Homosexual Lance Bass whines: “I want to donate blood to Vegas victims and I’m not allowed”

lance bass and micharl turchin

Not allowed: Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin

It’s not all about you, Lance. Rules are in place for a reason. Get over it.

If he wants to help, I suggest the homosexual donate a portion of his $22 million to help the victims.

From People:  Like millions of Americans, Lance Bass was compelled to donate blood to help some of the 527 concertgoers injured during Sunday’s deadly Las Vegas shooting.

But the Federal Drug Administration prevents men who’ve had sex with other men within the past 12 months from donating blood — preventing Bass, who is openly gay and married to husband Michael Turchin, from donating.

“How is it STILL illegal for gays to donate blood??!!” the 38-year-old singer wrote on Twitter Monday night. “I want to donate and I’m not allowed.”

Other gay men spoke out about the ban in the wake of the Vegas tragedy. “Antiquated, homophobic standards prevent gay men like me from donating life-saving blood,” wrote one user.

“It infuriates me that gay & bisexual men can be turned away from donating blood in Las Vegas because of the @US_FDA’s discriminatory policy,” added LGBT advocate, writer, and speaker Shane Bitney Crone.

According to the FDA, its decision to make men who have had sex with other men defer for 12 months from their most recent sexual contact before they donate is based on several years of research and recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

The policy was originally put in place as a lifetime ban, implemented by the FDA in 1983 at the start of the AIDS crisis.

At the time, little was known by sciences about the spread of the disease — though now, the AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks), America’s Blood Centers and the American Red Cross have all said the FDA’s ruling is “medically and scientifically unwarranted.” They have long urged the FDA to modify blood donation policies so they are “comparable with criteria for other groups at increased risk of sexual transmission of transfusion-transmitted infections.”

But the FDA, who changed its policy to a 12-month ban in 2015, stands by its decision. “At present, there are insufficient scientific data available to determine whether it is safe to rely only on individual behavioral risk factors when determining donation eligibility,” the FDA’s “Revised Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission by Blood and Blood Products” states. “The Red Cross continues to work with the FDA and our blood industry partners to gather additional scientific risk data to assist the FDA in determining if further changes are warranted in the future.”

There is no deferral for a woman who has had sex with another woman, the individual therefore eligible to donate blood.  The same applies to individuals who identify as transgender or intersex.

Read the rest of the story here.


40 responses to “Homosexual Lance Bass whines: “I want to donate blood to Vegas victims and I’m not allowed”

  1. How would you like to receive “Hefner’s Disease” from Light in the Loafers Lance?

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  2. I do not wish to receive blood from a man who has had another man’s penis up his ass and probably 50 other men as well. The hepatitis risk from sodomy is a proven scientific fact. Satan is in hysterics over his children’s antics.

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  4. The reason is that your life saving blood has a much higher risk of actually being a death sentence than being life saving. Choices have consequences. Something most people learned in kindergarten. It has nothing to do with your gay lifestyle, it has everything to do with your lifestyle choice. Change your lifestyle choice, and you will be able to donate all the blood you wish, in only 12 months. And I really don’t care if you are gay or not. That again, is your own choice, that you alone must live with, and die with.

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  5. To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine,”WAAAAH-fuckin’-WAAH!!” Pardon the Liberalese…

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  6. Women having sex with other women are least likely to transmit HIV. If it wasn’t for men having sex with other men, we would have never seen it spread through donor blood in the first place. Clearly I don’t care what you do in the bedroom, but I’d rather you didn’t donate blood. How are we supposed to know someone hasn’t been sexually active for 12 months? Ask him?

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  7. Bass you Ass, you are partaking of Franz Fanon’s “philosophy of joyful murder,” and you are so freaking stupid, you most likely don’t even know it. But that’s all right, Bass-man: Barack Obama freely admitted it, in his “Audacity.”
    There is a special furnace in hell for unrepentant sodomites in Hell, Mr. Bass. Better pull your head from out of your, you know, Haunted House of Madness.

    The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ Shall Not be mocked.

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  8. Yeah, I ran into this in my early days as an adjunct professor… the school paper’s editor ran a piece about a friend who was denied the “right” to donate blood because he was gay (this was probably 25y ago). I wrote a non-judgemental response detailing in as little graphic terms as possible why the rules were in place, and how even women who had sex with men who’d had sex with other men (and also IV drug users) presented a greater risk to HIV transferal, and thus AIDS, due to how gays performed intercourse, and how certain orifices simply weren’t made for such, and were more likely to tear, expose blood, and thus transfer the infection. Hetero intercourse done in the “normal” way is not as likely to result in transmission: less tearing, blood.

    The public’s refusal to change in response to what we KNEW could slow or prevent transmission baffled me.The left just said “It’s our right!” “Anyone can get it!” No, they can’t. It’s not like catching a cold… They also once thought it could only be found in sperm and blood… until it was found in other fluids and tissues. At least now law enforcement treats spit as a possible danger. But the left doesn’t want to change; they’d rather demand a vaccine to allow them to keep on truckin’. And drug research got switched from things like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc., due to their LOUD demands… Sheesh.

    The editor was actually appreciative; said he simply hadn’t known. But I got fallout from other professors… became a persona non-grata, an outsider quickly. I was teaching Chemistry (and later, IT), but they thought the subject matter was beyond my expertise and thus shouldn’t have been touched.

    Except that a few years earlier, I’d been working at a hospital in Texas where, in 1986, we’d been sent to a seminar on the new AIDS scourge exploding in the U.S., mostly because we dealt — on a daily basis — with human tissue specimens (a biochem lab working with enzymes fresh from the source — my supply came from placenta… yuck. Co-workers’ came from brains… double yuck. Double gloves.) So I had a pretty decent understanding. And besides, I backed up what I wrote from the CDC website ANYBODY could check.

    Prior to that, at a lab I worked while in college (1983-ish), the Haitian cleaning lady told me about how back home, the natives would have sex with monkeys to entertain and make money from tourists, and that was how AIDS got spread from simians to humans originally. I dunno. I believed the cleaning lady. Good Christian woman. But I didn’t include it in my editorial response… You can Google it; it’s a prevalent (and hotly debated) theory even today.

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    • Wow, that must be what they mean by “hot jungle love”. I understand that those monkeys can get so excited they don’t give hickies, they bite off your face!

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  9. Very tired of these people. (Current) political/social perceived “civil rights” do NOT cross-over into the statistical “right” to endanger someone else’s life (or SEVERAL people’s lives) through a blood supply in the health-care system. Don’t believe me? Then, try to get your kid into a public school without the “required” immunizations. NO GO. Bring a lawyer and your millions…and still NO GO. The public health is more weighty than your individual lifestyle and “feelings.” Politics and health care are apples and oranges (Oh—but don’t dare insinuate this to the Obama Dems!!!). I say—- BUGGER OFF! I guess “ANTIFA” has no boundaries…even in the ER…..How about this….we’ll suck the blood out of your homosexual arm and then dump it down the drain in the spirit of protecting those who are most ill, vulnerable, and compromised at the moment. You’ll be happy, and we’ll be protective of those who need protecting. We don’t need to add your unreasonable demand for “rights” to compound this poor victim in need, JUST to make sure your “feelings” are not hurt. PLEASE PLEASE, go back to your parent’s basement and snuggle up in your PJ’s…….with your boyfriend , if required.

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    • I have a friend who is a psychologist. He had a contract once at Pelican Bay. He got out of it for a host of reasons related to disgusting and dangerous behavior. One of them was the prisoners making “dart guns” out of ballpoint pen barrels, darts out of sewing needles, which they stuck their HIV infected selves with and shot at the guards.

      So, as you say, he thinks he has a “right” to infect others. That should be, (and probably is) a felony.

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      • My PhD “rehab” psychologist husband has worked in Federal and State prisons on both coasts through the years as a Forensic Psychologist….or a “Rehab” Psychologist , and what you have described, lo….is and has been “common” for more than 30 years. Prisoners not only do this in this “sophisticated way” that you’ve described…but through spitting, urinating upon, and smashing/throwing feces into the faces of guards called to bogus “emergency” situations, and so on….even BITING….

        Thank God….my hubby now “ONLY” works as a Rehab psychologist for head injury for the State of CA…evaluating…measuring ability…suggesting rehab and future, possible, employment possibilities…..

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        • Yeah, my friend did this YEARS ago. He has his own practice, he just acquired this contract when he was starting out. He did it for a time, he wasn’t happy with it.

          I can understand. They have 24 hours a day, every day to think up things like this. In addition, many are crazy. He told me once about interviewing a prisoner. They were so violent there that they had a double chainlink fence between the counselor and the prisoner that ran through the center of the room and table.

          The guys told him that he was going to kill his “cellie” (his room mate). My friend reported this to the warden and the warden laughed at him. I made my friend mad at first until the warden explained that the prisoner had been in solitary for a year.

          I guess we got a little off topic, but craziness is not in short supply, inside prison or out.

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  10. Citing a nonexistent ‘right’ in order to ‘mainstream’ a perverted lifestyle.
    I would rather receive donated blood from a …. Klingon!
    Keep the perversion in California, where I understand homos are free to donate blood. Their governor sucks! (actually, he just might!)

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  11. Lots of people got AIDS from gays tinted blood. Now it looks like the gays are going to lobby against this and they will probably be successful getting the restrictions lifted. When that happens I guess I’m gonna die before I’ll accept a blood transfusion…..

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  12. As someone that is not a little anemic, I can do without the stress of worrying about the cooties in the blood bags I often receive.

    If that makes me a homophobe, then so be it.

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  13. @ Dave – You’re not a homophobe. Lance in his pants is a Heterophobe

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  14. Oh geez, now they want to get politically correct about rules to protect sick people from getting nasty diseases? Blood transfusions are wrought with enough dangers without worrying about offending some homosexuals! PULEEZE!!! Think about SOMEBODY ELSE FOR A CHANGE YOU FLAMING HOG DOGS!
    If you can’t keep it out of a guy’s bunghole (which nature meant to be ‘exit only’), then don’t bemoan the fact you can’t donate blood. Hepatitis is still around, ditto AIDS and other STD’s that homosexuals seem to get in inordinate numbers. They have a much shorter life span than heterosexuals, due to their incredibly promiscuous and ‘devil may care’ lifestyles.

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    • Oh, also they ask you if you had unprotected sex with anyone like a stranger and they ask this of HETEROSEXUALS too.

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    • Said succinctly chem….! I couldn’t have said it better! Hit all the salient points.whether they are taken by their “target” seriously or as a “slap in the face,” it was on point and a well-delivered truth(s).

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    • I can’t even imagine why he WANTS to give blood so badly. Must be a pervert.

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      • Why wouldn’t he want to donate his blood to save a life like anyone else? Is the only reason you do something good is because some ancient book told you and you’re worried you won’t go to heaven if you don’t? Your reason to donate blood, if you even do, is dishonest and selfish.


        • I refer you to my discussion above about queer prisoners shooting people with their AIDS infected needles. I really don’t care what “Lance” wants to do or why. It’s too dangerous for people who use their “lances” inappropriately.

          By the way, “Hell doesn’t exist”? You can talk that over with Michael Moore and “Ritchie Madcow” when you make your appearance. Drop us a line if your stationery doesn’t burn up.

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  15. I have always considered homosexuality a form of mental illness.
    Save your criticisms about what I just stated. You’ll never convince me that a man having sexual relations with another man, or a woman having sexual relations with another woman (or even wanting to…..) is anything approaching normal. Not. Even. Close.
    And, if you want to sniffle and say that I’m a “homophobe”…. well, I don’t give a damn about your precious little feelings. Don’t need to hear it.

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    • So yes, chu…if, suddenly, mathematically 2+2=10, then, you’d assume that something went off the rails….in science, if the “law” of gravity went off the rails, you’d think something went wrong and the Earth was in imminent danger of extinction…IF, even in the world of ART, blue+yellow= purple…..you’d KNOW that something was WRONG in your world and you would try to find out if you were in danger…you’d investigate nature, your surroundings, science…anything that could explain this to you so you’d not have to go hide in an “end of days” shelter. BUT…..when a biological male wants to mate with another biological male…or visa versa for a female….or even yet……one of any sex wants to surgically alter their “reproductive parts” to assume the identity of the opposite sex……and then “re” mate….we all “consider” this “progressive and normal….” IMO…YOU”D better dig a deeper SHELTER, b/c your world is OFF THE RAILS & at this point, there is nothing you can do about it if your tax dollars are already paying for this (in prisons, etc)….you will NEVER dig yourself out of this unless you DRAIN The DC and your STATE SWAMP…..& so far, that is NOT happening.

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  16. Well, you paint a rather dark picture. This has become a world out of a “Twilight Zone” episode (like the one where Burgess Meredith was officially declared to be ‘obsolete’ and condemned to death because he was a ….. librarian).
    I feel like the British general who surrendered his forces at the end of the American Revolution, marching his defeated troops out while the band played “The World Turned Upside Down”.
    Since the election of 1992, if not before, this world has indeed been turned upside down.
    I am ready to check out of this looney bin.


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