4 crooks in a pod

L to r: RINO/warmonger John McCain; sex molester Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein; satanist Hillary Clinton; Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff (but America is still racist) RINO Colin Powell

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18 responses to “4 crooks in a pod

  1. More like three Jack-Offs and a Douche.
    By-the-way, they’re interchangeable

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  2. There you go…birds of a feather…uh huh…so typical

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  3. Three Traitors and a Predator!

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  4. These comments have made me laugh. Sad that they are all so true though.

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  5. Rebpirate has it completely correct!

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    You have to be careful with the company you keep. It looks like each one of them didn’t do their vetting since they are all losers and crooks.


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  7. A coward, a creep, a kunt, and Class A war criminal in a row.

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  8. I can hardly wait for McCain’s brain cancer to run its course . . . that traitorous POS should resign NOW, and put the rest of us out of our misery. I went back and watched the clip of how many times McCain flicked his tongue . . . it is truly appalling. I am glad that he was never elected POTUS, even though we got struck with a different POS.

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  9. They’re just there to represent their owner.

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  10. The image of those four deviant reprobates standing side-by-side is truly horrendous. One cannot escape visions of the perversion, death and destruction they’ve collectively caused to all humanity. They show no signs of repentance, so I hope they’re terrified as their day of reckoning draws ever closer.

    We are truly at the crossroads of good and evil. The satanists have made themselves so obvious that we can no longer fail to recognize them. I pray for the President’s safety and wisdom to chose the good of The Republic and the world at large above all other considerations. He will undoubtedly face some very difficult choices in the coming weeks and months. There’s only one way: John 14:6 ‘Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.’ God give us all strength, Amen.

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    • That’s a great article. I just love how Ashley Judd has the nerve to say anything about any man when she covered for sicko Harvey for 20 years. She’s nothing but an overpriced whore.


  11. you think they ran a train on Hillary she looks like a freak….

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  12. The Gang of Four.


  13. Richard Raymond

    I knew I had my Weinstein’s mixed up, are they related? I guess in a certain sense:http://gazette.com/pentagons-strange-alliance-with-mikey-weinstein/article/1500225


  14. I don’t know if they are related, but both Weinsteins are vile, evil, human vermin. Satan is waiting anxiously for them. 😈


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