Antifa fool demonstrates how to unload a gun; hilarity ensues

I don’t know if this is real or satire. In either case, it’s funny!

h/t Moonbattery


19 responses to “Antifa fool demonstrates how to unload a gun; hilarity ensues

  1. “My mom is going to be mad”

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    Almost choked on my coffee…bwahahahahaha
    THANKS for the laughs!
    “Cooking oil”? Well, I suppose (to an idiot, oil is oil, right?).
    Don’t worry, folks. It’s becoming obvious that we have little to fear from these thnowflakeths… They’ll end up killing themselves or those next to them…bwahahahaha
    I don’t think it’s satire as blanks usually don’t cycle a “clock”.

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  4. I have a great way to unload my revolver…..
    First, you line up six antifa assholes……

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  5. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Oh, damn, that was SO FUNNY!
    He inadvertently raped his Brokeback Mountain poster with a bullet, and Mommy will be checking on him in the basement soon.

    I really needed a laugh like this. Thanks!! I literally GOL’d (Guffawed-Out-Loud).

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  6. Is the cooking oil organic?
    HA HA HA HA! Great satire!

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  7. There was so much wrong with this video. Terrifying that someone who knows so little about guns has their hands on one! The minute I saw him drop the magazine without checking for a round in the chamber, I knew we were about to be entertained lol. My teenage daughter handles a Glock better than this snowflake. Lastly, I’ve never heard of a weapons manufacturer named “Clock”. Hee hee.

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  8. Be sure to let him know he can also use his Brokeback butt-lube to make the butt- on unstick. LOL

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  9. Definitely satire.
    And funny as hell.
    Everything he did and said was wrong. EVERYTHING.
    I was laughing so much I had to watch it twice.

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  10. That certainly was entertaining.

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  11. That Glock deserves better, so much better……


  12. He’s a modern day Barney Fife!!

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  13. tj….. well, now we know where Barney’s bullet was.

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