Obama and young girls

“Pizza” and “hotdog” are pedophile code-words for little girls and little boys. See:

We already know that Obama’s VP, Joe Biden, is a pedophile.

Here he is, copping a feel of 13-year-old pizza, oops, I mean daughter, of newly sworn-in Senator Christopher Coons (D-Delaware) in January 2015:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Biden’s former colleague in the Senate, knows. Here he is, slapping the hand of Biden off from groping a young girl:

Then there’s Biden’s 2016 birthday gift to Obama of a childish “friendship” bracelet with beads spelling out “Joe” and “Barack”, and cute charms in the shape of a blue flower, smiley face, blue star and a slice of pizza pie. (Hollywood Reporter)

At the time, the two men were 74 (Biden) and 55 years old (Obama).

Then there’s that WikiLeaks email that Obama had flown “pizzas” and “hotdogs” from Chicago for a “private party at the White House” at a cost of $65,000 to taxpayers.

Obama so loves “pizza,” he’s good pals with James Alefantis, the owner of D.C. pizzeria Comet Ping Pong and former boyfriend of Clinton crony and Democratic Party operative David Brock (of Media Matters).

Though a mere pizza restaurateur, GQ magazine in 2012 had Alefantis as 49th among the 50 most powerful people in Washington, D.C.

Though a mere pizza restaurateur, Alefantis visited the Obama White House five times. One visit was an overnighter in which Alefantis’ group of four included a male porn star. (See Yoichi Shimatsu’s “Capriccio For A Sausage Fest By Chef Alefantis – PizzaGate 8“)

Last night, I came across these two disturbing images of Barack Obama with young girls.

The first shows Obama kissing the neck of a young Asian girl on his lap. The girl is in a thigh-baring mini skirt or shorts.

If you’re the parents of this girl, would you let Obama do that, even though he’s President of the United States?

The second pic is even more disturbing. It shows Obama sticking his hand down the front of the pants of his younger daughter, Sasha, while Malia looks on.

I don’t care that he’s Sasha’s father. No dad should shove his hand down the front of his daughter’s pants, unless the child is an infant and he’s changing her diaper.

By the way, blacks have a faster biological maturity rate and reach sexual maturity earlier than other races, including earlier menstruation and breast development in the case of girls.

From William Robertson Boggs’ “Race and Physical Differences,” American Renaissance, December 1992:

“Blacks also have shorter gestation periods than whites or Asians. By the 39th week, 51 percent of black babies have been born but only 33 percent of whites. By the 40th week, the figures are 70 percent and 55 percent. Shorter gestation seems to be a characteristic of blacks that is independent of social status or access to medicine.

Prof. J. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario, who has probably studied maturation rates more extensively than anyone else, reports that rapid development of blacks continues after birth. Many African and black American newborns can hold their heads up whereas white and Asian newborns almost never can. The average age at which black children walk is 11 months, compared to 12 months for whites and 13 months for Asians.

Prof. Rushton has found that blacks reach sexual maturity earlier than whites. By age 12, 19 percent of black girls have full development of breasts and pubic hair, whereas only two percent of white girls do. Black American women menstruate at an earlier age than white women. They then go on to have sexual intercourse for the first time at an average age that is two years younger than that of whites.”

See also “Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?“.


Alerted by FOTM reader MomOfIV that the Obama-Sasha pic may be photoshopped, citing a leftwing blog‘s assertion.

I scoured the net and found this version of the Obama-Sasha pic on DoNotColorMe blog, with this comment:

The Obamas returned to Chicago early Friday morning after a 12-day family vacation at a $9 million rental home in his native Hawaii.

However the January 3, 2009 blog-post does not identify the source of the pic, which means we don’t know about its authenticity either.

Let’s compare the maybe-photoshop with the above pic:

If the pic on the left is a photoshop, the way it was done was by making Sasha taller, which then obscured Michelle’s face in the back and plunged Barack’s hand down Sasha’s pants.

So how do we resolve this?

Let’s look at the height differential between Malia and Sasha.

Below is an AFP photo (source) taken of the two girls at Barack’s presidential inauguration on January 20, 2009, a couple of weeks after the Obama-Sasha pic was taken during the Obamas’ family vacation in Hawaii.

Now let’s compare the height differential between Malia and Sasha Obamas in the inauguration pic (which we know to be authentic) with the two versions of the Obama-Sasha pic:

It appears to me the Malia-Sasha height differential of the Obama-hand-down-Sasha’s-pants pic is closer to the height differential in the inauguration pic.

What do you think?


27 responses to “Obama and young girls

  1. Most deviants cannot hide their real thoughts and intents in the presence of a possible victim.. Their hands, their gestures, – their body posture, their facial expressions, their Eye movements, their Head movements, things they say, = all clearly give away their psychopathic intent..

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  2. Incredibly disturbing photos! Great work, Dr. E.

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  3. Im glad more people are talking about this. There are MANY videos of biden doing that to young girls he meets and greets like that and no one says anything. Even Jeff sessions seems to know what was going on and yet still biden isn’t in jail?
    And whats with those podesta emails? We all know thats code for something and can pretty much guess what. The biggest red flag with all that was they denied it had any merit without investigation.

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  4. These pics are both so disturbing! Ewwwwwww.

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  5. Preceding photos and text demonstrate part of what is causing the
    skyrocketing STD rates in the United States. Bisexual behavior is
    especially dangerous as it facilitates STDs rampant in anal intercourse to be
    transferred vaginally to females. The sub-Saharan HIV infection pattern
    may soon be apparent in American statistics caused by sex between
    older bisexual males and females. Such behavior between older diseased
    men and girls is especially shocking.

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  6. I truly believe obama is a pervert, scum, liar, pedophile, demon, etc….
    I am not a supporter of his in any shape or form….never have been.
    With that said, I have seen both pictures posted before and the 1st one with obama “necking” the little girl, who clearly appears “uncomfortable”, is very disturbing….he looks like someone’s forgotten creepy “uncle” who kids warn one another to stay away.
    the 2nd pic is a photoshop.
    Unfortunately, everywhere I looked to find the photoshop pic was associated with a left-wing website bashing conservatives…but, here is one:

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    • How do we know the Obama-Sasha pic is photoshopped? Because leftwing websites say it is?

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      • in the link, there are side-by-side comparison pics…the pic on the right shows a normal arm length, the pic on the left, shows a stretched forearm and longer sleeve.
        plus, you see “michelle’s” face in the pic on the right and on the left, it is cut off…also, in the pic on the right, sasha, is at his waistline…in the pic on the left, she suddenly grew to his armpit

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        • Thank you, MomOfIV. I very appreciate you bringing all this to my attention.

          Please scroll up to my Update at the end of this post, where I tried to answer the question whether the Obama-Sasha pic is a photoshop.

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      • Jumping Jehoshaphat

        I don’t know when the Hawaiian picture was taken but the girls are somewhat older in the inaugural picture (more than a few weeks) so comparing heights might be a problem. Also, in the Hawaiian picture it looks like the guy in the background is holding a leash. Perhaps Obama had his hand on Sasha to keep her from stepping on a dog at her feet? Would explain the look of concern on Malia and Michelle’s faces?


  7. As much as I dislike Barry, I did not see this one coming. How freaky!

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    Please see my Update to this post, wherein I tried to answer the question of whether the 2nd Obama pic (with Sasha) is a photoshop.

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  9. Who is the little Asian girl, and why would her parents allow this? Nobody would be doing this to my daughter when she was this age, with me and her dad knowing about it. No matter who he is!

    We have a saying here that goes like this: “Guns don’t kill people. Dads with pretty daughters kill people.” Add moms to that, as well.

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  10. Regardless about that picture of BO and his daughter, Michelle sure seems concerned. And most likely she isn’t his daughter anyway. No wonder those girls are always seen as openly hostile and scowling in pictures.
    Seems like there are many open secrets.

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  11. Can’t tell if the pic is photoshopped,but just going by Obama’s character and history I wouldn’t doubt for a second that it’s real. I think once his rent-a-kids are grown and moved far away from him and his man/girl,there will be a LOT of embarrassing truths being told to the media.

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  12. I’m pretty sure the image of Obama with his hand down the girl’s pants is photoshopped. I’m going to refer to the hand-down-pants picture as “Picture A” and the hand-on-stomach picture as “Picture B”. If we assume Picture A is the original, then everything we see in Picture B that we don’t see in Picture A would have to be photoshopped in. If Picture A is real, then the visual data of Michelle’s face and half of Barack’s hand wouldn’t exist in this photo. Working under the assumption that Picture B is the fake, it means that Michelle’s face and Obama’s hand would have to be either meticulously drawn in by an artist who can draw photorealistically, or they’d have to be copied from other photos. Both of these are extremely difficult to do without leaving traces of tampering.

    Additionally, Picture A shows signs of tampering. Look at the contrast between Barack’s sleeve and the girl’s pink shirt. It’s blurry, smudged, almost cartoonish. Then compare it to the same spot in Picture B, where the lighting and shadow are much more realistic.

    I’m sure Obama is involved in all sorts of perverse things, but I’m afraid this pic isn’t one of them.

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  13. I don’t think Obongo cares for girls, in any way.


  14. As much as I dislike the man, I do not believe he put his hand down his daughter’s pants. He seems to be a pretty good father.

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  15. something never rang true with obama

    Agree that second picture is probably not genuine. Disagree that he is a “pretty good father.”… Is not consistent with the extremely questionable background. Good at imaging; has been since he first “appeared” on the scene and not saying anything dubious is involved…just that a “pretty good father” lives an honest and honorable life. Cannot figure out, tho’, how a picture such as the first could have been taken and/or survived. Have there been questions about it?

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  16. I’m not a BO supporter by any means, but simple comparison of the girls reveal
    the girls in the “vacation” pic are much younger than the girls in the pic of the inauguration. Plus Michelle’s hair appears much longer in the inaugural pic. My money is on it’s a fake pic. Not saying is not what everyone accuses him of being, but these pics are fake.

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  17. I do believe that Obama donated sperm in one way or another to father his 2 girl children. His oldest, despite Barak’s claim of being “Black, ” looks too much like his White mother to be denied. (Thanks for NOTHING OBAMA, esp for NOT UNIFYING THE WHITE AND BLACK in this country when you had the PERFECT opportunity within your OWN DNA and upbringing with both White and Black relatives…Could have used it as a “launch pad” for unity…but NOOOOOOOOO…had to do the BLACK VICTIM THING 24/7 w/ your admin & Justice Dept….AND—-FYI—-we’d BEEN THERE, DONE THAT for YEARS AND YEARS and thought we could move on–ELEVATE everyone…….Blacks and WHites….but nooooooooo…..you had to drag us back into the 19-freakin’-60’s…..with NO MLK to rise to the occassion……..
    What a reprobate!

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    • He did just what his owners paid him to do. He never worked for us, just like the rest. He was straight out of “Central Casting”. He hates this country and everything about it. That’s why they used him.

      If he donated sperm he would have to take a test tube to ‘Man’s Country’. Obo don’t do female. It’s pretty much a cinch that Mike isn’t equipped for kids either.

      Coming from someone who has never liked any of them, he was “special”. He was a waste of skin.

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  18. It is pretty obvious that the “hand-in-daughter’s-pants” photo is “photoshopped:”

    Her pants are upside-down (mirrored and flipped) to make them look longer.

    Also, the other photo CANNOT be photoshopped from the “hand-in-daughter’s-pants” one because you can’t add to a photo, only delete.

    Lastly, f you look behind her head, the father’s white shirt has a neck-tie-shaped fold touching her hair.


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