20 responses to “Sexgate comes to Amazon

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    All of these men who have been casting dispersions against our President are now in the hot seat themselves. As I always say – EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY.


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  2. And Roy Price looks like a fag which is probably wanted to humiliate Miss

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  3. Good for Rose for publicly calling out folks!

    Now it’s Corey Feldman’s turn. Time to really burn Hollyweird. Biggest bunch of hypocrites on the planet!

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    So many have so much to tell; may be it will all spill out, exposing the perversions of our political elite. Politicians and celebs have So much in common.

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  5. Captain Obvoius

    How can this be shocking to anyone? Men have been using their positions of power for centuries to have sex.

    Kings, pharaohs, even Ghandi was enjoying girls and pretending to be pious.

    I’ve worked in construction businesses. The men are constantly trying to get the women to think, talk and engage in sex at every turn. It’s the nature of men. The sooner young women figure this out, the safer the world will be.
    Sadly, they keep believing the drivel sent out by Hollyweird, that every man has good and decent intentions.

    So sick of the narrative…..

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    • Your tone of smug superiority is baffling. The point I made in my post is exactly the opposite: No one is shocked because everyone in Hollywood and the media had known about Weinstein for years, decades. What needs to be explained is why the NYT finally decided to write about it and, in so doing, gave “permission” to others to pile on.

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  6. Bezos cares… when it gets public.

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  7. Forget nuking Iran. Nuke Hollywood!

    Some think the Weinstein outing is a diversion re either/or:

    –Las Vegas shooting which has taken a back seat in the news (LV itself was supposedly a distraction from Puerto Rico hurricane “starvation” news);

    –A diversion from Hollywood’s worse crimes against child actors (vs. adult women);

    –A “delay tactic” to stall the exposure of PedoGate, & Hollywood pedophiles.


    –It was simply a family affair > Weinstein’s brother wanted total control of the company so outed his “horny” brother.

    –Weinstein knows something re Las Vegas shooting so they discredit him in advance of possible squealing.

    (ConservativeTreehouse blog says in today’s LVMPD presser, Lombardo was on verge of cracking up emotionally. Who is on his back? They are also referring to FBI as FIB, lol!)

    All sorts of crazy news these days & excellent that McGowan has pointed the finger at Amazon “mogul,” Bezos!

    Vanity Fair has a headline re “Jack Dorsey’s Week from Hell” which includes re twitter shutting down McGowan’s entire twitter account because twitter technology has no way to simply delete ONE tweet from anyone’s feed! How weird is that?


  8. GEORGE CLOONEY has been accused of being a hypocrite (re Weinstein) because he himself aided & abetted the blacklisting of this former ER actress who says she spoke out about sexual harassment years ago:

    Some of the replies are interesting.

    I’d love to see the arrogance wiped from Clooney’s face.

    Jane Fonda, like Hillary, has also played dumb re Weinstein.

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  9. I’ll just leave this here, regarding bezos & others: http://cryptome.org/spy/spy-dox.htm

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  10. Here’s my $0.02:

    I am not condoning any such alleged sexual misconduct. But I think we risk being taken for a ride if we automatically believe every woman who alleges she was sexually harassed or worse by a man, especially when the incident is made public YEARS after it allegedly occurred. They simply aren’t all true.

    My ex-wife told her friends & family that I cheated on her when I left her. Not true; it’s been 18y and I still haven’t. Yet she was having dalliances with other men while we were waiting for the divorce to be finalized (if not while we were still together), and she re-married 3 months after our divorce…

    I was also admonished, while teaching, by my dept. chair and dean for allegations made against me by students (although I don’t believe any were for anything of a sexual nature). As professors, we weren’t even told the accusation, let alone allowed to answer it. We were just told we were under the microscope. They also refused to release my personnel file to me even after I quit so I could then see what claims had been made. I believe most were in regard to my refusing to cow-tow to things like evolution when they came up in class. I simply provided scientific evidence to the contrary…

    There are ulterior motives at work in many cases; some based on the woman herself, others based on others trying to influence her in order to get at the man being accused. In all cases, the men must be given their right to due process — a right to answer for themselves in court or otherwise, and an opportunity afforded to clear their name and reputation, then to seek defamatory charges if proven innocent, to reduce the chance such lynch-mob mentality takes over again, simply because the alleged crime is so abhorrent and the victim so helpless.

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    • True, but we aren’t talking about ordinary people. We are talking about sociopathic people. That’s a different animal entirely. Hollywood has been used for years to brainwash the masses for the Elite, and those actors and actresses are pawns and tools and are probably a good amount of them, mk ultra brainwashed slaves. Look up the Laurel Canyon project, there is an underground studio there and it is said to be more complex than Hollywood proper. Also look up the Disney pedophilia stuff, every one of the Disney children you can guarantee have been mk ultra brainwashed and programmed, and we can see what their programming does to them when they grow up. Miley Cyrus may not be acting on her own will. If she had her personality fractured by torture, her handler use key words to move her into and out of her compartmentalized personalities. She’s a slave.
      Look into the Hollywood freaky dinners put on by Marina Abramovic with the life sized naked cakes she makes and the people’s heads through the tables. That’s what they got pictures out of. No telling about behind the scenes.


    • That is a most incredible thing to consider: the daughter of famed feminist rights attorney, Gloria Allred — her own DAUGHTER, also an attorney, and yet representing Weinstein, a man accused of sexual harassment and abuse of women trying to obtain work under his tutelage — and even offering a settlement, a bribe to one of the accusers to keep her quiet?!?
      Is nothing sacred? Please tell me, what would Gloria Steinem say? What would Ms. Bloom’s mother say? It’s just almost too bizarre to believe.


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