Twitter Sides With The Perverters

Read the Breitbart story here.

Elite puppeteers scramble to control the narrative

Like most people, I use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to enable communication. Facebook works for me to reconnect with friends and family and increase my sphere of influence. It has also helped me sell my artwork. And I use Twitter to enable announcements of certain kinds, LinkedIn to expand and strengthen my professional influence, and of course I use Google for a myriad 0f purposes.

These apps have grown to become seemingly indispensable. They’re cute and friendly and free of charge. What would we do without all the free Youtube do-it-yourself tutorials for home repair and such?

But increasingly the mask is removed, and we see another side of these cute, friendly, Pokemon-like characters. We see social media allowing islamists and violent revolutionaries to plan their evil deeds without any hinderance. And now we see Twitter trying to silence a brave Hollywood whistle blower.

Oh yes, did I mention the fact that these apps are free?

17 responses to “Twitter Sides With The Perverters

  1. Twitter, Google, Facebook… it’s all about one principle, power– left/liberal folk have no other.

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  2. If you’re using Twitter, switch to the new Gab, founded by “deplorables”:

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  3. I had never heard of Rose McGowen until this morning.
    Now that I’ve seen a picture of her, I realize, I still don’t know who she is and I’m pretty certain I don’t care.
    Hollywood is probably the biggest cesspit on the continent and actors spend so much of their time pretending to be someone else, they have no idea who they really are. Which makes them the perfect puppets.
    Which leads me to my next question.
    Is all this really Live, or is it just Memorex?


  4. I was hitchhiking in Idaho a few years ago and this Christian lady picked me up. She used to live in Bakersfield, California. She wrote a book about this pedophile ring in Bakersfield. A local newspaper ran several articles on her book. The Bakersfield pedophile ring were wealthy, powerful individuals. Within one year the newspaper went belly-up and that Christian lady moved to Idaho.

    There is definitely a price to pay for taking on wicked, powerful people. But they need to be exposed for the world to see who they really are. The Lord will always give us strength in our trials and tribulations.

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  5. Jack Dorsey, CEO of twitter, is an obient tool for the left.

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  6. McGowan back on twitter and dropping names. From Twitchy: ‘IT’S ON’! Rose McGowan calls out Jeff Bezos, Amazon for enabling Harvey Weinstein

    Popcorn time!!

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    • You bring the popcorn, we’ll bring the lemonade. It’s showtime.

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    • Remember when Amazon defended that pedophile & child molester e-book (“a pedophiles guide to love and pleasure”) and only took it down after heat was applied? (despite retaining other items as bad, even now, under the cover of “art” or other pretentious satanist jargon utilized to promote such filth.) One wonders if Bezos was involved in that, well moreso than is obvious, anyway.

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      • Good point! Forgot about that …

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        • DCG, after posting that, I thought I would do some checking around, and consequently, found this, from this year even:
          Apparently Amazon corp. makes a hobby out of promoting pedophilia? Not that such things are hard to find either, key phrases like “naturist” will get material containing naked kids, on say amazon. Also of note, “Bacour’s” comment on that article is the usual sort lacking understanding, they don’t do crimes with the doll and then “that’s good enough”, if that were the case you wouldn’t find pedophiles with thousands of images, videos, etc. on their computers, one image or video would be “enough”.
          The truth is that it encourages the illness, and makes the desire seem even more palatable, reinforcing the wrongly-wired attraction by rewarding it with what results from the brain’s pleasure centers, making it even more ingrained. A sort of self-brainwashing/conditioning, so to speak, which is done on the regular by the “normal” citizenry through porn and such (I’ve seen some study done on this, not a formal one, that indicated that even things done in “normal” porn encourage formation of pedophilic attraction by playing off certain physiological cues to make minors sexually appealing, at least two stories of parents were cited that began to see their own kids as “on the menu”.) which helps spread and ingrain problems related to such, be it infidelity, fornication, rape, etc. There is also the plain fact that “there is no supplement for reality”, if a person gets that sick, they will want an actual child, and no “doll” will do.

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  7. I am glad a few are finally bringing this to light. Now if the others could get their priorities straight.
    If Twitter is remaining silent after all their other censoring, they deserve to fail.

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  8. Can’t say this is surprising Traildust, after all, the corporations have been openly demonstrating that they push for the vileness, even pedophilia… “twitter” has been in a non-publicized battle against Anonymous’ efforts to expose pedophiles using the “service” for example, and I don’t mean petty smear campaigns by wanna-be hackers or stuff that isn’t investigated (Which is probably what “twitter” corp intends to use as their excuse for their behavior.) I mean actual evidence based exposure.

    Remember how facebook seems to openly protect and shelter peodphilia, by lack of action, whereas if something on there is copyright flagged it’ll get axed in a day or less (Kinda like how profiles for “shooters” implicated in “terrorist incidents” get shut down the same day or less.) Its still a problem to this day even, for anyone presumign this is old news:
    Unfortunately, that article writer’s solution can’t work, as he’s working on the premise that the whole drive of corporations is money, and I have good reason to believe it isn’t actually the core goal, this is because these corporations by and large are run by people who are so committed to evil, that they are willing to do so at any cost, monetary or otherwise, and this is something many in the “conspiracy”/research community seem to not yet understand.

    For example, Hollywood probably won’t care about the budget hit they’ve taken from releasing the thinly veiled propagandistic dreck they’ve been pumping out, because they’re serving a “lower cause” by doing so, and because the banksters who payroll them anyway will just “bail” them out… they might pretend to care for a bit, thereby luring people back with a promise of better behavior and productions, saying they’ve “learned their lesson” and things might be briefly better, before they drop straight back into the cesspool, and then take a dive for an even deeper pit therein, having exposed another bunch of people to stuff even worse than before, by baiting and then switching back… see how that works?

    Suffice it to say, there are people as committed to doing evil as there are people committed to doing good, and sadly these evil-committed people have tricked, deceived, inveigled, and brutalized their way into the seats of command in corporations, govt. and even community organizations, and churches, using them to further the ends of the devil, wherever and however they can.

    Best way to oppose that is to take actions against them, not just prayer, but also physical action, such as denying them venues, and other legal means to prevent their spread, and other tactics they utilize to promote their filth.

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  9. Twitter is for the twitty, twittering masses.

    Is it just me, or does Jeff Bezos look like a goblin?


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