Megyn Kelly is tanking NBC’s morning ratings

NBC lured Megyn Kelly from Fox News, where she was paid $15 million a year.

According to Forbes‘ estimates (via Inquisitr), NBC may be paying Kelly $18 million a year. That brings Kelly to the list of highest-paid TV anchors.

But it’s not working out that well for NBC. Boo hoo.

Carlos Greer reports for Page Six, October 10, 2017:

The numbers are in, and “Megyn Kelly Today” is dragging down the “Today” show franchise, an insider explained to Page Six.

“Not only are ratings plummeting since Megyn Kelly joined the ‘Today’ franchise, but the numbers show Kelly’s lead-in has also affected Kathie Lee [Gifford] and Hoda Kotb’s show, which follows straight afterwards,” a source said.

“They’ve taken a huge hit with Megyn as their lead-in,” the insider added.

Kelly’s hour of “Today” is down 32 percent compared to a year ago. And “Kathie Lee & Hoda” is down 26 percent.

“Too many people are tuning out NBC. Hoda and Kathie Lee had been a bright spot in the mornings. People are alarmed,” the source said of the slide. Another source told us that “Today” talent is concerned.

“The format for Megyn’s show doesn’t make sense. Her show distracts from the ‘Today’ franchise,” the second source said.


16 responses to “Megyn Kelly is tanking NBC’s morning ratings

  1. I tried watching her show twice (just to check it out) and it was PAINFUL. I didn’t last a minute through both shows. She is so fake and phoney.

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  2. tears…of…joy!
    what a sellout, evil-looking woman!

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  3. 18 million a year, huh?
    Telling the truth doesn’t pay jack but lying uncontrollably seems to be fairly lucrative.

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    • That’s sad. I really liked her on Fox-until that hate-fest she pulled on Trump during the Debates. What changed her so much so quickly? She used to be a lot like Bill O’Reilly in her interview style;if someone was hedging around giving an honest answer to her question she wouldn’t get off that question til she had a solid answer,and if she didn’t buy it,she’d TELL ’em she was hearing BS. But she was after the TRUTH. THEN came the Debates,and all that changed.
      Now that she’s doing whatever she can to be relevant,there’s a NEW Sheriff in town-on “One America News Network” there’s Liz Wheeler,who is what Megyn would have been if she hadn’t gone to the Dark Side. If you get a chance to see her segment,by all means do so;you’ll see what a GREAT Newscaster is. (I’m not biased at all,by the way.)

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      • TJ, I fully agree with you. She lost me at the debates when she and Breir thought they were so cute with their snarky questions.
        Frankly, I don’t give a dang on what happens to her here on out. She did it to herself.

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      • I liked Megyn Kelly better when she played the part of OJ Simpsons dead wife.
        Sure, it wasn’t a speaking role, but it was something to add to her acting portfolio.


  4. Could it be that people are simply sick and tired of the usual crap that passes for ‘current affairs’ shows and the deranged personalities hosting them? I gave them an objective viewing and came away realizing I was being ‘had’. Of course, I’m not on Valium and a celebrity worshipper.

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  5. Great news. After the obnoxious bimbo is dismissed she can move from Park Ave. to Massapequa, LI.

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  6. I liked her when she was on Fox and was wearing her hair long . . . all of a sudden she cuts her hair in a butch cut, I guess to rev up her macho style . . . that was when she lost me. Her personality changed, and frankly I did not like the person she became. I have never watched her on NBC and don’t think I ever will.

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    • I know, Auntie…do you think she had a sudden stroke or head injury or something? Or, was she scamming us all the time on Fox until she could “get” to another network? WHATEVER. She’s slid downhill ever since the debates….and now she’s in “nowhereland.” She BETTER be saving a huge chunk of that 18 mil per yr in a sock under the bed b/c she’s not long for this BROADCAST world at that salary.

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  7. HOORAY, let’s hope that funky witch goes down totally, uck

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  8. I think she’s an MK Ultra bot. But she sure has become incredibly offensive.

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  9. Megyn Kelly’s voice is so unpleasant. Her interview style, hair & makeup, hooker wardrobe are even worse. She should be a social media typist.


  10. She looks like a “nasty woman” now. What happened to her? Yikes!

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  11. When on FOX during a segment discussing childhood vaccines, she stated her children were receiving their vaccines, pushing the globalist agenda, I knew she was a liar. She is a compromised individual who willingly chose to side with the evil left, and she’s not stupid. She does her research. I can guarantee she did not let her children receive the vaccines.


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