NYC mayor candidate Malliotakis wants to bring back suspensions for kindergartners

nicole malliotakis

Sounds good to me. Teach kids early on that bad actions have consequences.

From NY Post: GOP mayoral nominee Nicole Malliotakis on Thursday said she would enforce stricter disciplinary measures in schools — including making it easier to suspend kids as young as 5.

Mayor de Blasio last year called for eliminating suspensions for students in kindergarten to grade 2 and instead focus on more appropriate ways to discipline kids that young.

But, in the face of strong opposition by the teachers’ union and others, the city has instead tried to reduce those types of suspensions to all but the most extreme cases.

Malliotakis wants to set the bar lower. “If a kid is being nasty or disrespectful to another student, maybe that’s not what we’re going to [go after],” Malliotakis said at a press conference outside the Department of Education headquarters near City Hall.

“But if they are disruptive to the classroom and the learning environment, then I do believe there is a place for suspension.”

In the 2015-16 school year, there were 801 suspensions of students in grades K to 2 — down 45 percent from the previous year, when there were 1,454.

The administration’s latest policy barring most suspensions for kids in those grades was instituted only this school year.

Malliotakis presented the reforms as part of a wider policy to bolster school discipline and safety in the wake of a stabbing by a Bronx high school student last week that left one teen dead and another injured.

There were no metal detectors at the school, which the NYPD said would have found the knife used in the stabbings before it was brought into the school.

With just 6 percent of schools protected by permanent metal detectors, Malliotakis said she’d work with the NYPD to identify more schools that need the devices to protect students and teachers. “I think we need to have metal detectors at our schools that are troubled,” she said.

Last month, de Blasio announced that schools are safer than ever — citing a reduction in major crimes reported to the NYPD.

But state data, which records a much wider range of school incidents, show that schools have seen the number of incidents categorized as “violent” increase each year under the de Blasio administration.

The NYPD also said this week that weapon seizures in schools are up by 48 percent in the first quarter of the school year — from July 1 to Sept. 30 — compared to the same time period last year.

Read the rest of the story here.


16 responses to “NYC mayor candidate Malliotakis wants to bring back suspensions for kindergartners

  1. That ‘woman’ has awfully large shoulders and trapezius muscles….sort of ala “Mike” Obama, don’t ya think?

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    • Lord that is the first thing I noticed too! Looks like a guy with that neck.

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    • Can’t get a good over-all look at her,but she looks like more of a High School/College sports star type to me-girls basketball,track,that sorta stuff. I like her thoughts on starting kids as early as K learning to behave in class. When I was in K,if we got unruly,the Teacher would contact our Parents and make them come into her Classroom for our class,and make them sit right beside their errant kid,while she tells Mom and/or Dad why they’re here. Life doesn’t GET much much more humiliating than THAT.

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      • She is of Greek and Cuban heritage. She does look like an athlete.


      • Yes, Truck….life for a public school child CAN get more humiliating than what you described… my first year of teaching middle school, I called a mother about constant errant behavior of her 7th-grade boy and asked her to come to school to sit beside him throughout the day (I had him 2 of his 6 school periods, which meant, exclusive of PE and an elective…..HALF of his academic day…had him for both.English and History)….which, of course is at least attention-getting if not humiliating. BUT…I, furthermore, asked her JOKINGLY, to come with curlers in her hair and a bathrobe, and wearing bedroom slippers. How EMARASSING! HA! She took me seriously! SHE DID! (Robe was, of course, over her street clothing….). I NEVER EVER had a problem with that kid again! In fact, I didn’t have too many problems through the year with any of the OTHER kids in his same class 🙂 go figure…..::) ……

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        • CalGirl . . . Now that truly was divinely inspired. Just one instance of such severe humiliating and embarrassment got everybody’s attention, and the problem was solved for that school year in those classes. Good job.

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    • That’s probably why “she” wants to drag the kids behind a pickup on their way to the woodchopper. A real “sweetheart”.


  2. How about when they eat a pop tart into the shape of a gun?

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    • Forget the pop tart—how about just pointing an index finger and a ‘trigger’ thumb?? Oh, the horror!! I think corporal punishment works. I remember paddling in the principals’ office. (Not that it happened to me personally, mind you 🙂 ) BUT, it seemed to alleviate some problems. Of course, nowadays, the parents (if you can find them and get them to school) would also need the paddling because they’re as delinquent as the children.
      Of course, looking at it from the perspective of the children, it is sort of inhumane to keep them in warehouses all day with propaganda posing as text books, sexual perversion indoctrination posing as “health ed”, with many teachers who are not terribly bright and those who have some firing neurons aren’t permitted to tell their students the truth about anything for fear of retaliation from the administrative bureaucracy and/or the local board. Someone, remind me, why do we need a federal Dept. of Education?

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      • Yes, but in those days everybody “responsible” was trying to build up their country, not tear it down. Parents wanted others to know that they took their responsibilities seriously.

        Everyone involved in the adult world felt the obligation to educated their kids and live lives patterned on Christian principles. I can’t count the number of times I heard “don’t embarrass your family” from my parents.

        Now they’re all working for the New World Odor. This amorphous entity that wants to absorb us. We are not to think, we are to obey.

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  3. Do Kindergarten and grade 1 & 2 students actually get suspended? They gonna suspend them for laying on the floor and kicking their legs in the air or are they bringing knives to school…..maybe they should suspend the Teachers who can’t handle a class room full of bunch of babies who have 10 years before reach H.S age


  4. I think these tactics are a little harsh for children so young. The are already suffering from separation anxiety. A suspension could do permenant damage. Children entering kindergarten are suppose to be learning social skills and getting along with others. They have no idea what being suspended is, but being humiliated in front of their classmates is pretty rough.
    A gentle explanation on their level of what they did wrong should be enough.
    Now they also want to teach little ones about sexual change that they could never understand.
    These liberals won’t be contented until they destroy this country and its children.

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