Man kills girlfriend hours after being released from Rikers

jerome rivers nyc police dept photo

Jerome Rivers/NYC Police Dept. Photo

Some animals are not meant to roam free.

From NY Post: A Brooklyn sex offender, ​locked up on Rikers Island for beating his estranged girlfriend, took revenge on her less than 24 hours after being let out of jail — strangling the terrified woman in her own home, authorities said.

Jerome Rivers called Gia Pender on Thursday to ask if he could stay with her​. The call sent Pender, who had an order of protection against Rivers, scrambling to a neighbor. “Jerome is coming over​,​” ​she told the neighbor.

“​I​f anything happens to me, give this to my mother​,​”​ she added presciently.

Pender, 49, ​feared the 52-year-old​ Rivers​, who had been jailed for ​two months ​because he violated the terms of his release as a sex offender by attacking her. Rivers did time in 2013 on third-degree sex abuse charges, according to official records.

Rivers arrived at the woman’s Queens home, and then called cops around 6 a.m. the next day, saying he awoke to a “thump” and found Pender on the bedroom floor​, the Queens district attorney said.​

He later told cops he didn’t “have a reason to kill her,” according to the ​DA’s office, but​ he made a point of telling them she’d stolen his checks, “disrespected his mother, and had him locked up on trumped-up domestic abuse charges.”

Officials determined Pender had been strangled.

Rivers was arraigned Sunday on charges of second-degree murder and criminal contempt, and held without bail. If convicted, he faces 25 years to life in prison.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown called the killing “senseless,” adding​,​ “Domestic violence is a plague in our society and must end.”


10 responses to “Man kills girlfriend hours after being released from Rikers

  1. When humans have no compassion for the defenseless unborn they cease to be human. At that point no life at any level has value to these hardened hearts.

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  2. Let’s not call this another “senseless killing,” as Brown has done: It made perfect sense to Rivers at the time. But New York State just can’t have the death penalty, thanks to pseudo-intellectuals like the late Governor, Mario Cuomo, whose reasoned B.S. against it in reality opened the floodgates to thousands of more homicides.
    Now the taxpayers will have to pay for this P.O.S. until he dies!

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  3. Not the chair? Oh, wait, this is liberal New York… he’ll be out on parole in 7 years.

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  4. So what’s his Penalty gonna be..??? = A life-time of the Best Medical-Dental Attention this F-U government can offer..(including sex-changes) – The very best Foods that only the wealthy can regularly afford, = the best exersize equipment $money can buy. Flat-screen TV’s in several convieient lounge areas.. Surrounded by all your Like-Minded friends.. – Regularly scheduled Conjigal visits.. and won’t cost this animal one-red-cent.. & If he’ll pretend to be “good” – he’ll even be given “Huber Law” privileges to leave jail and go into town shopping – as long as he’s back by supper time…
    But You, – – “Get back to Work, – cuz somebody’s got to PAY for all this Incarsarated Extravigance..

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  5. He probably just blacked out over his PSD associated with generations of black suppression at the hands of the white devil.

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  6. I don’t understand why she didn’t go to the police? Why go home when you know someone is heading to your home and wants to do you harm?

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  7. We continually “cast our pearls before swine” with the way we run our penal system and the way we consistently disregard the lives and safety of our innocent citizens and communities…..while simultaneously pampering the VAST “community” of criminals who prey upon us daily over every inch of this country…and, yes…some of it starts at our borders, but there are equal “home-grown” offenders. BUT—think on this…ALL of our legislators at every level ARE HOME-GROWN …… They OFFER US UP in defense of THEIR OWN “jobs.”

    This is NOT the “stewardship of the Earth” that our God calls for…..and it continually boggles my mind that we can regulate/police/administrate/dole out consequences for protecting a Kangaroo Rat, but not my children and grandchildren….or even me….from violent offenders, sexual perverts, killers……TRULY, our government(s) at every level have prostituted themselves…and by proxy US….for politics….for votes to keep them in office 30 or 40 years running…….the solution being TERM LIMITS.

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  8. Well, obviously he didn’t spend those two months learning a thing. Prison doesn’t scare him. He is untrainable.
    It is sad that poor woman had to die by the hands of someone she feared so much, but knew she would never be able to outrun him. They always find their target.

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  9. Holy cow!

    So Tupac has been in prison all this time?!?

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