New California law allows sex offenders to be removed from registry

scott wiener

Bill author State Senator Scott Wiener

What could possible go wrong?

From SF Gate: Ninety percent of California sex offenders will no longer be required to register with law enforcement for life under a bill that Gov. Jerry Brown signed Friday. The change is one of several sweeping alterations to the state’s 70-year-old registry contained in SB384 by Sen. Scott Wiener (read about his background here), D-San Francisco.

The bill allows most sex offenders to petition beginning in 2021 to be removed from both the public and the police registries 10 to 20 years after they are released from prison, as long as they have not committed another serious or violent felony or sex crime.

Brown had previously indicated he would sign the reform, which for years stalled amid pushback from reluctant lawmakers who did not want to be seen as soft on crime. The bill was pushed by law enforcement agencies, that argued that California’s sex offender registry is so large that officers and the public can’t determine who is at high risk for reoffending. The registry has 100,000 sex offenders — meaning 1 in 400 Californians is on it.

California is one of four states to require lifetime registration.

“With this reform, our law enforcement agencies will be able to better protect people from violent sex offenders rather than wasting resources tracking low-level offenders who pose little or no risk of repeat offense,” Wiener said in a statement. “Our sex offender registry is a tool used to prevent and investigate crimes, and these changes will make it a better and more effective tool for keeping our communities safe.”

The state’s registry will have now have three tiers, with the first tier allowing people convicted of crimes like misdemeanor sexual battery, misdemeanor possession of child pornography and indecent exposure to petition to be removed from the registry after 10 years. Tier one has the largest number of sex offenders, with up to 65,000 people potentially falling into that category.

Those offenders would not all come off the registry at once since a portion of those people would not have finished waiting the mandatory minimum of 10 years on the registry after their release from prison.

The next tier includes people convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor, oral copulation with a minor under 14 years old and non-forced sodomy with a minor under 14 years old. The second tier, which requires sex offenders to register for a minimum of 20 years, has potentially 24,000 people.

Crimes like rape, sex crimes against children 10 and younger, repeated sex crimes and sex trafficking minors, put a sex offender in a third tier that requires them to be on registry for life. That tier has an estimated 8,200 people.

LGBTQ groups like Equality California supported the bill, saying the changes will help gay and lesbian people who were targeted by police for crimes like consensual sex among adults in a park.

Read the rest of the story here.

FYI: Bill author Scott Wiener is a homosexual who has TDS.


28 responses to “New California law allows sex offenders to be removed from registry

  1. I think we should all chip in and work to encourage Californians to secede. What’s taking them so long, for Christ sakes? Leave already! And don’t let the screen door hit ya on the butt on the way out!

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    And here I am wondering how they avoid the “death penalty” list…..?

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  3. Great article, although it blows my mind. If you notice someone having sex with a child age 10 or under will incur a lifetime on the registry. Tell me, what about an 11 year old, or a 12 year old . . .do they not deserve justice under the law? The people in California are for all intents and purposes just about as lost as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah! Just taking one look at the joker who came up with this legislation is enough to make one hurl their cookies.

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    • Perverts stick together like the old saying, “birds of a feather……” When an official approves of something likes this speaks volumes of one’s personal life style.

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  4. That Senator looks like HE could be one of the beneficiaries of the Bill he introduced. Well,since the “governor” has signed the Bill to officially be a sanctuary State in violation of Federal Law,if there’s ANY Justice in this world,California,AKA Mexifornia will soon lose its Governor,most of its Legislature and ALL of the Federal Funding they’ve relied on to do stuff like THIS.

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  6. Ahh but Meryl Streep still weeps because Polanski still cannot return to the USA!
    I do admit for the moment it is a sore subject as we just wrote about it indirectly. The erosion of our standards is simply horrific, especially when you research the characters of those behind it. Sadly, few look into the character of the people driving these changes.

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  7. Wiener, Weiner…….perverted brothers from another mother.

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  8. They seem bound and determined to completely do the Devil’s work. By all means, they should secede and “enjoy” all that goes with it. We need a detour on that new wall.

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  9. What’s up with all these people named Wiener? They all seem to have a problem controlling theirs.

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  10. 1 in 400 Californians is a sex offender! No wonder California has gone to Hell.

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  11. Isn’t there a town in CA named Hell, in a desert area that never freezes, which is where the expression came from?

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  12. Richard Raymond

    God help the children!!!

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  13. Given the links between the gblt cult, and pedophilia, as well as antifa terrorists, I can’t say this is surprising, people shouldn’t be worried about an invasion of an islamic army from overseas, they should be worried about the existing invasion, and entrenchment, of the satanic cult that is presently writing the laws for their states.

    The real question here though, is “why”… why don’t they do anything about it, and why do they refuse, even to the point of combating, anyone who does try to stand against these problems? Stupidity cannot be solely to blame here, at least stupidity of intelligence of the mind, anyway. It does seem people’s morality, and courage, has been “educated” away, however.

    In a nation filled with ignoramuses, idiots, and morons, who are also by and large amoral/antimoral to whatever degree, how does Good gain a foothold to undo the evil? How can Good people oppose the evils beign done on a daily basis?

    As an aside, maybe this is the “zombie apocalypse” that is done to death in horror movies, after all, the zombies are a horde of amoral undead without minds of their own, seeking to consume the brains of whoever they can possibly get their rotten claws on… and to “infect”/spread to whomever they can, in the “infection-based” zombie stuff anyway, seeking to make more of their own. Can we really say this is any different from the push to remove morality, thinking, and in effect “brains” from the citizenry, getting them to support “causes” that advocate their own destruction, and to “not make a fuss”, etc.?

    I also wonder if that’s a weak point of that bill/”law”, since it obviously caters to special interests of a corrupted demographic which has a history of sex offenses, indeed the sole basis for it’s existence is in itself sex-offending, perhaps this can show a favoritism or bias on the part of the bill’s author and/or signer, thereby putting it into conflict with other laws concerning similar things like nepotism or “insider trading”?

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  14. So, protect the homos and pedos. Seems a good idea. So does KJ-Un having an ICBM that can reach Calipornia’s shores… just let the normal folks get out before he hits them. Then let the innocents in NK escape to a better life before striking back and leveling that sanitarium.

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  15. Well, Harvey was canned today, so I guess they want to keep him off the list when all the sleazy details finally come out.

    BTW: Shouldn’t this goober and the rest of his politicians be more worried about the hepatitis outbreak their precious criminal invaders have brought to California?

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  16. Kids are fairly game to these perverts. Netflix has a new animated show called Big Mouth. There is a scene with a tween holding a mirror up to her vajayjay (sorry, don’t want to be crude) and she is having a conversation with it. Another scene is a dad of a boy telling him that it is ok to kiss a peni$ gently. Their plan to erode the morals of society is working? It’s right out of the Coudenhove-Kalgeri Plan and The Frankfurt School.

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  17. Actually sex offenders are a highly profitable industry in certain California neighborhoods where they are sent upon release from prison. Landlords
    are allowed to charge exorbitant rents to house them. One neighborhood
    in the LA metro area has the highest concentration of sex offenders west
    of the Mississippi.

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  18. Looks like rapes from islamics will have a free pass card.

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  20. We have known for decades that Californica was a Mecca for drawing all those wierdos’ with sexual deviances of every kind.. Once there – they then become Legal Resident Californicators…!!!

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  21. I saw this on Twitter…Donna Karan is using Hillary’s tactic to defend pervert Harvey Weinstein.

    If anyone besides a loony liberal dared to defend a man accused of sexual harassment, they would be eaten alive by the feminazis! As long as you are on the left, it’s all good.

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