Antifa claims Las Vegas mass shooting as theirs

On the night of October 1, 2017, we are told a single gunman, 64-year-old multimillionaire Stephen Craig Paddock, fired an automatic weapon from his hotel suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, killing 59 and wounding more than 500 at an outdoor country-music concert across the street.

The FBI quickly dismissed an ISIS claim of responsibility for the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. But according to InfoWars, claiming an unnamed FBI source, police found radical Left Antifa literature (as well as innumerable guns and rifles) in Paddock’s hotel room.

See “Who is Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock?

Lending credence to Paddock being an Antifa member or sympathizer is a message posted on Melbourne Antifa’s Facebook page yesterday, referring to Paddock as “one of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch”:

Melbourne Antifa quickly deleted that post, but not before it was archived in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. You can see it for yourself here.

In April 2016, the Obama administration’s FBI and DHS issued a confidential report, Baseline Comparison of US and Foreign Anarchist Extremist Movements, which classified Antifa as “domestic terrorists”.

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22 responses to “Antifa claims Las Vegas mass shooting as theirs

  1. Do they really want to declare war? Is this the private army BarryObama bragged about?

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  2. I listen to Alex Jones every day—have been for the past seven years now.
    I heard Jones deliver this report live.

    PROBLEM: How do we know Jones is telling us what is actually the case? This IS NOT to call Alex Jones or his source a liar. What I am saying is this, that although the source believes his information to be true, and Alex Jones believed it to be true, it may not be true. Or, to clarify things, it may not be totally true.

    What I am saying is this: Almost every single one of these terror attacks seems to be well-planned. As in TOO WELL-PLANNED. As I said in a comment on another post, it would not surprise me to learn if either the CIA or the Mossad has been involved in any or all of these terror attacks.
    Stay with me for a moment while I think out loud.
    Charles Manson’s crimes shocked and stunned America. His crimes of suborning murder and leading a cult represented a new level of crime in America. Oh Yes, Old Charlie’s shock value lasted for years.
    Were Manson and his gang guilty? Of course. I am not questioning their guilt. (Or that Justice would have demanded their crucifixion!) What I am opining—without proof, obviously—is this: It seemed to me that Manson was no “bright light”; He was likely so dumb he could barely brush his teeth, let alone come up with a narrative for the White Album or plan a race war.
    I am saying that Manson, in all likelihood, was mind-controlled. And this would necessitate a handler who has evaded detection.

    It’s time to start looking at the forensics of each of these terror attacks. It seems to me that every one of them required the cooperation of a number of people. But not mere cooperation alone, but planning and strategy.
    As I said, certain things dovetail—and certain things don’t.
    Once again, we hear the Everlasting Chant for “Gun Control.” The chorus bleats and repeats. Question: Who Benefits? Who would benefit from more gun control?
    Certainly not the victims: They’re already dead.
    Certainly not you nor I: Without a firearm, law-abiding people like you and I cannot defend ourselves or others from wicked men!
    The Oligarchy benefits. The government, their matrix that owns a Monopoly on Force, benefits: They get the guns away from the law-abiding, and hire more police to grab them.
    SOMEONE, neither you nor I, benefits. And the Government’s Monopoly on Force expands.
    Therefor, terror, Lenin explained, is theater, of sorts.
    So the theater and the performance must be made to proceed smoothly. I submit that only intelligence agencies with firearms, equipment and communications can carry these events out: It’s not only “let’s do this and then that”: It has to be war-gamed out. It’s not a matter of a lone nut or crisis actors.
    We may or may not ever find out: We’ve never seen the photo of the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11—and that makes me conclude the Government is LYING.

    The forensics of this and other events are so complex, I do not believe a team of amateurs could possibly carry it out. If Paddock was ANTIFA or not doesn’t matter, PRIMARILY: He’s dead. ANTIFA is a goon squad, all right, but they DO NOT determine policy: They are someone’s pawns. It’s a deflection from the Intelligence behind the entire event.

    I am of the belief that an intelligence agency (one or more) has been orchestrating these events, on some level. God Knows we certainly have had more than enough of them.

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    • Steven, I agree…I have zero doubt that these events are all state sponsored terror. Whether they are real, hoaxes, set-ups, or false flags, it doesn’t matter to them. They have an agenda and a determined outcome. The globalists want their NWO, and they have to destroy the old order to get the new one. And they can’t get a global NWO without the most powerful nation in the world joining them. Order out of chaos.

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  3. Let me ask you, do you believe we would have ANY of these were it not for government involvement? I don’t think so. Sure, very occasionally somebody would leave the reservation. It would be quite obvious and catch the newswhores at a loss. It would be days before we’d know anything about the shooter.

    Just think back a little. Don’t lose your perspective. Remember the Aussie one? They were literally strolling around on the street outside while the “gunfire” was quite clearly heard inside. If that were real NOBODY would do that.

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  4. Well, in that case, Antifa needs to be declared a domestic terrorist organization. Raid their hangouts across the country, arrest them all, along with their enablers, abettors, and all who fund them, as provided for in the Patriot Act. Then hold them indefinitely without bail and without informing their families of their arrest or their location, and deny them any trial.

    Hey, I’m totally against the Patriot Act, but if they can use it against us, let’s use it against them.

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  5. My thoughts/observations:

    The abrupt clean-up of Paddock’s facebook account is suspicious.

    The blocking in of people so that they had no place to run is suspicious. Photos and video (see “taxi” video I posted on Dr. Eowyn’s recent article: “CBS lawyer: No sympathy for Vegas victims…”) can be seen of concert goers climbing over barricades to get away from the rain of bullets.

    I don’t believe for a second that Paddock was an ISIS recruit. The entire lying media is pushing this narrative hard and plus, it’s known that the lying CIA created ISIS. Clearly, the ISIS narrative is intended to distract us from the most likely perpetrators which includes rogue members of the intelligence community as well as Democratic party operatives — as was the case with Sandy Hook.

    Directly across the street from the festival is the large (illuminati) pyramid. I’m not usually one to point out symbolism but in this case it is rather remarkable and difficult to ignore. Go to Google maps, do a “fly-over” in 3D mode and check it out for yourself.

    Stephen Paddock is apparently a gambler. Early on, I had guessed that this was the case given that his address is perhaps an hour’s drive or so from the strip. What interested me about this is the potential that he might have been up to his neck in gambling debt and perhaps someone had approached him with a way that he could be quickly relieved of his debt problem… But then I thought, nah. Just like it doesn’t require MK Ultra mind control to make someone like Paddock do what he did, it also doesn’t require a strong motivating factor like overwhelming debt either. That’s so 1970ish. All that’s really needed is to make sure that Paddock is in his room at the desired time — preferably dead — and then simply have someone else do the shooting for him.

    This is a well-planned event which suggests that Paddock didn’t operate completely independent of others. First the festival is a country music venue where lots of republicans / Trump supporters would be in attendance. Clearly, it was carefully chosen because of this fact. Secondly, according to a singer at the concert, because of the event, there were hardly any hotel rooms available on the strip — especially in the Mandalay Bay hotel which means that Paddock would have had to book his room weeks in advance. Again, this suggests an act that was carefully planned in advance and not one that’s the result of someone who just suddenly “snapped”.

    That we’ll most likely never see any security camera footage showing Paddock entering the hotel multiple times with guns in tow is, for me, proof enough of a false flag event.

    Who brings 10 guns (and I heard that this number may actually be too low) to an event like this to kill people? I don’t know quite how to interpret this; however, it seems to be merely for general public consumption. That is, it isn’t meant to fool the sort of folks who might visit Dr. Eowyn’s blog but rather, it’s meant to reinforce the deception for the general public that ISIS was involved, thus distracting from who the real perpetrators are (noted above).

    Two windows were shot out of the hotel which suggests that more than one shooter was involved. There’s also some belief that shots were also being fired from about the 4th or 5th floor of the hotel but for me, unless windows were broken at that level, I don’t see how this theory could hold any H2O.

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  6. The Antifa literature found in the hotel room is just too convenient IMO and that the Antifa post was quickly deleted by the Melbourne chapter indicates that the message wasn’t sanctioned by the head of the organization. What this all tells me is that the plan in Vegas hadn’t been 100% fully thought out at the time of execution and perhaps Antifa was the original scapegoat intended to deflect attention away from the intelligence community working in cahoots with any Democratic operatives involved (collectively, referred to here as the “globalists”). In reality, no perfect scapegoat exists for the perpetrators to use. Antifa is too closely tied to the Democratic party and the notion that ISIS is responsible is a bit too far-fetched of a scapegoat to use. Plus, use of either scapegoat does some harm to the globalist’s overall agenda as both organizations are likely essential to it but the potential harm done to Antifa would, IMO, be more damaging (at least domestically) as Antifa has already over-played its hand as it is. Nonetheless, the globalists needed something to deflect blame away from themselves and Antifa just wasn’t it. Or at least, that’s the theory… All I know is, I wouldn’t bet a dime that “NoTeetha” members are actually intelligent enough to pull this off. Most of em haven’t yet learned of the benefits of brushing their teeth. 🙂

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  7. The picture of “Stephen Paddock” reminds me a lot of good old Gene Rosen. The mouth and his closed eyes caught my attention first, but so does his hair and skin. Paddock may have a longer face though.

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  8. Antifa? Maybe. No doubt with some assistance as I doubt these assh*ts are smart enough to orchestrate this on their own.

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  9. I would be interested to see the ME’s report on TOD for Paddock. Multiple witnesses testified to hearing shots from different locations and these folks are vets, off-duty police and fire, and EMT’s. This whole episode revolves around the surge to control weapons, both in Congress and the UN. As an interesting thought to contemplate, this Illuminati satanic ritual mass-killing occurred across the street from the Luxor Hotel, which proudly displays a full-size pyramid and obelisk honoring Osiris. Things that make you go Huuuuuuuuum.

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  10. This whole thing stinks of agenda, to me.

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  11. Well, if they want to declare war, at least our side has most of the guns!

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  13. The Kennedies, the Diem brothers, MLK, Jack Ruby, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, Waco, Twin Towers, WMDs in Syria and Iraq, a hundred you will never know about and a hundred years before that, now Vegas, always have a whitehaired figure with striped pants in an odd blue coat wearing a star spangled top hat fleeing away. He looks vaguely familiar but I can’t quite place him. But i’um p-p-p-r-owd ta be an amurican! JR


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