Swedish lawyer: Majority of rapists in Sweden are ‘migrants’

Sweden has taken in the highest number of migrants per capita than other European countries.

Along with the influx of migrants is an increase in the number of reported rapes, from 4,208 in 2006 to 6,560 in 2016. (The Goldwater)

Some Swedes are bucking the PC tyranny by speaking the truth on “migrants,” i.e., Muslims, committing most of the crimes and rapes in Sweden.

First, it was Swedish police officer Peter Springare who, in February 2017, caused a national uproar when he said in a Facebook post that the majority of criminals he’d dealt with were migrants.

For that, Springare was threatened with charges of hate speech and investigated by the police. The charges were later dropped and he was even offered a column in the Swedish newspaper Nyheter Idag so as to protect him from prosecution because the paper, rather than Springare, would be responsible for the content of his writing.

Springare was backed up by criminology professor Leif G. W. Persson who said, “Yes, I have made the same observation” and that “anyone with eyes to see can know who is doing these kinds of actions.”

Now, a female attorney in Stockholm, Elisabeth Fritz, is saying what Springare and Persson had said.

Fritz wrote on her Instagram account that in her work in district court, she’s seen an increasing number of cases of rape and “group violence” and that “the majority” of suspects she’s met “have a foreign background”.

But when her colleagues tried to find government statistics on this matter, they discovered that no such statistics exist — the government isn’t collecting them.

Fritz writes:

If we are to prevent and stop rape, we must be able to find out what the perpetrators look like. We must take this matter seriously and dare to lift the lid. How else will we fight these terrible rapes? It is the perpetrator that is the problem. The present situation is NOT acceptable.”

H/t Breitbart

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23 responses to “Swedish lawyer: Majority of rapists in Sweden are ‘migrants’

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Clearly, these immigrant rapists have a powerful lobby.

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  2. As a second generation native born America, of one quarter Swedish decent . . . I am outraged by the fact that those left in the Old Country have been hoodwinked by their Progressive leaders. How is it that the top leadership of Sweden has been able to bamboozle Sweden’s citizens into accepting this raping and pillaging as business as usual? Any man who has been accused and found guilty via DNA evidence, should be returned to his country of origin, including all family members who immigrated with him. Why would any nation have the responsibility to house and sustain criminals of this kind? There is no question, the Swedes out of an attitude of charity were willing to take in these peoples, and in return, they have been spitefully used. Send them back, no ifs, ands, or buts.

    My father visited Sweden both in 1978, and again in the middle 1980’s . . . I am so glad he got to see it before it was turned into this pit of Hell.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    So, what did they expect – having afternoon tea with them?

    The cultural difference is like day and night. Plus, the educational level of these people makes it impossible for them to assimilate. And the fact their religion doesn’t allow them to mesh in. They will eventual over power the Swedes if something is not done, NOW, to win the cultural level. Their mindset is- Islam is a government and religion opens the door to any place they show up.

    Good luck cause you will need it.



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    • That’s precisely WHY they are there. They know this. The purpose is to ruin any semblance of Western Civilization. They’re warming the hive as we speak. “Their” politicians don’t work for them anymore than ours work for us.

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  4. Swedishstan is toast. Good luck to them and their braindead lib attitudes.

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  5. & in ITALY!!

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  6. How many rapes are not being reported?

    Sweden is toast.

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  7. What will it take for the Swedes to react.
    Muslim immigration must be stopped even if it means that Sweden leaves the useless EU.
    Law enforcement in Sweden should purge the Muslim population and offer
    bounties to ‘contractors’ to hunt down and punish Muslims for existing.

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  8. Hi All, while most of Western Europeans are asleep at the wheel, the Poles actually got together in the thousands to stand against secularism and islamization of their country…. although it is true that there are far too many “zombies” around us with their collective beers stuck in their “I-gadgets,” this celebration of culture and willingness to defend their borders Truly brightened my spirits! All is not lost !

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  9. Sorry. I was so excited I said “beers.” Should say beaks!

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  10. Doncha wonder what gave these dummkoph’s their first clue? Geez

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  12. OMG, my god, my god..Kalergi..

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  13. So sad. I descend from the first Swede in Delaware, who came on the Khalmyr Nichol (sp?) ship in late 1690’s. Later in my lineage, another Swede came in the late 1800’s to PA….My oldest son spent a month in Norway and Sweden, exploring that one part of our heritage and so on, after his last year of college and found much to be admired, but also, the disturbing news that, even then, Muslims had “invaded” the population and had already disturbed, upset, roiled/mixed/disturbed and so on, the local cultures, the local governments, and the local law enforcement capabilities….Norway and Sweden, being essentially socialistic governments, passively accepted and still now accept these peoples of disperate cultures into their bosoms….and, like the proverbial “poisonous snake” taken to the bosom…the results are always the same…..POISONOUS and lethal to those who “pick them up.”

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  14. The percentage of crimes solved across Sweden keeps plummeting for lack of resources. Recently, only eight percent of investigated rapes were reported to be solved.

    ​At the same time, the police force across the country keeps shrinking, as more officers resign in protest, facing low wages, demanding routines and occupational hazards. In 2017 alone, Sweden lost 609 policemen, Swedish Radio reported. […]

    Soldiers to Supplement Crime-Hit Sweden’s Struggling Police Force


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    • Well, the crime rate goes up because of the interlopers. The Government won’t let anyone talk about them so the cops don’t want to arrest them. As a result, the crimes get worse and worse. The last people on Earth they want to arrest are the perpetrators.

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  15. Almost all of us have roots from all over Europe and it is heartbreaking to say the least. Not only are the rapes multiplying, but the number of deaths happening after the women are raped. Elin Krantz was one of the most horrendous, and she is far from being the only one.
    The invaders are taught well on how to bully, intimidate, threaten, shame and push themselves into our lives.
    And the liberals of all involved countries, what do they push? More invaders and shame on those that have no compassion.
    What ever happened to the people taking their countries back?
    I will stand firm in protecting my family and country and will not be shamed or bullied into losing either one.

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  16. these people “with a foreign background” also bring diseases like STDs and HIV…so, when women, children, men are raped they also are being exposed to HIV/AIDS, which is rampant in many parts of africa. I’ve looked online to find statistics on HIV infections europe, germany, sweden, eu….they don’t put out anything compelling


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