4th woman accuses director Roman Polanski of child-rape

Director Roman Polanski, 84, is a fugitive from justice.

In 1977, Polanski was arrested and charged with raping a 13-year-old girl named Samantha Geimer. He pled guilty to the charge of statutory rape, but fled from the United States to Paris before he could be sentenced. He has lived in exile in Europe ever since.

It turns out Roman Polanski is a serial child-rapist.

John Nolte reports for Breitbart, Oct. 3, 3017, that a fourth woman has come forth, accusing Polanski of raping her when she was a minor.

According to The New York Times, 61-year-old former actress Renate Langer filed a complaint with the Swiss police accusing Polanski of raping her on two occasions, the first time in 1972 when she was just 15. Langer says the sexual assault took place when she was visiting the director at his home in Gstaad after he’d expressed an interest in her for a film. The following month, with the promise of a movie role and an apology, he lured her into another rape.

In addition to Langer and Geimer, Polanski is also accused by:

Born in Paris of agnostic Polish Jewish parents, Polanski said he’s an atheist in an interview about his most famous film, Rosemary’s Baby. (Wikipedia)

John Nolte points to the hypocrisy of feminists and Hollywood:

Roman Polanski remains the Great White Hypocrisy of America’s oh-so woke, leftwing feminists. An Oscar-winner who also happens to be a fugitive child rapist, he is also a cause célèbre among Hollywood’s beautiful people….

You see, the sophisticated left wants us to forgive and forget Roman’s crimes — kind of like the way they want us to forgive and forget the myriad of accusations against former President Bill Clinton.

In the wake of his heinous 1977 crime, countless self-proclaimed male and female “feminists” have worked with, celebrated, and defended Polanski.

This fourth accuser will change nothing.

Indeed. Where’s the “social justice” outrage for Polanski’s victims and the countless other victims of Hellywood pedophiles?


9 responses to “4th woman accuses director Roman Polanski of child-rape

  1. Democrats…

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  2. It has never been satisfactorily explained why Polanski was outside of the United States when his wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered. But I have read that to obtain a better understanding of the hippie movement in California one should read about the history of Laurel Canyon and, also, Jack Parsons.
    Back in the late 1970’s as I recall, novelist Norman Mailer was behind parole for killer Jack Abbott, for the latter’s gritty prison autobiography, “In the Belly of the Beast.” Mailer, along with Susan Sontag and other members of PEN, advocated for Abbott’s parole. Out of prison for about a month, Abbott killed a waiter in Manhattan for the latter’s refusal to allow him access to the restaurant men’s room. (Abbott was re-imprisoned, and hanged himself there some years later).

    Certain members of the Hollywood Elite have always been known to have a soft-spot for criminals, especially of the political and sexual variety. Other than expressing solidarity for a fellow Satanist or secret society member, I cannot imagine what it is, save for two possibilities: First, it is common to our fallen nature to be fascinated and not repulsed by evil. Second, as Camus has warned us, “When evil begins to reason about itself, it assumes all the rigors of a syllogism.”
    A third possible explanation surfaces when we recall actress Meryl Streep’s cooing support of Polanski at some awards show: Some of these actors, like Narcissus, have fallen in love with their own image, and think of themselves as being above the rest of humanity. It beckons back to Nietzsche’s explanation of the morality of slaves vs. the morality of masters: Streep, Polanski, Mailer, Susan Sontag and Abbott think of themselves as being above the rest of humanity, but as they are deluded they possess the moral code not of masters but of slaves. Nietzsche thought that Christianity was the moral code of the slave, and that was because he had, in the words of Andre Gide, “an insane jealousy of Jesus Christ.”

    It seems to me that sexuality is the coin of the realm in the battle for souls. This is why sexual continence, chastity, matters: What pretends to be our servant can quickly become our master!

    Well, I’ll say one thing “for” Roman Polanski: At least he hasn’t caused as much carnage as, say, Hillary Clinton. (Both are going to hell soon enough, anyway!)

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  3. Bet Meryl Streep will still applaud for him.

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  4. Just shoot the bastard.


  5. A 13 year old is a child. A 16 year old is a woman. All of this is consensual sex?


  6. Here’s something not mentioned anymore, he was married to Sharon Tate, who was 8 months pregnant when she was ritually murdered by the Charles Manson family. Look up the details, you will have to read a book because the media seems to want to keep the real story hidden. It’s all about the Laurel Drive cult in L A/ Hollywood. So not only is Polanski a pedophile rapist, a Satanist too. No wonder Rosemary’s Baby.

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    • I’ve read quite a bit on this. While it is impossible to ignore the connections between the players, I lived through that period and have some doubts as to the conclusions. In addition, it must be remembered that LA has always been the fad capitol of the world and attracts every phony known to man.

      It is true, however, that Tate’s crowd was at least loosely connected to Manson and the others. Whether it was a “ritual” or not is debatable.

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