We dodged another bullet last year

Last year, when Americans went to the polls, not only did we dodge this bullet:

And her piggy hooves:

And her sexual-molester, philandering husband, who would be America’s First Man:

But we also dodged this as our First Lady, who would have represented the United States to the world:

Jeb Bush met Columba Garnica de Gallo in León, Mexico, when he was 17 and she, 16. Columba, raised by a single mother (her parents had divorced), did not speak any English. To this day, Columba Bush, 64, speaks English haltingly, with an accent.

1 foot 2 inches taller than Columba, Jeb speaks only Spanish at home, reportedly forbidden to speak English. Columba dislikes politics and had a low profile when Jeb was governor of Florida.

Columba has a weakness for expensive jewelry. In 1999, shortly after Jeb won the gubernatorial election, returning to the U.S. from a trip to Paris, Columba told customs officials that she’d spent $500 on overseas purchases. She was searched, however, and officials found receipts for $19,000 in clothes and jewelry. The Washington Post reported that in 2000, less than a year after the customs incident, Columba took out a loan to buy $42,311.70 worth of jewelry in a single day and that she spent $90,000 in one store — Mayors Jewelers.

In an April 2014 speech on immigration, Jeb Bush called crossing the border illegally “an act of love” and described illegal immigrants from Mexico as:

  “The dad who loved their children—was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table. And they wanted to make sure their family was intact, and they crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family.”

It is believed that Columba’s father had crossed the border into the U.S. illegally at least once, before he attained permanent residence. (The Atlantic)


36 responses to “We dodged another bullet last year

  1. We didn’t “dodge” anything.
    Sure. Whatever it is that has cleverly disguised itself by wearing some Hillary skin isn’t President.
    And the evil scheme of invasion by South American dwarfs was thwarted by none other that Jeb, himself.
    They were just shunted to the side by the banking slave entity that calls itself Donald Trump.
    “We’re gonna build a wall and Mexico will pay for it.”
    Sure. I don’t know about paying for it, but the Mexicans will be the only ones building it. Americans won’t work for 5 bucks a day.
    On the plus side, they can pre-install all the drug tunnels as they go. Save themselves the hassle of having to dig them later.
    I remember this one: “We’re gonna throw em all out, build a wall. Put a door in that wall, then see who we want to let in.”
    Seems like Trump was taught Common Core math because he would have to deport 10,000 illegal invaders a day, every day, just to make a dent. And that’s not happening.
    Nope. The illegal invaders are here to stay and the banks will continue to hold the American people in a permanent state of indebtedness because they are to brainwashed to realize that their servants betrayed them.


    • Can you tell us all where you got your lobotomy? My son needs one.


      • Lobotomies R Us.
        Spike through the head.
        Continual Shock Treatments for 30 days.
        CIA Approved.
        When your son walks around pissing and sh-tting himself, with absolutely no idea where the toilet is, you’ll know the program was successful.

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        • As a matter of fact, I’m reasonably certain I can turn your son into an automaton.
          Automatons have all kinds of uses.
          So, are you offering your son up as a test subject?
          I mean, he won’t be your son anymore.
          He’ll be whatever I tell him to be.
          Open to my discretion, of course.
          You’ll have to sign a bunch of waivers.


    • Sure, we didn’t dodge anything. Yup, Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush as POTUS would be so much better than hamstrung-at-every-turn, unendingly-accused-of-treason-with-Russia, sabotaged-by-deep-state, betrayed-by-the-GOP, but true-to-his-prolife-promises President Trump.

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      • I never said that Hillary or Jeb as President would have been better.
        No where in my comment does it say that.
        If the status quo is being maintained, then what exactly did we dodge?
        Chump is nothing more that an ineffectual figurehead.
        The American people continue to be robbed and indebted against their will.
        Seems like it’s business as usual.
        I’m sorry. What did we dodge, again?


      • Now I know ALIENS are real! And I don’t mean illegal humans in the country. That “Columba” or whatever its name is, that thing AIN’T human! It looks like a miniature Jabba the Hutt! OMG!!!! WTF IS THAT THING!!!??!!

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  2. She’s a toad! No amount of jewelry, regardless of the cost, is going to make her look good. She looks pregnant in that photo.

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  3. tc what are you smokin? Mr. Trump would be fullfilling more of his caMPAgine promises if it weren’t for the sleazy politicans that are constantly block his actions in order to maintain the status qou. Politicans living in the lap of luxery at the expense of the people they’re supposed to be working for. 90+% of them are thieves, philanders and liers. Mr. Trump has more integrity than any number of them put together. Try getting your news somewhere besides NBC, CBS ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. They all want Mr. Trump to fail and they’ll do ANYTHING to make sure he does.

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    • LoL.
      To answer your question, I usually smoke Gambler tobacco, which I roll myself. I haven’t paid over ten dollars for a carton of smokes in over a decade.
      To address the rest of your comment, you claim that sleazy politicians are blocking his actions in order to maintain the status quo.
      That means both sides, the right and the left, would have to be in lockstep in order to maintain such a status. Which makes your hero, The entity known as Donald Trump, completely irrelevant. Now doesn’t it.
      Integrity? Where was his integrity when he openly admitted that he knows how Washington D.C. works, because he’s been bribing politicians most of his life.
      Remember this one?
      “If I were in charge, you’d be in jail.”
      So where’s that indictment?
      Oh, that’s right. He doesn’t want to bother the Clintons because, “they’re good people.”
      Your hero, Mr. Trump snowed you. Right from the beginning.
      Your chain has been yanked.
      Now you get to watch while Trumps masters sell what’s left of your country out from underneath you.


    • Youknowwho is exactly correct. The absolute scum that slithers around the beltway is the worst kind of detritus…. while trump has flaws to be sure, you can tell that he really loves America….. that’s more than I can say for the last few presidents, probably going all the way back to Reagan. The blood-sucking money-loving vote-seeking conduits for power that are scamming the American taxpayers of their rights and finances have ZERO interest in anything but themselves…. By the way, hubris is a deadly path, and those idiots will go over the cliff with the rest of us. Shortsightedness is NOT a virtue!

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        You folks will have to excuse Jerry for a few moments.
        He went back to hi…
        Oh, HOLY SHIT!
        Jerry’s a zombie!!!
        Get off my leg! Get off my Leg! He’s eating my leg!
        Somebody help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!……………………..

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  4. Does the actor who plays Columba, also play Arnold Schwartanegger’s housekeeper and baby-moma?

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  5. I’m so sick of the “they just want to feed their families” argument. When illegals feed their families, they’re taking food from OUR tables!

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  6. Oh! My Heavens, having her for a First Lady would be a travesty. I am absolutely amazed that Jeb Bush would link himself to someone who does not appear to be of the same social standing as the rest of the Bush family. Jeb must have been the black sheep of his family and he rebelled and married down.

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  7. Hillary’s feet do look piggy. She must have been saving those black shoes since the 1980s, when “toe cleavage” was in style. But there’s nothing sexy ’bout those old hooves. 🙈

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  8. If you were looking for the definition of tacky, a picture of Columba Bush would appear. Such a dumpy, frumpy sow from south of the border.


  9. God Sets Boundaries
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    Get so tired of Libbies/atheists/secularists who say stuff like ” doesn’t the Bible say to help people?” And nonsense like that

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  10. All the more reason to read “Jeb and the Bush Crime Family’ by Roger Stone. The Bush’s have picked a few gems as spouses:
    Barbara the harridan, Columba the dwarf and Laura the lush (stepford wife).

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  11. Low profile??!! Was he drunk or stoned or both? What do their kids look like? Where does a 4 ft tall woman put $90,000 worth of jewelry? Yes, thank the lord he was out and out EARLY!!

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