Las Vegas shooting massacre: Where are the broken windows on 32nd floor?

We are told that on the night of Sunday, October 1, 2017, 64-year-old retired accountant and multimillionaire Stephen Craig Paddock fired an automatic weapon from his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, at an outdoor Route 91 Harvest country western music concert across the street, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500. See:

The media published this pic of Mandalay Bay hotel after the shooting, showing two shot-out windows presumably of Paddock’s suite on the 32nd floor.

Note that the 32nd floor is 6 floors down from where the purple-grey vertical concrete sidings begin. Those sidings are lit up at night. I painted the numbers 1-6 in yellow. The two broken windows are, from right:

  • Broken window #1 is the first window to the left of the second vertical purple-grey siding.
  • Broken window #2 is the second window to the left of the third vertical purple-grey siding.

Self-described independent journalist and former NSA operative Jim Stone found a very interesting photo from the night of the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

As is Stone’s wont, he doesn’t give the source of the pic, but I can verify its authenticity because I found it on Dynamite News, in an October 2 article titled, “Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting”. Here’s the pic on Dynamite News:

Stone provided a high-resolution, enlarged version of the pic (see below). I painted the yellow arrow and the two yellow circles to indicate the 32nd floor and where the two broken windows should be.

↓Click to enlarge↓

Here’s a cropped and enlarged view of the above pic, showing the 32nd floor windows:

There’s something light-colored in window #2, but I don’t see any broken windows, do you?

In other words, the two windows on the 32nd floor do not appear shot-out on the night of October 1 right after the mass shooting, but they are broken on October 2 when the media took the picture of Mandalay Bay hotel in daylight.

Why’s that?

Here’s another strange thing that Jim Stone brings to our attention.

In the video above of the Route 91 Harvest country-music concert, sound of gun shots begin at the 0:00:05 mark, lasting 10 seconds, with the band playing throughout. Note that the stage is lit up.

The band stops playing when the gunshots end. You hear chatter among the audience as people begin to realize what just happened.

Beginning at around 0:00:22, the stage lights dim, then go completely dark at 0:00:25. A woman’s voice can be heard above the din of the crowd, “Oh, my God.”

At 0:00:31, bright strobe lights are lit above the stage, all the better to illuminate the crowd, who begin to flee in panic. The sound of gun shots resumes beginning at the 0:00:52 mark.

“Larger strobe lights can be used in ‘continuous’ mode, producing extremely intense illumination.” (Wikipedia) Why did the music festival turn on the extremely bright strobe lights AFTER the automatic weapon was first fired, not knowing if the shooting would continue, thereby further endangering the concert audience?

See also:


46 responses to “Las Vegas shooting massacre: Where are the broken windows on 32nd floor?

  1. It was one of the suites he was in according to two friends in Vegas, who know the hotel, but the 4th floor one is what is getting me.

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    For your information.


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  3. It looks to me like there is a person in window number 2 (the second window, farthest left in the picture/image). I would not expect to see the window broken given the dimness of the picture taken at night. However, there is an excellent graphic video, purportedly taken by an amateur good samaritan . This video looks very real, and gives a good close up of some recently dead, and dying from the concert area:

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    • That is a harrowing video. It’s sad to read the LiveLeak comments. I didn’t think the videographer was “self-promoting” or “self-serving”. And posting it wasn’t gratuitous. Sadly, it’s what we need to see.

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      • Exactly. We would never get this information from the government. This entire atrocity will be all but forgotten in a month. It is important to have as much transparency into the event as possible before it goes down the memory hole. If the FBI or government has anything at all to hide, this is the last thing they want people to see, the bloody, war-like aftermath.

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      • It’s just more of what we talk about all the time. People want to belong. It frightens and annoys them when people question “authority”. They would much rather be wrong or no nothing with acceptance than to be right and be scolded by authority figures.

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  4. Concerning the lights….
    Concert lighting is computer programmed and run with software. Lights turning up and down to include bright strobes are not unusual. I run programmed light systems every weekend. It is not easy to kill the program and pull the lights up or down manually.

    As for the lack of broken windows, how the heck can anyone tell with any degree of certainty? The telephoto resolution is far from ideal.

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    • Concur with your opinion/knowledge about the lights.


    • Seeker of Truth

      So you are telling us that you believe the lights coming on to illuminate the crowd was pre-programmed? If that is true, there may actually be a conspiracy to create a “kill box” of sitting ducks. Because the timing of those lights do not follow the events of the concert. You expect us to believe that it was an unfortunate coincidence that the lights came on in what would have been the middle of the song? Hard pill to swallow. Seems more likely that you are a troll attempting to sway public opinion toward the “official narrative”

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    • RLJohson:

      Why would the computer program the stage lights to go completely dark at the 0:00:15 mark (after the first round of shooting)? That doesn’t make any sense.

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  5. One thing is certain, the official narrative on the alleged “shooter” is hogwash. This was a dark, deviant organized massacre, and there’s a pattern emerging from these mass shootings that raises multiple red flags. Human lives mean nothing to purveyors of evil.

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  6. This note, with a ball point pen next to it, was found in the room with Paddock dead. This was planned so thoroughly, executed so thoroughly, that the key to motive is probably written in that letter. This was no afterthought or mishap. The public needs to see that note.

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  7. Here’s a poser:

    How do we explain this? She is upset because she kept looking for mention of it on TV. There was none. But, there they were, in “lockdown”. She says there was broken glass all over the lobby.

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    • “She says there was broken glass all over the lobby”

      But she doesn’t actually show us the broken glass. I can understand why Bellagio Hotel would be in lockdown, but why would there be broken glass? And if there had been a shooting, would people be calmly walking and sitting around?

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  8. How does one break an inch-thick, 800 pound window?
    This and a number of things don’t add up. Go to Zero Hedge and read Tyler Durden’s article on the shooting, “16 Things…”
    Again, I am absolutely convinced that some intelligence agency had to have coordinated this attack and someone—one of more persons of that group—screwed up in the execution.

    Well, excellent coverage here on FOTM. But this whole thing—just like Sandy Hook—is wearing me out.

    I agree with Alex Jones that there IS a civil war going on in this Country, inside our deep state, or between the deep state and the executive branch. The Fight of Our Lives is happening RIGHT NOW. And whether Antifa and ISIS are involved matter, also: Antifa is someone’s pawn; They don’t determine policy. But I also believe that ISIS—which never seems to get around to attacking Israel—is Israel’s proxy. There is also the question of the gun-running and the money connection to the Philippines.

    More excellent reporting shall be forthcoming from the internet’s best sites. In the meantime, I am certain the Deep State is planning their next abomination now.

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      • I still don’t know how to post a link. All these hours of driving is really wearing me out, Dr. E. Thanks.

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      • Dr. Eowyn, Dane Wigington, in the first 5 minutes of his latest global alert news, reports that he was contacted by a source that reported that he had stayed at the Mandalay recently and that someone bumped into one of the windows during a party. Security was at their door within 2 minutes demanding entry. They proceeded to explain and point out sensors in the windows that tell security immediately the exact location if anyone tampers with the windows. This is due to liability issues. There had to be a complete security stand down (similar to 911) to allow the shooter to remain in that room uncontested for an hour and twelve minutes! It’s outrageous that many people were killed because police and security failed to do their jobs, yet they are hailed as heroes by the media and our traitorous politicians. It really makes me sick to think about it.


        • Good grief. This vital information should go viral, so that the victims and their families can sue Mandalay Bay and LVPD.


          • Dr. Eowyn, I just watched the latest press conference with sheriff Lombardo where he revises the timeline. He said the security guard was shot at 9:59 and reported it immediately. That is a full 6 minutes before he commenced shooting on the innocent public! This appears to be conclusive proof that this shooting was allowed to happen. I’m dumbfounded…..


    • I have read, and it makes sense to me, that they can be easily removed for cleaning. There is likely a tool and a method to allow this. It has been said that the patsy’s girlfriend worked for the hotel.

      I posted a video where there is a picture of several windows “missing” for cleaning. Granted, it would require knowing what one was doing.

      Also, I have moved WAY past thinking of the patsy as the author of this. I doubt that he had anything to do with the logistics. His job was to get killed and be the fall guy.


  9. bellagio hotel vid is fake it was a robbery in march 2017


  10. My deepest condolences to the families of the victims … I hope that mercy will be our way of life with each other …

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  11. check this video.. slow it down and look in bottom left corner.. You will see the second shooter clear as day…

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  12. the pic with the cops around the squad car looks VERY staged to me (reminds me of that comedy show “Reno 911!”) and the video of the guy who’s wandering around asking people how they’re doing looks highly suspicious to me:
    1. the “blood” looked very pink
    2. the only purpose of his video was to demonstrate “casualties”
    3. he walked around touching various people with “blood” stained hands
    4. he talked as though he worked as a healthcare professional, yet he incorrectly took the pulse of the girl @ 0:41
    5. he kept saying: “are you with me?” but offered no medical assistance as he walked on to film the next “victim”
    6. I saw plenty of “blood”, but no wounds and a few people who were supposedly “dead” leak blood from their mouths which means they were breathing.
    I saw more grass than I did bodies of “injured/dead”.
    where were the sirens and why did the lights go out?
    looked more like a disaster drill to me.

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    • I agree. I have no way to check, but it isn’t “all or nothing”. They could have killed and injured some (or all) or nobody. Some of the fire may have been blanks.

      In the various audio recordings, there are at least two, maybe three distinctly different reports. There is the “firecracker” noise, a sound like a real .223 and another, boomy sound like an M-60.

      Several people have reported being fired upon by someone in the crowd. There are very real flashes at the fourth floor level. Besides that, why would they block the exits? Why did it take over 70 minutes to get into his room? Why was there an “active shooter” drill scheduled for midnight of the same day at the same location?

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  13. “The night before the shooting, Mr. Paddock made two complaints to the hotel about noise coming from his downstairs neighbors: Albert Garzon, a restaurant owner visiting from San Diego, and his wife and friends. Mr. Garzon, who was staying in 31-135, directly beneath Mr. Paddock, said security guards knocked on his door around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday and asked him to turn down his music, country songs. When he asked where the complaint was coming from, pointing out that the nearest rooms on either side were far away, the security guard said, “It’s the guest above you.”

    They turned the music down, but had another visit from different security guards half an hour later. The man had called to complain again. Mr. Garzon turned the music off. It wasn’t until the early hours of Monday that Mr. Garzon realized Mr. Paddock had been the complainer.”

    One of the most common complaints Gang Stalking targeted individuals is incessant “noise campaigns”.

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  15. Hi Dr. Eowyn, I remember seeing this photo the day after the shooting. There are many problems with it and it was obviously staged to document the event and propagandize the people, however, I do believe the resolution is adequate and it sure doesn’t show blown out windows. I see the following problems with this photo. The photographer as well as the two bystanders are standing blatantly exposed in the line of fire while the police officers are taking obvious cover positions. One of the bystanders is standing almost in the line of fire of one of the police officers which is absolutely ridiculous. The one civilian crouched by the police car is not wearing shoes and there appears to be a cowboy boot laying in the middle of the frame. Cowboy boots are very hard to put on and off and it’s unreasonable to think that someone fleeing ran out of their boot. Other researchers (ole dammegard) have pointed out that the appearance of shoes at all these event is a symbol of Masonic involvement and they show up in countless pictures, especially the latest event in Charlottesville. Finally, there is a large red baphomet hand sign to the left of the stage!?!? It is my belief that the main motive for this event was that it was a blood sacrifice by these satanists, hence the staging of the Luxor hotel ( the pyramid), the sphinx, and the obelisk appearing throughout many of the videos. Much love, Dutch


    • Excellent points, Dutch, about the suspicious signs that the pic was staged!
      To think that, in the midst of a shooting massacre, police would pose for a photo-op is mind-boggling in its implications.

      Love back at ya. 😀


    • Dutch, I have heard Ole D. make reference to the shoes in many false flags in the past. He has also pointed out that the latest trend with these events seems to be death by vehicles. I always love his analysis of these events.

      You mentioned the Baphomet hand signal beside the stage. Have you seen the tattoos on Jason Aldean’s arms? If so, have you noticed any symbols of sun worship? His tattoos seem to be a little over the top compared to other country musicians…IMHO.


      • Hi Maryaha, I just listened to Ole today on the higher side chats giving his analysis of the event and he covers the shoes (cowboy boots) in some detail. It might be worth your while to check it out. Thanks for the heads up on Jason aldeans tattoos. I’ll check that out. Unfortunately, I believe many of these high paid actors and entertainers have had to sell their souls to achieve their fame and I’m sure that would apply here as well. I haven’t listened to country music for awhile but when I looked at the lyrics to some of Aldean’s songs I was appalled. I’m no prude but I remember when country music used to be about mama, apple pie, and beer. Not anymore I guess… Also, there seemed to be a very strong western theme to this event. Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, country music, the reporters talking about the crowd stampeding, being cheek to jowl, penned in, a shooter named Paddock (a pen for animals) from Mesquite, Nevada, etc. etc. But what do I know. I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist…


        • …..there seemed to be a very strong western theme to this event. Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, country music…..

          This happened in Nevada, not Vermont.
          I lived in Vegas for 5 years. It is very much a “western” community.


        • Hey, I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist too. 😀

          I listen to country music, but most of it is from the 90s. I had never listened to anything by this guy until this shooting happened, and I went and listened to part of the song he was singing when the gunfire started. Not my taste.

          About his tattoo – it resembles the “Las Vegas” card in the NWO Illuminati playing cards. Here’s a very short video that shows what I mean:

          I will definately go check out what Ole has to say about it!


          • Yes, I watched that video after you mentioned it earlier. It’s very telling. Las Vegas sheriff just revised the timeline to say the security guard was shot and notified his superiors a full 6 minutes before shooting started on the innocent public!!!! There can be no other conclusion than they allowed this shooting to happen.


    • I will agree on the staging look to the photo but the “Masonic” ties are laughable and only fuel the “conspiracy theory” MO that those trying to get away with these kinda coverups are counting on.


  16. The day after the incident I saw CNN reporting in front of place and windows were not broken then later on in another report windows were broken. Made me wonder if the pics of broken window or non broken windows were some false or made up. After that report it was always broken. Wish I had taped it.

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  17. Regarding the comment about the lighting-up of the venue further endangering the audience, it’s usually standard emergency protocol in most venues (if there is any type of emergency calling for an evacuation such as a fire, a bomb, or a mass shooting perhaps) to illuminate all exits so people can get out. It is actually possible that those lights helped keep people from being trampled and helped them make it to an exit, and doubtful they did much to further endanger the audience. You didn’t need floodlights to know or see the crowd there. As for the photo above, there are some interesting comments here about that photo appearing to have been staged – I.e. taken at a completely different time than the actual shooting. If that were true of course it would mean the cameraman and others were complicit in producing a video that appeared to be at the time of the event and wasn’t – and probably beforehand, indicating prior knowledge, which seems a pretty big risk for them to take, making public that they had prior knowledge. I wonder if there is anything else in this video that would confirm WHEN it occurred, or if anyone in the video can actually be identified so they can at least be questioned about it. On the other hand maybe it was taken during the actual event, and I could even buy that the person filming may have been either hiding behind something & holding the camera up in the air while the police took protective positions, or maybe he was just crazily standing there fully exposed to get a good look (there are multiple people seen to be doing that at the concert – people sometimes do unexpected things like that). Either way I’m not sure the image proves the windows weren’t broken at that time – if the light were off in the room and/or curtains over the window already, it could look unbroken in this picture. It’s just too dark in those areas to say for sure whether they are or aren’t broken, and I’m suspicious of anyone claiming that this image PROVES that they weren’t. To me that’s still unclear from this image. Having said that, I seriously question all of it – I’m guessing those windows are VERY hard to break, hammer or no hammer, it’s not like a car windshield. You can throw furniture into glass like that and it won’t break. Furthermore why isn’t there a single photo out there showing the glass that fell from the broken windows, even on a sub-roof or something (I found a headline saying “here’s a video showing some of the glass on top of a bus stop” but the link to the video was dead & didn’t work) and why didn’t anyone below seem to have noticed the falling/fallen glass? It’s like the glass from the windows just disappeared – I’m still searching for evidence of it, which is how I discovered this page. And that’s just the beginning of MY questions. But I don’t necessarily think this video proves or disproves anything. Oh also I do find it interesting to ponder whether this was a satanic sacrifice based on what one person is saying was an image of baphomet along with other Masonic sign like boots (personally I never heard of boots being a symbol of freemasonry and I do know that people who like country music also often wear cowboy boots) as well as other Masonic symbols in vegas like the pyramid & the obelisk. But what about the other places Paddock had allegedly planned to shoot up next – do they also have blatant Masonic or satanic symbols? And I mean, in vegas, with all that money and sin flowing, it’s not really a shocker to see Masonic symbols there, that are all over U.S. currency itself – does that mean that if anything bad happens there it’s automatically satanic or Masonic? I don’t think so, I think the person who made that comment – just like the anti-gun lobby and people who say this was an intentional targeting of Trump supporters – was trying to distract and maybe even discredit people who are still trying to figure out what really happened.


  18. I must admit they really outdid themselves this time. In a strange way, it’s an approach that “works”. Everything contradicts everything else. The only certainty is that it didn’t happen as advertised and they aren’t going to come clean.


  19. Dynamite news photos show a railroad crossing if you look to the left. The only way possible is if this shot was taken on the south end of strip looking north, which is not the wing of MB where windows broke.


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