Massachusetts substitute teacher kneels in front of class during Pledge of Allegiance

scott bazydlo

Russell Street Elementary School Principal Scott Bazydlo/Twitter photo

Bonus: She then went on to share her political views.

From NBC Boston: A public school in Massachusetts is experiencing some backlash from parents and students after a substitute teacher knelt in protest during the Pledge of Allegiance.

The protest happened during Thursday’s morning activities at the Russell Street Elementary School in Littleton. After the pledge was finished, the teacher went on to share her political views with students.

According to the school district, several parents and students spoke with the administration regarding the actions of the substitute.

The Littleton Public Schools respect the rights of all individuals to participate or respectfully abstain from participating in the Pledge of Allegiance,” Principal Scott Bazydlo said in a statement. “While this topic is timely and does have educational merit, it should be addressed sensitively and age-appropriately by permanent faculty and inclusive of the beliefs of all children and families.”

Bazydlo went on to say that the protest was not part of the classroom teacher’s plans.

“While well-intended…[it] should not have taken place in the fashion it did,” he wrote.

One parent told NBC Boston, “I agree with what they’re going, I just don’t think it’s the proper place for it, but in the same token, I think if the teacher could make her views known in a more apolitical way perhaps. I think trying to impart your own political views to students…I think it’s inappropriate.

The incident came following last weekend’s display, when about 200 National Football League players protested in some fashion – by either kneeling, linking arms or abstaining from the field – after President Donald Trump said NFL team owners should fire or suspend players who protest during the National Anthem.

The ongoing protest of kneeling during the anthem ahead of a game was started by now-free agent Colin Kaepernick, who was protesting the treatment of African-Americans by law enforcement.


21 responses to “Massachusetts substitute teacher kneels in front of class during Pledge of Allegiance

  1. “The ongoing protest of kneeling during the anthem ahead of a game was started by now-free agent Colin Kaepernick…”
    Ahem, “…now-unemployed…”
    Which is exactly where that teacher should end up. And maybe her plushy-loving principal, too.

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    • exactly… imagine the nerve of this idiotic unnamed substitute “teacher” trying to indoctrinate children with her social/political fallacies…she should be fired.
      And the fact that they are keeping her name from the public (when everybody’s business is made public) tells me she won’t be fired.

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      • I don’t know how Boston is…but I know here in liberal CA, teachers/ principals can “black ball” a substitute teacher just by simple request to the district sub line to not send them into their school again. They have actual LISTS of where some subs may go…and NOT GO….I imagine no principal or teacher will want to allow this particular teacher into their school/room again ….if for nothing else—to avoid the publicity /mess. Maybe it’s not “firing,” but it ends up the same, & I’ve seen this many times (for far LESS transgression) when a substitute is just never called again to come for a job. They just “go away” after that. I guess they either leave the teaching profession or become someone else’s problem. Unless you are a near hermit or someone who lives “off the land,” you really can’t LIVE on what a substitute teacher earns. Therefore, substituting is akin to an entry level job of any kind….like working at McDonald’s on the fry line….it is a “foot in.” IF you do a good job and are well-recognized and appreciated for your good job by the myriad principals, teachers, etc…in the district in which you’ve subbed….you will almost certainly one day be offered an interview for a permanent job.

        Sounds like to me, this sub BLEW his/her opportunities in working in this district one day as a full time, contracted teacher. Doesn’t matter who agrees w/him/her….but it DOES matter who DISAGREES with him/her. No teachers or principals will intentionally allow/do things that bring parents into confrontation with them……esp. for a TEMPORARY, non-staff, probably unknown substitute teacher. This is not a “HILL” that they will volunteer to “take.”

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        • I’ve seen how they treat teachers here. It’s disgusting. The permanent teachers are treated like galley slaves. The subs are more like “trash”. He’s blown it there for certain. I suppose that’s good. What makes guys like him think that the school is his personal soapbox?

          I had a few teachers like him growing up. I couldn’t stand them. Some of them got into trouble, most just went on and on for years. When my kids were in school I tangled with a few of them.

          If they are teaching teachers that schools exist as made-to-order captive audiences for their social justice leanings it needs to stop. Any teacher that offers her or his personal opinion must be very clear about that and respectfully offer an alternative.

          If they are incapable or unwilling to do that they should stick to the lesson plan and shut up.

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    • i am using an xbox, so i think there is a scripting error that doesn’t show a like button, but ima give ya one a deez 👍

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    • cogitoergosumantra . . . I agree wholeheartedly with you. When she’s on the clock, earning taxpayer provided wages . . . she has NO BUSINESS indulging herself in brain-washing students. Parents are responsible for teaching their children political values. I further agree, the Principal does not seem like much of a “leader.” I for one am sick and tired of public servants doing these shenanigans on public paid time.

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  2. Fire her.

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  3. People need to demand this teacher be fired. How Dare He/she put their beliefs before your childeren. School is for teaching Reading Writing Arithmatic, Spelling English, Maybe a second Lesson HISTORY, Ancient History. NOT COMMON CORE BS…These are YOUR tax dollars. Take you kids OUT til that teacher is removed!!!! Thank you. DONT let them get away with this!!!

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  4. strange, you would think with all the attention being put on cops to stop racistly murdering innocent blacks, that the cops would back down. but they keep on killing these poor people. it’s almost like something rather than racist hatred is causing these cops to shoot. oh well, i’m not black so i won’t try to pontificate, the nfl and blm is there to guide me.

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  5. Captain Obvious

    Every parent who can, should, home school their children. It’s the only way to keep someone else’s (im) moral values out of your home.

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  6. Public (government) Education (indoctrination) in action…..
    These ‘educators’ are the result of the rampant insanity infesting our universities today (and for the past 30 years or more)

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  7. I can’t help but be reminded, in this current atmosphere of anti American ‘protest’ against the Pledge, of the late Red Skelton reciting it, with his added explanations, on his television program so many years ago…. when things were still Normal.
    That is part of the America that I remember, and mourn its passing.
    …… thank you democrats (communists). You bastards.

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      • Thanks to both chulai1968 and Dr Eowyn for sharing this beautiful rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance. How I wish we had a “Red Skelton” of today’s generation . . . he was certainly a man of wisdom and honor. God Bless him for leaving us with this cherished moment in time.

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        • Thank you, Dr. E, for the visual…..
          As for Auntie’s comment on our not having anyone of Mr. Skelton’s stature today, just think of so many of his generation who set a sterling example with their love of our country.
          James Stewart, Clark Gable, John Wayne, all of the celebrities who participated in the wartime bond rallies, raising millions for defense.
          Today, they (celebrities) support groups like BLM, sanctuary city status, etc.
          Devolution in action…..

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      • Wow. Tears in my eyes after that…
        RIP Sept. 17, 1997. Loved him when I was a kid.
        Proves you don’t need a degree to understand the basics.

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  8. The Principal looks rather like a goofy character. I suppose he is all for this “anything goes” mentality.

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  9. I would have a heart to heart with that principal and explain to him, she shows up again and my child is gone. The school looses federal money and he will have to explain that to the board.
    Back in the day, we had no idea what church, if any our teachers attended or what their political choice was. Worked back then and would work now.

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  10. Kneeling like this is the number one cause of unemployment today. While these losers kneel because Donald Trump is so evil, the rest of us are watching our portfolios get fat! If that’s evil we could stand some more of it.

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  11. The only time you kneel is before God. I wonder how many of these kneeling people even believe in Jesus?

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