building being flooded. Then we could have seen how much Obama really liked “water sports.”


    I only saw these today but about 10 days ago Malik Obama, Barack’s real brother, was tweeting disjointed misc. one-liners which included these two:


  13. ROTFLMAO, oh dear, after seeing several of her free willy videos. She is free in many ways. But none are happier than we, the people.
    As for the autobiography of Branson, what a load….what butt kissing.
    And lying about BO not being able to do his water sports is a fat lie. He enjoyed his body surfing and other sports when in Hawaii.

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  14. Was there any video of the door hitting them on the way out?

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  15. The Black Communist Barack O Bama got the Affordable Health Care bill passed , a long time Communist goal and something the Communist witch Hillary Clinton failed to achieve when her husband was President.
    Also the White race hating Communist President’s daughter should be happy to go to Harvard as a student and fell quite at home there beings Harvard is now over 50 per cent minority population. She ‘ll be among her own kind.
    And these Black Communist scum should be happy to be free of the White House , it’s responsibilities as President because now they can live the rest of their lives off the efforts of the American people and not work another day, the rest of their lives like the rest of the Americans they despise.
    And also if it is applicable to future Presidents, George Bush passed a law , when he was President giving future Presidents lifetime Secret Service protection, so the Black Communist scum can have his life protected until he dies.
    And for all the evil these Presidential scum do around the world as President, they need lifetime protection.
    It’s funny that Blacks who have White blood in them are the most envious and bitter against the White race.
    All one has to do is to closely watch television and see the Black women whiten their looks, straighten their hair , and try to be like White women.
    Wendy Williams is a good example sitting on her throne addressing her subjects who attend her shows and listen to her pretentious game of equality and superiority.
    The Blacks in this country are not deprived. They are spoiled like spoiled kids or brats. Those traitorous One Worlders behind the scenes are working hard to take the control .and leadership of this world from the Whites. They did it in South Africa and Rhodesia . And after all these years of Black control of South Africa, the Black President of South Africa still bitches of racism. Without racism. the Blacks couldn’t justify that they are a spiritually , morally and intellectually degraded race. And so they use and need to use racism to make the White hang their head in shame in fear to criticize the degraded Black race they are. They need to convince the White race they are equal and they have the Jews using their control and power in media and government to achieve it for them.
    That’s why the Jews and their control of the media are filling as many slots as possible with Blacks , Jews and other minority’s in television, radio, sports, news weather, talk and nighty talk shows . game shows. entertainment etc. etc. etc. And the Jews are pairing as many White women as possible in television positions with Black men.
    Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights march of the 1960’s didn’t mongrelize the White women with Black men so their encouraging them to infiltrate our county with savage Blacks and Arabs from Africa.
    If you really want to see how the Jews are degrading White women with Black men, go to the pornography sites.
    Lindsey Lohan should defend Weinstein. Her pictures are on the pornography sites as well as other s like her who young girls who listen and watch these stars idolize .


  16. In a sense they are free I gather every President who left the White House felt the same way


  17. Kevin J Lankford

    I thought that was what the truly ignorant (like her, and him) want us to believe the ‘war of northern aggression’ was all about.

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