Hummingbirds take a bath

Stressed out by all the negative news?

Here are 45 seconds of stress relief.

Watch these hummingbirds take a bath!


15 responses to “Hummingbirds take a bath

  1. wonder where this was, so cool

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  2. wow! a public pool!
    really cute…love the relaxing sounds of water

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  3. Thanks Dr. Eowyn. Love hummingbirds. Have taken thousands of pix of
    them in flight. In December my wife and I are going on a cruise from
    Los Angeles to Buenos Aires stopping (among other places) in Costa
    Rica to visit the hundreds of hummingbird species there.

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  4. So beautiful!! The last of my hummers headed south last week……..miss them.

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  5. Thank you Dr. My precious little hummingbirds headed down south about three weeks ago. Your video was right on time. Already looking forward to next spring.

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  6. Darling! Used to put out the hummingbird feeder, and they would be so anxious they would come and sit on it while it was still in my hands. They fear nothing.

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  7. I’m South (nr. Mexican boarder) ….so I have Hummingbirds year-round. I run a “lotus-shaped” fountain year-round, off to the side of a front porch …beside a vaulted grape arbor… reason being…it’s where I can stand at a large front window to watch my birds…mostly Hummingbirds …& my pollenating bees, drawn to use the arbor/fruits & my fountain. I’ve gathered/ saved an envelope of Hummingbird feathers…so tiny, left behind in the fountain as they bathe…too precious to throw away. Maybe I’m a “hoarder,” but pretty sure one day, as an artist inspired mostly by nature, I’ll “do” a Hummingbird piece of art to incorporate these gifts of tiny feathers…..

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  8. What a great video, I could actually feel my blood pressure go down.

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  9. We used to have them occasionally here in the Northeast but I don’t recall seeing them in the longest time. 😦


  10. That was glorious to watch. What a treat.


  11. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    After their bath – they came to my house for dinner. After filling up their tanks – they told me they were headed to the Colts NFL game and wanted to assist VP Pence by messing around with those knee-buckling sissies who tell us they are professionals.



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