Stephen Paddock lookalike seen in Atlantic City 5 days after Las Vegas shooting

Two days ago, 4chan message board picked up a tweet from YouFold2Me, a self-described “poker player,” of a video showing a Stephen Paddock lookalike at a gambling table in Atlantic City’s Harrah’s casino, on October 6, 2017, 5 days after the Las Vegas shooting massacre.

I hesitated to post about it, waiting for Professor Jim Fetzer to get back to me. Fetzer said he has a friend who’s very good at overlaying facial images to determine whether images of two individuals are of the same person.

What convinced me to do this post is that YouFold2Me’s tweet was taken down by Twitter.

It no longer exists.

You can verify it for yourself by going to the URL of that tweet:

Ask yourself why Twitter would take it down unless, of course, the man in the video is Stephen Paddock.

Happily, the video was saved. Here it is in MP4 format, which you can save to your hard drive:

Below are comparison pics of Paddock and Atlantic City man.

Note these similarities:

  • Same receding hairline
  • Same forehead
  • Same sparse eyebrows
  • Same eyebrow ridges
  • Same ears
  • Same nose
  • Same mouth
  • Same nasolabial folds (lines along the sides of mouth)
  • Same chin
  • Same crooked pinkie finger of left hand
  • Same brand & checkered shirt, though of different colors
  • Both are gamblers
  • Both are pictured with a Filipina companion

What’s the probability that all these similarities would be due to random chance? What do you think?

If Atlantic City man is Paddock, that means the authorities had lied to us that Stephen Paddock was the “lone gunman” who killed 58 and wounded more than 500 on the night of October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas.

Not to mention the fact that the dead man in Paddock’s alleged 32nd-floor suite in Mandalay Bay hotel is not Stephen Paddock because dead man does not have the “13” tattoo on Paddock’s neck. (But then, neither does Atlantic City man.)

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43 responses to “Stephen Paddock lookalike seen in Atlantic City 5 days after Las Vegas shooting

  1. I thought Paddock never did it. No fire from a rifle was reported seen from that room or the room down the hall. It was seen from lower level. Smells of false flag.

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  2. Richard Raymond

    Pretty close. Fetzer is good.

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  3. Great! Just saw the same video on Jim Stone’s site and recorded it to upload on YouTube! Planning to make the photo merge today!

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    Tattoo visible on neck? Or is the tattoo fake?

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  5. As Arte Johnson would say…..”verrrrrrrry interesting’.
    Bet he wasn’t supposed to show his face so soon…… Soros is going to be pissed! (George: you have to tie up those loose ends!)

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  6. I don’t think they’re the same. I think Paddock was a patsy, but that remains to be seen. There are similarities, but nope, not same guy in my estimation, now if it comes back that the faces are yep, the same, well, my mistake.

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    • I have to agree. For me,the big tip-off is the hair line-the Atlantic City man couldn’t have grown a new hair line in 5 days. And,as has been mentioned,no 13 Tattoo. (It COULD be fake,but I don’t think it is.) And,as CZ says,if I’m wrong,my mistake.

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  7. I never believed in false flag events until Timothy McVeigh and facts that didn’t add up. Of course, 9-11 added to the list of things that didn’t fit. Ruby Ridge was a fiasco. The SandyHook non-event was what really opened my eyes, and that only happened because I found a site called the fellowship of the minds. I read the truth of the false flag here, and only then did I learn just how willing our government was to brazenly set up a huge staged non-event such as that just to further an agenda.

    Since I was born in 1960, I was a supporter of the Vietnam war, never believing that our government would spend a fortune and 50,000 American lives just to prove to the Communists that we were willing to do anything to fight the spread of Communism. How naive I turned out to be. Our government will slaughter 3000 of their own citizens in New York city just to pass the so called Patriot Act, to be able to get further abilities to spy on citizens, and to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. 17 of the 19 terrorists came from Saudia Arabia, I believe, so we give them a pass, because the Bush’s were friends with the Saud’s. And we invade Afghanistan, because who knows why, and we invade Iraq because oil, and it all comes back to one word- Haliburton. And Haliburton comes back to one man, Dick Cheney.

    Love doesn’t make the world go round people, money makes the world go round, and when you look at the people who occupy positions in the White House, they always, always are those who have money. Bush, Obama, Trump. All of their inner circle were rich. And the same names pop up time and time again. Rumor has it that when Jimmy Carter became president, he told Bush Sr. that now I am president, you have to tell me, are there really UFO’s. Bush looked at Carter and said, ” I don’t have to tell you shit” and walked away. Bush was not CIA director much longer, but that goes to show that Bush Sr. held even presidents in low regard. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and many others, go way back, and know where the bodies are buried, if you will. And when Bush Jr. was president, even though I thought he was not given enough credit, there was no question that Cheney pulled the strings from behind the scenes.

    I don’t think that the dead and injured were faked in Vegas. But who did the shooting, and what kind of weapons were used will be interesting to find out. I saw on one of the places I frequent that one person pointed out quite correctly, that he can make his AR 15 fire just like a bump stock just by placing his thumb in his belt loop, and pushing forward with his left hand really hard. The BATFE even wrote a letter to someone telling that tying a piece of string between the trigger and the bolt was illegal, because they would be, in effect, making a fully automatic weapon. So don’t do that, or you can spend many years in federal prison, for a felony, and they do not kid around. I am being totally serious about that. There is little civilian use for a fully automatic weapon, and if you desire one, go about it the legal way. Prison and loss of your 2nd amendment rights for life afterwards is no joke.

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    • You still have work to do PigPen51. We invaded Iraq to assist in the Yinon plan to facilitate the Jew World Order. The US went into Afghanistan to keep the opium flowing and because there is a near endless supply of lithium. Do you know why we are in Syria and toppled the Gaddafi led government in Libya?


      • I wasn’t trying to make a complete list of the false flag events, Owenmeister. I know about the opium. Many of the false flag events are staged simply to be able to point out the conspiracy theorists as nuts, who cry wolf at things, in order to slip the real conspiracies past the public. Things that are in the media are the first things that we should be skeptical of. Let me change that. Things and PEOPLE that are in the media. I wonder about the background stories of some of the people that we see talked about in the media, and their real stories. Like George Soros. We know he is a liberal crook, who financially supports leftist, socialistic causes. I just wonder, how deeply are his ties with the government on both sides of the aisle? We of course will never really know, but just like the magician, don’t watch the hand he is showing you, watch the hand he is trying to hide.


        • Being in Syria and the illegal toppling of the Libya government were not false flags. You write that some flags have the primary purpose to make conspiracy theorist look bad. I disagree completely. But would you care to share what false flags happened to make truthers look bad? You apparently don’t know why the US invaded Iraq. If you knew about the opium perhaps you could start to develop causal links. People here need to investigate the Yinon plan and they will start to see why things happen on an international stage.


  8. I have posted everywhere about the tattoo Stephen Paddock had that the corpse does not. I can’t see it on this guy in Atlantic City, but I personally don’t think it’s the same guy. Someone ought to be able to bring those images up and see if the AC guy has a tattoo.

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  9. The ULTIMATE TEST is an analysis of the facial ratios which I trust someone could easily do, it’s the one thing that can’t be faked or surgically altered and is as good or better than fingerprints. They released a ratio analysis of “debate Hillary” AFTER the election, proving that she was NOT the “original” HRC. Lets end the speculation. Anyone out there in crime forensics want to do this ?

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  10. The Atlantic city man does not have the 13 tattoo on his neck…

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  11. I think they look like the same person. The man in Atlantic City, however, is nicer looking, but the photos of the Las Vegas man look a bit out of focus…like maybe they tried to make him look older in it. That’s what I see.

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  12. Natural News is publishing a report on their acoustic findings of the gunfire to prove multiple shooters from ground-level locations. Just listening to raw audio made me determine that there were multiple shooters. Keep in mind, the Deep State loves to throw out provable disinfo in order to embarrass any ‘conspiracy theorists’. This story is just too convenient and needs to be fully vetted.

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  13. Here’s the latest from Yogi, plugging your site and merging pictures! Enjoy:

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  14. Guy shoulda yelled out, “YO, Steve! Yo, Mary! How’s it goin?!” And see what happens.
    I know every time I go to Atlantic City I ALWAYS get me one of them Polynesian card dealers who can’t speak English. That way, my Filipino girlfriend can feel like she’s being useful when I ask her to translate.
    This Paddock guy is going to be like Elvis. People will be seeing him everywhere. Hollywood is already planning a special episode of Unsolved Mysteries, where they plot out Paddock’s travel itinerary across the United States with a computer generated red line, see-sawing it’s squigley way across this great country.
    They’ll thaw out Robert Stack from his cryo-freeze chamber and transplant his soul with that of a dog. He won’t be able to do any narrating because all he will be able to say is “Bark!bark!bark!bark!”
    Geraldo Rivera will do live interviews with key eyewitnesses.
    Old Toothless Gummer: ” I seent im! I seent me Steve Craddock! Sumb-tch owes me twelve bucks!”
    Rivera slowly wipes the spittle off of his face with a two hundred dollar handkerchief and quietly bemoans his fate for having failed to find Jimmy Hoffa in Al Capone’s vault.
    Elvis was a twin, ya know. You had Elvis and you had Aaron. They starred in a movie together. One of them just dyed his hair blond. that’s why everybody kept spotting Elvis after Aaron had a heart attack while sitting on the crapper. It also explains how Elvis can put on a concert on the U.S. mainland whilst filming a movie in Hawaii at the same time. Just ask the Colonel. He knows.

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    • Amen to that. I’ve read so much about this bum that, the more I read, the less I know. He’s a teetotaler, he drinks like a fish. He’s clear-eyed and level headed. He’s a coke addict.

      His “real” job was flying abducted kids for human trafficking purposes for The Company. He’s a retired, multi-millionaire accountant. He plays slots. He plays video poker.

      He has a house in California. All his houses are in Nevada. He has a Filipina girlfriend that works for Mandalay Bay. His girlfriend is crippled.

      The Casino has a complete dossier on him. He’s a “vanilla player”. Medium stakes, pays his bills on time, etc. He goes at least once per month and runs up HUGE sums.

      He didn’t come out of his room for four days. The hotel says that’s impossible. He had no visitors. His key-card says otherwise.

      What’s it all mean? He’s a patsy. All the shooting was done from the 4th floor and on the ground. They fired a short burst from the 32nd to seal the deal on the storyline. I doubt that he fired it. He was dead.

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  15. Reblogged this on Yogiguy and commented:

    Inspiration for my latest video!

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    • I noticed Dina Titus (I’m told she was being groomed to replace Harry Reid if/when he left office/was thrown out of office. She’d have been JUST like him,only less likely to be beat up by exercise equipment.) standing to the Cop’s right,trying to look wise. I wonder if SHE had anything to do with the sudden “singing a different tune” change of story. Sounds like Reid’s style,which means it sound’s like her style.
      You might think I don’t like Titus;I don’t. On National News,she called us Northern Nevada Voters “Yokels”. Now,I don’t MIND being called a “Deplorable”-I carry that as a badge of honor. But I’m NOT a damned yokel! TITUS is,with her fake southern accent.

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      • She’s what ventilation shafts were made for. Reid is so disgusting they ought to rename fraud. They should call it “Reid”. Slimy filth manages to “sell” BLM land that doesn’t even belong to him, to the Chinese.

        I never cared much for Southern Nevada but it ran a lot better when the Mob had it. The Jews came next and ended up handing it off to the Mormons. Now it’s “Reid Country”.

        The Paiutes know how to deal with Titus.

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  16. The Steven Paddock they are showing you is a hoax just like Adam Lanza. Check out the very last page of this report from Miles Mathis.


  17. Stephen Paddock has no eyebrows. The “look alike” has eyebrows, you can see them even through the graininess of the photographs and video. This isn’t the same guy.


  18. The 13 is not a tatoo. There are zero other photos of Paddock with a 13 on his neck. Some think its a doctored photo using a post morteum photo. The discoloration that looks like 13 could be from rigor in the veins. The 13 is irrelevant.


  19. Why are the people in the media not labeling him as a “terrorist”? Think on it.

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  20. If that is really the gunman dead there is no way that is 65 year old paddock, anyone who has eyes sees the shooter is at least 10 years younger you can tell by his neck.

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  21. UPDATE: I got a comment on my YouTube wall with this story about another sighting of Stephen Paddock on Oct.5, in TN. There only a few articles of this and security camera got a pretty shot of him, note the similar left hand.

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