Everyone in Hollyweird knew about Weinstein: Seth MacFarlane joked about him in 2013

Start viewing at the 3:08 mark.

After announcing the supporting actress nominees, Seth McFarlane jokes: “Congratulations, you fine ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

After Seth’s Weinstein joke, everyone laughed. They LAUGHED because they KNEW.

Yesterday many actors came out with their own stories of harassment by Weinstein. They KNEW. Yet they did nothing. They said nothing. Because they KNEW.

I don’t want to hear any more sanctimonious comments from anyone in Hollyweird anymore. Nothing about feminism, nothing about sexism, nothing about misogyny, nothing about the #waronwomen and nothing about guns. They have NO MORAL ground on which to stand on ANYTHING.

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17 responses to “Everyone in Hollyweird knew about Weinstein: Seth MacFarlane joked about him in 2013

  1. Of course, everyone in Hellywood knew about pervert Harvey Weinstein, including that snake-tongue flicker Meryl Streep, who once called Weinstein “God” but now says she never knew!

    But everyone said nothing — including Weinstein’s “victims” who were paid handsomely to say nothing — because Weinstein was a very powerful & successful producer, whose pics garnered numerous Academy Awards. That’s all Hellywood people care about — money, fame and “success”.

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    • The real question to ask is the timing — Why, after 10+ years of the media knowing this, the NY Times finally went public with the story.

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      • Some said to drown out James O’Keefe story yesterday but I doubt that. I don’t know why it was made public now. Did Weinstein get in trouble with Hillary? Someone gave an order to move forward with this story, IMO.


        • My gut feeling when this story (finally) broke is that Steve Bannon and Co. was behind this. He did say, he was going to go after a lot of people, in congress, etc. After all, he did have major connections to hollywood. Ronan Farrow broke the story and we know his dad/step-dad Woody Allen is a known pedophile. Why not take out the “supply” i.e. Weinstein & Co. that is keeping the creatures like the Clintons afloat? Maybe Weinstein’s brother caught wind of the story and outted his brother 1st, so as to save what will be left of Weinstein Productions? Who knows, but personally, I am looking forward to more of this “downfall” among the sewer rats in hollywood and Congress and the “special interest groups” supporting the swamp. What better way to cut off their life support?

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        • These narcissists are feral scum. They whore themselves out to get rich and famous to even grosser scum. Meryl Streep never saw a deviant she didn’t love. If she’s telling tales out of class now, it’s because he can no longer do anything for her and her handlers have told to cash in on this bandwagon.

          There’s nothing new about the “casting couch” or the pack of rodents that infest Hollywood. Hollywood is a microcosm of what the whole world would look like if the Jews had total control.

          Every time I think they’ve hit bottom they keep digging.

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  2. I am 50 years old now and I’ve known about this type of predatory behavior since I was a child. People before me knew about Hollyweird. The “casting couch” an ongoing joke that probably dates back to the first live play ever produced.

    This seems to be common knowledge so why exactly is this a scandal now ?

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  3. Meryl will Denounce Harvey who hasn’t been charged or anything with a crime, yet she defends polinski who was convicted of raping a child and avoided jail? She KNEW about Harvey as did the rest of hollywood. She is only denouncing him now bc its the popular thing to do. Why didn’t Angelina or Paltrow go to the police and make a report? They went to the press or twitter instead only AFTER its made public.
    Only one woman went to the police making a report and participated in a sting to try and get him arrested.
    Meryl, Seth, Emma , Matt and Russel and more I’m sure all knew and protected him bc it was “good” for their careers. Now that he’s been cut loose they all are again doing whats “good” for their careers and denounce him.
    They didn’t grow a sudden conscious but had to come clean bc the public knew.
    Terry Crews said he was groped by another man at a party and that there are many. Cory Feldman has said this for YEARS.
    I think there should be an investigation into hollywood sex crimes like we have in military and schools and such. I am sure we have only scratched the surface.

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  4. The now “woke feminist” Emma Watson knew of Harvey Weinstein. She said nothing and did nothing. Yet now she “stands” with all women of sexual violence. LIAR and HYPOCRITE.

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  5. Here is an excellent video on the devil worshipers of Hollywood:

    Hollywood Exposed


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