Baby-butcher supporter Kristen Bell shilling for Houzz

kristen bell

Last month I told you how Planned Parenthood supporter Kristen Bell was a spokeswomyn for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. From my post: Libtard actress Kristen Bell is a big supporter of baby butchers Planned Parenthood. She is also very vocal about her disdain for President Trump. Bell is also a rabid anti-gunner.

She and her husband have also pushed products for Samsung.

Now the baby-butcher supporter is shilling for Houzz.

Houzz, according to Wikipedia, is a website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. The Houzz platform and mobile apps feature photos, articles, product recommendations, and a user forum. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Palo Alto, California.

Remember this the next time you desire to purchase home goods. You have plenty of other options besides a company that allows a rabid proggie to represent them.


7 responses to “Baby-butcher supporter Kristen Bell shilling for Houzz

  1. I guess she will sell her soul for a discount of goods to use for redoing a family member’s house. Like she needs it.
    You would think being a mother of little ones, she would have some kind of compassion of all the late term abortions. It is mind numbing.
    I guess PP being a money laundering group makes no difference to her since the money is taken from tax payers, then turned around and given to the Democratic Party. She would probably have a hissy fit it that money went to the Republicans.
    Several years ago, I enjoyed watching her, then she opened her sassy mouth and shot herself in the foot.
    One does wonder if she has armed guards while working.

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  2. Tell Houzz that you won’t be using their (buying & selling & design) services ENTIRELY because they choose to use Kristen Bell — out of a universe of thousands of actresses — to advertise for them.

    PH: 1-800-368-4268 (Mon-Fri, 5am-7pm PT).

    This is the message I sent them (feel free to use as your own):

    “I want Houzz to know that because you chose Kristen Bell — out of a universe of thousands of actresses — to advertise for and represent Houzz, I will NEVER EVER patronize Houzz, as a buyer, as a seller, as a designer, or in any way.”

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  3. On a slightly different subject,I notice the ads at the bottom of the stories are VERY LOUD,and the mute tabs don’t work. to stop the sound I have to hit the mute button at the tab clear up at the top,if I can catch it-it appears and disappears as the ad runs.
    Don’t know if there’s anything you can do about it or if it’s the advertiser’s problem,but I thought it might be worth mentioning. Those LOUD ads annoy me and scare the s**t outta my cats.

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    • truck,

      I suggest that BEFORE you click on a post, lower the volume in your computer, not the video. There should be an icon for sound in the bottom right of your computer screen. When you click that, it’ll allow you to adjust the volume.

      I will contact WordPress and ask why the mute button in the videos doesn’t work.

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  4. Thank you;they don’t always play audio,but when they decide to work,they’re MUCH louder than anything else I listen to. (Dick Morris podcasts,brief newscasts,etc. Makes me wonder why I can’t get THAT volume level on stuff I WANT to hear….)

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