Friday Funnies!

H/t maziel and John Molloy


15 responses to “Friday Funnies!

  1. Hadenoughalready

    All great and some even better!

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  2. Awesome. So creative and on point.

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  3. Excellent! Thanks for the laugh, and the food for thought.

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  4. Please tell me if you have heard from Timothy Hunter? I’ve been doing some research and read his info on his site that has not been updated in a while.

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  5. Made my afternoon. Thanks.

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  6. The graphic on Comey and his inability to infer “intent” on the part of Madame Secy Clinton, brings to mind the constant mantra being pushed by media regarding Stephen Paddock’s “intent”. As Tucker Carlson said last night, “Id’ settle for some fact”.

    I’d settle for some facts that actually make sense and jive with reality. This whole thing is a psychological operation. (Keeping aside whether people died or how many died, how many were wounded because all that is distraction.)

    Bill Still gives a pretty good outline of what we DON’T yet know nearly 2 weeks post incident. (Of course, Mr. Still claims he doesn’t have the time or the resources to follow up on his own questions, which I find a bit difficult to believe.) And no congressional investigation—not that it would ultimately matter.

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  7. They’d be funnier if they weren’t true 😦

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  8. The one that says, “my ancestors…”

    WANTED to learn English and fit in!

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  9. Dr. E-You were REALLY on your game today!!! Excellent stuff!

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  10. I like the first funny picture the most, the coffee cup. It matches my feelings in the morning.

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    Friday funnies.



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