This is what the sonic attack on Americans in Cuba sounds like

This August, I did a post on U.S. embassy workers in Havana, Cuba, getting brain injuries from mysterious sonic attacks — hearing loss, nausea, headaches, fatigue, and balance disorders. See “U.S. diplomats in Cuba have brain injuries from sonic attacks“.

The AP obtained a recording of what some embassy workers heard in Havana as they were attacked by what investigators initially believed was a sonic weapon. Below is a video showing that the sonic attack sounds like very high-pitched metallic crickets.

President Trump is convinced the Cuban government is behind the attacks. But FBI and Cuban investigators are stumped because they didn’t find any devices or anything suspicious on surveillance tape. Cuban authorities have been cooperative and speculate the attacks may come from a third party.

On September 29, 2017, in an official response against Cuba’s “targeted attack,” the United States pulled all essential diplomatic staff from Cuba and advised Americans against going to the country. The Trump administration, however, has not sent Cuban embassy officials home.

The Cuban government called the withdrawal of U.S diplomatic staff “hasty” and said it will affect U.S.-Cuban bilateral relations.


9 responses to “This is what the sonic attack on Americans in Cuba sounds like

  1. Advise Raul Castro that we are returning Cuba to Spain alon with Puerto Rico. The Spanish American War of 1898 was unnecessary and a product of ‘yellow journalism’. William Randolph Hearst should rot despite the fact the I once worked for the NY Journal American as a teenager.

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  2. I have doubts, which is more deadly, if these supersonic devices or this one: the Soros press and its spokespersons.


  3. Misquito Drones would be a nearly undetectable platform for such Sonic Broadcasts. And no matter how long anybody searches for the source it’d likely be gone before they realized it had been there.

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  4. Does this happen when only Americans are in a room? Are they played over some kind of intercom system or how is it dispersed?
    It sounds a lot like my ear ringing I have fought for years.
    I hope they find the cause.


  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang…Was I supposed to hear something on the video? I did not hear any thing when I thought they were playing the taped sound.

    Perhaps its because of this high pitched cricket sound already ringing in my ears all the time.


  6. It sounds just like the noise my battery recharger makes when I put in a bad cell as part of a pair (to charge the good one). They’re NiMH rechargeables, AA and AAA cells for remotes and such. But I’ll bet it’s common to cell phone chargers, which use Li-ion batteries. And LOTS of folks use those, especially where communication by cell phone is common. So maybe that’s what’s going on in Koo-ba? But it would be weird for such to be limited to that location. Unless there were acts of sabotage going on. Hmmm.

    My car battery charger (Lead acid technology) also makes this noise.

    Wish I knew more about electronics to be able to make an intelligent deduction, like, “Oh, that’s from blown capacitors” or something. But I don’t… I only know it only happens when I include a bad cell (one that doesn’t recharge, or does, but doesn’t charge much, then discharges very quickly again — like 2-3 days of minimally powering an LED flashlight 20-30mins a day). I wonder if it has to do with the frequency (Hertz) used by the charger? Faulty diodes (which was the culprit behind my car’s alternator failing, requiring my regularly trickle-float charging my car’s battery)? I dunno.

    I wonder if it’s driving me crazy?


  7. General P. Malaise

    this is funny. I worked in Cuba awhile back. the first night in the hotel I experienced that same noise. it was ear piercing and like others stated it would stop after I got out of bed and start again when I returned to the bed.

    the person in the video describes it like a cricket or swarm of crickets. I can tell you it wasn’t a swarm. it was one stink’n cricket. they stop making noise if something is stalking them and start again when the something stops stalking it. unless you heard one of these oppressed crickets you would not believe the level of noise they can make, it is unbearable.

    I did eventually convince it to stop.


  8. Has anyone slowed down the recording to super slow to see if you can hear any screaming sounds?


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