2017 Las Vegas mass shooting: Things that don’t add up

On the night of Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, we are told a 64-year-old retired accountant and multimillionaire Stephen Craig Paddock fired an automatic weapon from his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, at an outdoor  Route 91 Harvest country western music concert across the street, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500.

See “Who is Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock?” and “Antifa claims Las Vegas mass shooting as theirs“.

Here are some things that don’t add up about this worst mass shooting in U.S. modern history:

(1) A “Hispanic” woman warned concert-goers they were all going to die

A woman, 21, who had left the concert 10-15 minutes before the shooting began, told Sky News that before the shooting, a “Hispanic” woman pushed her way to the front of the venue and told other concert-goers they were “all going to die”. This is how the young woman described the woman who gave the warning (Express):

“Her and her boyfriend were both Hispanic. They’re probably about . . . 5′ 5″, I think. They just look like everyday people.”

“She [the Hispanic woman] had been messing with the lady in front of her and telling her that she was going to die. That we’re going to die. So they escorted her out, to make her stop messing around with all the other people in front of them, but none of us knew that it was going to be serious.”

(2) SounD of gun shots from near and far

The above video is the audio recording by a female taxi-driver named Cori Langdon who was waiting in the taxi line at Mandalay Bay hotel when the shooting started. The recording clearly shows that sounds of gun shots came from both near (loud) and far away (faint).

0:03-0:04 mark: Loud automatic rifle shots.

0:04-1:06: No audible gun shots.

0:51 mark: Langdon says, “Now it sounds like it’s coming from farther away.”

1:07: Loud automatic rifle shots for 2 seconds, followed by distant sounds of gun shots.

1:12: Loud shots for 3 seconds, followed by distant sounds of gun shots ending at 1:22 mark.

1:43: Distant sounds of gun shots, lasting until 1:52 mark. Langdon says: “Something’s going on. I’m not sure why people aren’t running, but there’s a security guard, what’s he doing? You know, for there being gunfire, sure doesn’t seem like people are running.”

2:18: Distant sounds of gun shots, lasting until 2:28 mark.

2:39: Langdon asks, “Where’s the cops at? I’m right here by the porch at Mandalay Bay and everything just seems to be normal here.”

2:45: Distant sounds of gun shots, lasting until 2:54 mark.

3:22: Langdon, “Yeah, we’re just all sitting, we’re just….”

3:34: Voice from taxi dispatch, “I just talked to…police here at the airport say at Mandalay Bay there’s multiple shots (at this point, 3:41 mark, distant sounds of gun shots) … [inaudible] Do not go to Mandalay Bay.”

3:51: Langdon, “Alright, I’m leaving, this is ridiculous, I don’t know why people aren’t leaving. [He drives his taxi around the hotel.] Everyone’s just standing around.”

4:57: Langdon, “It seems like it’s coming from up there [camera pans up Mandalay Bay hotel].”

4:59: Sound of distant gun shots, pausing at 5:01 mark, then resuming until 5:09 mark. [Note that Langdon’s cab is right outside the hotel, with a view up the façade of windows.]

5:25: Sound of distant gun shots, ending at 5:29 mark.

This is the last time gun shots are heard.

5:42: Langdon,” Alright, all these other taxi drivers are gone now.” He drives away from hotel. “Oh my god, now there’s cops everywhere. It seems like it’s coming from, like, the 10th floor of Mandalay Bay. I don’t know. God, this is insane.”

8:04: Langdon, still driving around, says, “Now there’s people running. [Reading from text:] ‘Shooting at the fence across from Mandalay Bay. Please try to stay away.’ Now you got people running, people climbing over the fence there. Yeah, you got people climbing over the fence at the [music] festival and people running around.”

9:28: Some people run up to Langdon’s cab. They get in. Young women’s voices. Langdon takes them away from the strip.

Some commenters on the video’s YouTube page claim the distant gun shot sounds are echoes. Others say the loud and distant shots are due to the shots being fired from two windows on the 32nd floor, presumably from Paddock’s suite, as shown by the two shot-out windows in this pic.

(3) Death scenes in Mandalay Bay hotel room

Today, Oct. 3, Breaking 911 posted pictures alleged to be from Paddock’s room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel.

WARNING: Graphic

The first pic was first posted on InfoWars, showing a man, presumably Stephen Paddock, dead on the floor, with blood on his face (shot in the mouth?) and a pool of blood under his head. There are shell casings around him, three in the pool of blood.

Does the dead man look like 64-year-old Stephen Paddock to you?

As FOTM reader MomOfIV points out, the dead man does not have the “13” tattoo that we can clearly see on Stephen Paddock’s front neck. The dead man is NOT Stephen Craig Paddock.

“13” tattoo on Stephen Paddock’s neck

Below are three pics posted by Boston25 yesterday (Oct. 2), taken inside the shooter’s hotel room showing gun, ammo, bipod, and optics. The carpet appears to be the same as that in the dead guy photo.

Update (Oct. 4, 2017):

National Enquirer has an article with the same photos, titled “Stephen Paddock — Crime Scene Photo Shows Killer’s Brutal End.”

See also:



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  2. where’s the “13” tattoo?

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  3. Great coverage here. You can plainly see from the taxi driver’s view, those shots were from much lower than 32 floors.
    I saw a similar thing from the view of a black female police officer’s car.
    I wonder how much of this will ever be made public or are we just going to be fed what they want?
    I saw where several people were quoting 4chan that Geary Danley was the shooter.
    I still think it is weird the girlfriend never said a word of the stockpiling of arms and was out of the country.

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    • Thank you! I noticed that as well! No way could the cabbie be at “the porch” aka front drive pick up for the Mandalay as she states and at 1:47 until about 1:60 in the video, catch glimpses of gunfire in the left rear view mirror if the shooter(s) were on the 32nd floor.


  4. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Below is something I Emailed to a friend of mine some hours ago, followed by his text response to me:

    What I find interesting is that she [the 21-year-old woman interviewed] said the two people who claimed they were all going to die were “Hispanic” — a man and a woman. Well, I can’t help wondering if they weren’t actually Filipino. Here where I work, it seems half the employees are from the Philippines, and I can tell you that a significant number of them really look Mexican to me. Most of them are on the short side, too. If I didn’t already know they were from the Philippines I would automatically have thought they were from Mexico.

    Also, this guy Paddock had a Filipino girlfriend, had been sending thousands of dollars to the Philippines recently, and as that photo of him at the Lex nightclub here in Reno shows, he had a large number of Filipino friends — probably related to his girlfriend.
    See photo at The Conservative Treehouse website:

    I’ve got a feeling the “Hispanic” insiders who were telling the Country music festival people they were about to die were really Filipinos. [Perhaps the female was even Paddock’s girlfriend or one of the other women seen in that photo at the Lex nightclub?] But we may never know.

    My friend replied with this:

    “In high school, my future wife was befriended by three Filipino girls. She later found out they only liked her because they thought she was Filipino, too. When she said she was Mexican, they stopped talking to her.”

    So, in other words, he confirmed what I had stated regarding the oftentimes similar facial features of Hispanics and Filipinos.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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  5. Doesn’t add up. Fishy, IMO.

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  6. This isn’t exactly related but I discovered something kind of strange about the hotel itself. The building only has about 45 floors and yet the restaurant and night club on the top floor are said to be on the 63rd floor according to the hotel website. Is that just a publicity thing? For what it’s worth, I first came across this on a local NBC affiliate website that interestingly displays an image of the hotel and labels the shooter’s room as being located on what looks to be perhaps the 20th floor of the building. Here’s the web page: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/national-international/Las-Vegas-Mandalay-Bay-Casino-Incident-Police-448994423.html. See down about the middle of the page.

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    • Are you able to find out if the windows had sensors on them or not? I find it VERY odd that given his location, that 1. A 64 yr old man managed to knock out not one but two sealed, shatter proof windows (due to high suicide rates, most casinos implor heavy duty shatter proof materials) and nobody heard, saw, or was struck by falling glass below…
      2. None of the windows had sensors on them. So not one window alerted security that it had been compromised. I mean, a casino with that much money inside, you really don’t have sensors on your windows to shownif they’ve been breached, opened, shattered, etc? I just don’t but it.
      3. If the cameras Stephen supposedly placed were “not recording” as Deputy Do-da says. Then we’re thry streaming? And if so…were they live streaming off the hotel’s wifi? (I’d like to knownthis for a number of reasons)


  7. There aren’t enough facts in, but speculation on what we do know is rampant. The whole thing just isn’t going down with me. Too many things that don’t add up. The whole thing doesn’t sound right.

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    • And yet, since things don’t make sense, the intelligence community, er, the media is on to the next step which is solidifying the narrative the man was unstable and had a gambling problem, hence he ‘snapped’ because of gambling losses. This is like during 9/11 when a reporter asked a ‘ random’ person on the street with debris everywhere what happened and the person said with conviction the planes crashed into the buildings causing jet fuel to weaken the structural integrity of the steel causing free fall collapse and this entered the minds of the masses promoted ad infintium by the media. You will have the normies say he was crazy because some box told them so.

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  8. Earlobes do not match and if that “13” on Paddock’s neck is a tattoo, it’s not on the dead guy’s neck.

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  9. We are assuming that the “13” was a tattoo. But, just like his “pussy hat” wasn’t sewn to his head, maybe he just drew that on there to impress his girlfriend for some reason. Who knows?

    On the other hand, there is a dead guy. Again they leave it to us to “trust” them that things are as described, Why would he have brought all the handguns? The only thing I can think of is, if you’re gonna gun grab, you have to have something to point to.

    If he is a multi-millionaire, what does he have to be annoyed about? Even the “true believers” should recognize that much is wrong here.

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  10. Here’s a short video by Victurus Libertas:

    Las Vegas – Caught On Raw Video “They’re Not Real Gun Shots”

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    • What I can say is that I have never heard automatic fire that sounds like that. And yes, I’ve heard automatic fire. It speeds up and slows down. It sounds like a string of firecrackers. There are two distinctly different tones.

      Someone has said that there are after market devices that fire semi-automatics like full automatics. Some of them work from recoil, others electronically by pulling the trigger fast.

      I don’t know what it is but it strikes me as VERY odd.


      • One of his ar rifles with the bumpfire stock was 308 cal, the other was 556. There’s a huge difference in the signatures between 556 and 308, no way you can mistake one for the other. A 556 I need hearing protection to shoot because the crack is so sharp, a 308 I hardly need any at all, it’s more like a thump than an eardrum ruining crack.


    • If they’re not real, then how were 58 killed & 500+ wounded?

      Just because some people there said the gun shots don’t sound real, doesn’t mean they’re not real. We need readers who have heard the sound of automatic weapons in real life.

      Here’s a video of what an AK-74 sounds like:

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      • Exactly. I’ve seen one video (which I likely saved to my hard drive) in which you can “see” the bullets hitting the pavement as they affect the trash that’s sitting on the ground. That’s about as undeniable as you can get.

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        • If you saved the video, can you send it to me?



          • Apparently I hadn’t saved it to my desktop like I thought, but I can re-trace my steps online and locate it again.


          • I can’t find that footage Dr. Eowyn. I can’t recall what the title was or anything and unfortunately, I don’t have the benefit of browser history to re-trace my steps because I don’t use my browser to watch a lot of videos as I usually drag them into my video player (in the browser they buffer and pause too much). BTW, many of the videos that were in my browser history have mostly been taken down by YouTube or were made age-restricted. The censors are apparently working overtime at Google since the shooting. At the time I must not have thought the video too significant since I didn’t save it, but now I wish that I had. Not only did it show the trash on the pavement being affected by the bullets, it was also shot from a unique vantage point, the camera was held rather still and it was apparently footage that was captured near the end of the shooting spree as the place was mostly empty. In retrospect, what I found most interesting about the footage isn’t that the trash was affected by the bullets — it’s that right after this had happened, a couple could be seen casually walking right across where the bullets had just hit the cement as though they were completely clueless of what had been going on for the last three or four minutes. And they weren’t the only ones who seemed unaware of the danger. Standing to the rear of where the bullet hit the pavement was a small group of concert goers (maybe 4 or 5) and when the bullet struck the pavement they reacted almost as though one of them had been hit (I wasn’t sure). I’ll keep an eye out for the video…

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          • I haven’t found the video but I did find what looks to be some footage shot from roughly the same direction (though, if memory serves, the original footage was zoomed in more and likely shot from ground level). Unfortunately, this footage ends pretty much right before the next round of shots are fired. Mid-screen is the grouping of individuals who will react to the bullet hitting the pavement right in front of them. The bullet strikes one of the white cups you see there on the ground. Note that this video is zoomed way out and it isn’t very clear at all compared to the original video footage, so I really think that the original footage was shot by someone else located at ground level. This should give you some idea what I originally saw so you can be on the look-out for it.


          • I’ve found what is apparently the ending of the other video I posted that shows the cup being struck. Again, this isn’t the original video I had come across as that video was either taken down or restricted. Amazingly, even this short video was age restricted which is absurd considering so many others that aren’t.

            As I stated earlier, notice how a couple casually strolls by just after the bullet strike (not to mention, the group of people itself doesn’t disband until the bullet nearly kills one of them).


        • Could it be rubber or frangible bullets?


          • I have no idea. Whatever hit the pavement was moving at such a high rate of speed that all I saw was the cup or bottle (I think it was a cup) suddenly react to it being hit. Plus, there was a small grouping of persons standing right behind where the bullet hit and they reacted to it striking the ground as though it had ricocheted very close to them (which I imagine that it would have).


            • Here is the video of the cup being shot at 25-30 seconds

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              • Thanks, Potterz06!
                Dang! That is SOME video. Shortly after the cup jumps, you can also see what looks like a line of bullets strafe the ground very near where a person is running in the direction of the camera!

                ~ D-FensDogG
                Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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                • Update: I think you’re absolutely right about the strafing but one thing that puzzles me is, can the bullets actually be that close together shot from such a distance? Wow! As for the cup, some YouTube commenters question whether a bullet hit it or was it struck by the girl running past it. For a bit there I was beginning to side with the “running girl” theory until I noticed that you can actually see the spray, from the bullet hitting the cement. The bullet doesn’t directly hit the cup but it hits directly behind it. Nice find.

                  What a truly horrifying experience these poor people went through!


                • After being fully caffeinated, I now realize that what I thought might be strafing was actually the running guy having just spilt his drink… There’s nothing to see here folks. Just me having a Frank Drebin moment! I hope that you saw something different. I’d hate to think that there’s two Frank Drebins lurking in this thread, lol. Hey, is the “D-Fens” license plate from the movie, “Falling Down”? I kind of remember it being from there.

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                  • POSTMAN ~
                    Ha!-Ha! I guess I’ll need to Google “Frank Drebin”. (The name doesn’t sound familiar.) And maybe I’ll even end up changing my pseudonym to Frank Drebin.

                    After rewatching that portion of the video a few times on a larger screen at YT, I see that you are precisely right: The bullets strafing the ground is really spilt milk. (Uh… more likely beer. My hat’s off to the guy for trying to save his golden elixir while running from gunfire. My kinda guy!)

                    In my defense though, I’d like to point out that what I wrote was: “you can also see what looks like a line of bullets strafe the ground”. I didn’t state unequivocally that’s what they were.

                    As a rule, I’m very careful with the words I choose for the sake of preserving my credibility. Indeed, that DOES look like bullets strafing the ground. It just so happens that it was actually Budweiser. :o)

                    Yes, good call on the “D-Fens” license plate. You’re the first person who ever asked about it. ‘FALLING DOWN’ is one of my Top 25 favorite movies of all time.

                    ~ D-FensDogG
                    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends


                    • Hey, it had me going for a bit there! In fact, I thought I was about to break the story of the century when I realized that the strafing didn’t point back to the hotel but instead, THE STAGE!!! Reminiscent of “The Jerk”, I thought to myself, “OMG! I’VE GOT TO LET EVERYBODY KNOW!” As I was typing my response I had another look at the video and realized, no, it’s just spilt beer and I’m an idiot, LOL! Everyone has a Frank Drebin moment now and then. At my age, I can hardly avoid them. Hopefully you catch them in time though, lest everyone else learns that you’re only mortal and not really a super hero in a cape. 😉 I had a good laugh (at me, not you). In my own D-FENS though, I did question how it is that the bullets could strike so close together given that they’d just travelled all the way from the hotel. That seemed really impossible to me.


              • Thanks for posting this. That’s not the video I was looking for but this one is every bit as good. Funny, I had seen this video and didn’t even notice the cup being hit here, lol.


              • I stumbled on to a zoomed clip of just the cup being hit. I think it’s definitely a bullet strike.


      • I said I had heard it, I have fired automatic weapons. I have an MP that is semi-automatic. I understand that they make after market rigs for them and I have never heard one of those used.

        What I am saying is that a normal automatic weapon has a very steady rate of fire unless you are firing bursts. You need to fire bursts because, if you don’t, your weapon will jam.

        I like what “Josh” said about the .308. I’ve never heard one fired automatic or rapid fire. Something was big and boomy. That wouldn’t be a .223.

        Also, the “cracking” sound (which could resemble a .223), was erratic. It sounded like a string of fire crackers.


      • Let’s consider something. I posted a notice of a drill. Let’s assume there was a drill. Some of the players in the drill would expect gunfire. They would act as instructed but, they would know that it wasn’t real.

        Now, let’s assume that others were there to really shoot people. So, they did what they did. From outside, it would account for some of the suspicious activity. The concert goers would not know anything about the drill.

        When the drill “went live” the players would expect that. It would take a while before the players realized that some were shot. I’m pretty sure there were shooters in the crowd, probably dressed as security.


  11. The muzzle flash is clearly visible @ 4:57 coming from center of building 4 floors up. This whole thing stinks of cover-up.

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    • Yes, this is the one I posted the video of in the other string. It is about the forth floor. It appears to be a platform mounted machine gun. Of course, it could be firing blanks too.

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    • If shots were fired from the 4th floor (or from any except Paddock’s alleged suite on the 32nd floor), then more windows would be smashed because Mandalay Bay hotel’s guest room windows, like so many hotels, including those in Las Vegas, are sealed, which means the shooter would have to first break the window before shooting out of it.

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      • When asked why there was no further damage to the building, someone on YouTube replied that “windows on lower floors open in this hotel.” That seems a bit unlikely to me (especially if there is no balcony) but maybe it’s something to look into. Also, the flashing light at that location is supposedly a “strobe light” which I find kind of odd. Who brings a strobe light to their hotel room? Interestingly, a strobe light would provide a great cover for a room being used as a sniper nest at night (assuming that the window could be opened). It could then later be used to “prove” that any muzzle flashes seen at that location weren’t legitimate… Just thinking out loud here. In any event, I posted a comment earlier that linked to a local NBC news affiliate in Chicago that claimed that the location of the shooter was in the center of the building at about floor 20 (according to their marked photo). One wonders how they came to this conclusion.

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      • Here give this a listen. Remember that I said it sounded like an M-60 machine gun. I fired those a lot in the Army. Listen carefully to both the rate of fire and the “tone”.

        Also, listen to some of the other recordings where the rate of fire speeds up and slows down. Those sound like firecrackers. Guns don’t do that.

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      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        OK, I have information which I received yesterday afternoon from my aforementioned friend. It just so happens that his Mother-In-Law works at Mandalay Bay and was just getting off shift at the time the shooting started. Here is what he sent to me:

        “My M-I-L is being nosy. She checked everything out at work. Took some great pics, too. She says 4th floor area is blocked off now and has heard the window was shattered. But now you can’t even go to that area of the strip . The part facing the Luxor. It’s completely blocked off.

        A ton of people have told her they heard / saw multiple shooters.”

        So, I’m now prepared to call B.S. on the theory that the flashing from the 4th floor window was just a strobe light brought into the room by some partiers.

        The remaining question is: Why are there no photos of a broken 4th floor window?

        But actually, that can be pretty easily answered. If the “official” narrative was going to be that it was just a lone-wolf nut shooting from the 32nd floor, then they would have been totally prepared to replace a broken window on the 4th floor.

        I mean, a major big-money hotel like Mandalay Bay could easily have a broken window replaced within an hour. And since the shooting took place at night, it wouldn’t necessarily stand to reason that there would be a broken window on the 4th floor visible from the exterior by the time the Sun came up.

        Speculation, sure. But not far-fetched, I believe.

        ~ D-FensDogG
        Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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        • Wow. Please thank you mother-in-law for her information.

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        • Same here, thanks to her. The videos I saw are not “strobe lights’. They are a machine gun firing from a platform. At least a bi-pod.

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        • Also, most major hotels and casinos in the strip were instructed to seal windows and use shatter proof glass due to the high number of suicide rates. So you’re telling me that…
          1. A 64 yr old man had enough strength to knock out not one but two sealed, shatter proof windows? With a rinky-dink hammer? Twice?
          2. Those windows don’t have sensors on them alerting security if they’ve been knocked out, broken, busted? That a “highly secure” casino with an unimaginable amount of money inside doesn’t have the security in place to put sensors in their windows in case one is busted or tampered with?
          3. Not one single person, not a valet, or cabbie, or tourist, nobody below heard, saw, or was hit by falling shattered glass?

          I also would love to know if the cameras he set up were running on hotel wifi, boy would that be interesting….


          • WildWest25 ~
            Alright, into my Speculation Mode:
            Although the name of the tool momentarily escapes me, SWAT teams use a heavy metal item with two handles on it to smash through doors and windows. They’re like personal battering rams and can go through most anything. Doubtful a 64-year-old man couldn’t go through two panes of shatter-proof glass with one of those fairly quickly. Did Paddock have one? I dunno, but considering all the other weapons and equipment he “supposedly” carried up there with him, it’s quite possible. (My belief, however, is that a good amount of the shooting, if not all of it, occurred on the 4th floor by some escaped perpetrator working for Uncle Scam.)

            I have done security work for about 2 decades. Granted, not “high-rise hotel” security work, but… To wire every single window in a hotel the size of Mandalay Bay with sensors to alert personnel of a breach — especially if the windows are already secured by two panes of shatter-proof glass — would seem to me to be an unnecessary expense that would not be very cost effective. Plus, hotel security already has countless cameras to monitor without adding a panel for window sensors.

            However, since I do have a personal “inside” connection at Mandalay Bay, I’ll inquire about that scenario.

            ~ D-FensDogG
            Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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            • He either fired from there or he didn’t. Somebody fired from somewhere. I think it was multiple sites. Someone “removed” the windows. How? I don’t know. Even “bullet proof” glass will not stand up to sustained gunfire.

              Nonetheles, I think the point is it is pretty obvious that there were shooters on the ground and maybe on the 4th level. They will either have to admit this or they will just stonewall.


      • Just a little stray thought. They have more cop equipment than Eisenhower had for D-Day. Why couldn’t they simply take a sniper shot at “him” when he was in front of whatever window?

        Oh, I forgot. “He” was them.

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    • Has anyone seen a video showing muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor where Paddock supposedly was?


  12. Ears are definitely not the same.

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  13. This could become another Sandy Hook.

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  14. Great pictorial coverage of the Vegas shooting and aftermath by the Daily Mail:


    All I can say is the mainstream media people had better hope like hell that this was a false flag event because if it wasn’t, then they’re effectively to blame for the deaths of a lot of people as a result of the divisive and irresponsible news coverage over the past year…

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  15. Another fast & furious gone wrong,bwith phillipines isis fbi sales link http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=85342


  16. This was likely a gun deal gone bad.


    • With the forwarning provided by the mystery hispanic lady telling everyone at the concert they were all gonna die before she and her companion were excorted from the venue, and the alleged shooter being labeled as an antifa las vegas member, I think its safe to say antifa/la raza/ms13 types decided to attack a concert of flag waving Americans, as country enthusiasts tend to be.

      Of course the guy could be a Lee Harvey McVeigh style patsy who took the fall for the shooters, there’s reports that someone dressed like hotel security was shot and killed by police in the hotel, as well as others running from police in vehicles and being arrested. Antifa/la raza/communists kinda satisfies my motive requirements in this case, and white American gun owners as well as the second amendment will take the blame.

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  17. A LOT OF THINGS don’t add up here: I have listened to Alex Jones (live, as is my usual habit) and to Christopher Greene of AMTV and to Sean (last name unknown) of SGT Report, as well as Mike Adams the Health Ranger, and an AWFUL LOT of things DON’T. ADD. UP.

    First of all, as grotesque as it is, I am glad you posted “Paddock’s” “suicide” photo. Remember when we were young and had to go to bed: Ever feel—just before you nod off—like you’re falling off a cliff? (It’s been years for me!) That feeling is a reflex called a MYCLOPTIC JERK: Something happens from the body to the brain and vice versa, and one nods off to dreamland.
    Something similar—so it may appear—happens to that unfortunate person who blows his brains out: I have seen photos of people who put a shotgun in their mouth (like Hemingway did): It’s pretty GROTESQUE. At any rate, the arms usually reflect OUT, to the sides, flinging the gun to the side.
    This is not the case with “Paddock’s” “suicide” photo: The gun appears over and above his head—not the usually observed consequence noticed by first responders on the scene: The gun is usually to the side. Also, the arms of such a suicide victim JERK to the sides. This is not what we see here.
    Also, notice the small amount of blood in the photo: It is an unusually SMALL amount of blood, less than a pint, it seems to me. Gunshot suicide photos usually show a much bigger pool of blood.
    (Kudos to Dr. Henry Makow who tweeted the photo, which I just saw just before I checked in here).

    Anyway, let’s cut to the chase: Jones, Greene and Adams have all mentioned the differing cadence of gunshots known to automatic weapons, all calling into question the “Lone Nut” theory: There were at least two weapons or more. (Check out Adams’ posts on You Tube, especially, before they’re censored).

    Again: I have no recordings, photos, confessions or “evidence.” Does the CIA have the GALL to pull this off? I would say YES—but they lack the training. MARK MY WORDS as time marches on: I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED, given what we have learned about 9/11 and other events, that the Mossad and/or the IDF pulled this off—and President Trump and many in the CIA never saw this coming.
    As is the case with every False Flag Event, the fish rots from the head down.

    Liked by 2 people

    • But what Jones won’t say or tell is Israel has unofficially declared war on the US because we flubbed up in Syria and did not help them implement their Yinon plan.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Isn’t this Meyer Lansky’s home town? Not to mention Adelson’s?
      Truthstream media has a video about how the very next day, an article appears that Wynn’s hotel wants to put in back scatter machines.


    • I noticed something else about the dead man.
      He’s not wearing a tee shirt under his shirt.
      So far any photo I have seen of Paddock he is wearing a tee shirt under his shirt.
      I also have seen him wearing plaid shirts… the dead guy has no tee shirt under his shirt and he is wearing a solid color shirt.
      Has anyone else noticed this too ?

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Curiouser and Curiouser – Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Used Multiple ID’s, Multiple SS Numbers, and Married Two Men Simultaneously…


    Liked by 3 people

  19. What’s with the “cab” people in the Taxi video? They are THE worst actors I have ever heard. Who wants to go to any hotel if they really have a broken leg? And every single one of them call their Mom’s and read the same identical script? They stink.

    Liked by 4 people

  20. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that, with perfect conditions, it would be impossible for one man to inflict this damage. It would be a real effort for two.

    Just because somebody fires a lot of rounds doesn’t mean they get a lot of damage done. I do not believe that this could happen without help.

    As in all the others, little bits of information, taken together, make far more sense than the official story. Of course, by design, it is hard to know what to believe because if the main story is a lie, by extension anything else heard that corroborates it is a lie also.

    As usual, they have complete control of the narrative. Any test results or other findings will only be released if they support their tale. That is why whenever we have one of these the first order of business is preventing any independent journalism.

    I read that they had another drill scheduled as well. There is a clip of a bulletin on it. I only mention this because it would be another way for them to get their players all in place prior to showtime.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. I am reading the shooting is to counter the suppressor issue in Congress now and the 1934 NFA act.


    • But a silencer cannot be used on a full auto anyway, correct?


      • I have never heard of anyone trying that. It would exacerbate the problem with heat dissipation.


      • I should have mentioned too that the auto or semi-auto function is actuated via a gas cylinder and piston. Everything is balanced against the amount of effort needed to eject the spent cartridge and allowing the bolt to scrape in a new round.

        The suppressor designs I’ve seen actually delay the gas dissipation. I think that would cause problems with the eject function. I’m not sure, I’ve never seen a silencer on an automatic. My guess would be that, if someone designed one, it would have to work on a different principle.


  22. Just as another possible line of thought, they have been leaking little bits about “Antifa” lately. Those allege to be terrorist training, etc.. Just as they created ISIS and made an enemy of it.

    Could they be setting up “Antifa” as a terrorist group and this as a terrorist attack to enable them to declare martial law? That would afford them an opportunity to grab the guns, which their owners very much want.

    So by forcing everyone to make a choice as to whether they want to be Maoists or prisoners of The State they get their way. None of these groups work for us. Not the politicians, the “media”, law enforcement, nobody.


  23. The more I hear,the more convinced I am that there were TWO shooters with TWO different guns. I notice the MSM hasn’t even touched that possibility.
    If it’s a false event,how did they get the Bands on board? The LAST thing they’d want is for their Bands’ names to be forever associated with THIS. How would the Hoaxters keep them from lettng the cat outta the bag? That’s a LOT of Professionals’ mouths to have to hush up.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. I can’t find the video right now, but whoever made the video made the connection with this movie:
    The Accountant (Ben Affleck)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Interesting. Are you suggesting that the shooter fashioned his role from the movie, or the planners of the operation did? I still think it would take more than one. When they do that it is for visual impact. It really isn’t as easy as they’d like you to believe.


    • I’m always a little reluctant to ascribe things like this to a magic pill. On the other hand, there are drugs that allegedly make people very susceptible to commands. The so-called “Devil’s Dust” being one. It’s pharmaceutical name escapes me at the moment.

      I suspect that James Holmes was being dosed with that. I would think they would only do that if they planned to have the shooter survive. Also, you can’t just give somebody this and walk away. There has to be a handler, even if the person is blacked out.

      Valium certainly has that effect in the right dosage. Surgery or medical tests are often done with it. People do as they’re told and don’t remember doing it.


  25. Why did the people in her cab claim they were injured when they were not? They were outside screaming she had a broken leg , then inside the cab it became well maybe she is shot, then its oh lets go to the luxor right next to where we almost died, and the shooter is, to lets get a hotel room ??? Does that sound right to you? And they get so angry when she is filming yet none of them are actually injured. And another odd thing is NO ONE is talking about that… Were they fake actors? Were they trying to make it seem way worse then it was i mean the thousands and thousands dead her words….. I think this very much did happen. Im not saying its crisis actors but come on thats odd right??
    They even get violent with the driver.. they assault her and then later she has to tell them to get off of her…

    Liked by 4 people

    • No it doesn’t sound “right”. The same thing happened in the Aurora shooting as well.


    • Let me try to describe a scene. There are many actors in a drill. There may be actual shooters and victims. They are intermingled. The ones in the drill think they are being paid to do the drill and they act accordingly.


  26. All this stuff about lies what about the deaths? I know that’s not a joke my heart goes out to the family’s.


    • For those killed and injured and their families, of course I have sympathy. We cannot and should not allow emotionalism to override logic. That is PRECISELY with the newswhores do. “What about the children? What about the families?”.

      That is a ploy. It is not permissible to lie and perhaps murder because somebodies feelings will get hurt if we discuss it. That’s how they get away with stuff like “hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe”. I suppose the acceptable response is supposed to be “oh, why didn’t you say so. Go ahead and kill the cabbie”.


  27. Are the casings on the pool of blood from the same weapon he killed himself with! ? They look like large casings is it likely he could have killed himself with a large weapon?


  28. At 01:18:35 into this video is footage shot from the base of the hotel that appears to be from someone other than the taxi cab driver. Again, the shots are pretty loud, indicating that the shooter is on a lower floor than the 32nd.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The taxi cab drivers video footage at 1:47 until about 1:60 also shows gun fire in her left rear view mirror. If she was at the “portch” aka front pick up and low to the ground how is it you can see the gunfire in her left rear view mirror from the 32nd floor?


  29. At 00:04:50 into this video, police report that there are THREE shooters in the hotel.

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  30. I think filipinos look mexican and a little short…maybe some of his dilipuno buddies were there and knew…i also think this guy an alcoholic and drug abuser as specifically cocaine and suspect brother dirty in that realm…the brother claiming no religion or nothing wrong and maybe if the guy was religous it would have been a good thing not associated with something bad


    • It is possible they mistook a Philipino woman as ‘Mexican’ After all, from the 1500’s up until the start of the 1900’s Spaniards went into the Philippines and “colonized” it (aka raped the women, forced their religious views on them, and even language) that’s why you find a lot of Pinoy people with Spanish names and physical characteristics.


  31. This is somewhat interesting. Seems one of his airplanes was being used by a defense/intelligence contractor.



  32. Here’s another one by a woman at the Belagio hotel that says it is in lockdown and that shots were fired through the lobby. She is trying to get word out that the MSM is not reporting this.


  33. it is interesting that the only death pic provided was one of another bad angle shot of his face…just like the other pictures are far away or with his head turned or eyes closed, except the one pic of him floating around the internet of a full head and body shot from a few decades ago….

    from looking at the double pic and death pic, I noticed 4 things:
    1. the shape of the ridge of the left nostrils do not appear to be the same. the ridge of paddock’s left nostril is rounded and the dead guy’s left nostril appears more angled. The nose of the dead guy looks more like the nose of the other guy in the group photo who bears a striking resemblance to paddock…just shave his eyebrows (apparently, paddock had a thing for shaving his eyebrows…see old pic on internet) and they are almost twins.
    2. looking at the group photo and double photo, it appears to me paddock has a protruding (rounded out) forehead in the group photo, whereas his friend’s (lookalike) forehead appears straight…and in the death pic the dead guy’s forehead looks straight
    3. the bottom of “dead guy’s” right earlobe protrudes, in the group photo and the double photo, it is attached.
    4. the “tattoo” on his neck might actually be a photoshop. If you zoom in above the “tattoo”, there appears to be some other text that I cannot discern. It has the same shading as the “13”. I originally thought it was part of his beard, but then, upon closer inspection, I noticed the “text”. I cannot tell if it is an S or an 8 with a d or cl…hard to read.
    this “shooting” has evil written all over it, like the others.

    just a couple of side notes: if paddock’s shooting caused the smoke detector to go off, where was the fire department?
    paddock’s brother was interviewed wearing a “central florida community arts” shirt…the location of the arts center is orlando (his current home). What are the odds that a 57 year old “actor” (really not sure what he does) from orlando (where the pulse shooting occurred in June 2016 and probably used actors as “victims”) would have a brother who would commit “the worst shooting in US history” in vegas?

    TPTB up the ante until they get what they want. The “death” toll at pulse orlando was 49, this time it was 59, and the “injuries” were 60 at the pulse, and this time 527.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next gun ban move will be for bump stock, since they claim it was used in the “shooting” and if something isn’t banned, I wouldn’t be surprised if another incident happens that is even worse and they continue to happen until TPTB/atheists/communists get what they want: a defeated and cucked european mindset in america….across the board….for our “security” and “equality”.
    They are hoping we live in fear. With our Lord, there is no fear, only faith and trust.
    When will we give in? I pray, we will never give in and that we are forever vigilant against evil and question everything they tell us….right or wrong.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Great work on this! You’re all over it. Yes, I suspected the brother from the get go. The girlfriend has a story to tell as well. I noted that the brother in his rant said that the patsy was responsible for his being able to retire.

      First he hardly knows his brother. Now he’s saying that his brother gave him tons of money. He’s wearing a shirt that ties him to the Orlando hoax.

      I have to hand it to them. No matter how many of these they do they don’t get any better at it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • eric paddock’s ego is loving the camera time and is contradicting himself all over the place….
        a side note: the shell casings around paddock seem to match the others on the floor..I can make the assumption they belong with the guns…then how did paddock manage to get shell casings to land on top of his blood after he “shot” himself?
        those bullets were staged, there should be “blood” and brain splatter on the shells and the floor.

        if the cops couldn’t get to paddock for 72 min and paddock allegedly committed “suicide”, then why does the “blood” on the carpet look fresh?
        did the cops run up to paddock and shoot the photo immediately after he died?….obviously, that sounds very odd…
        If paddock is “dead”, his heart isn’t pumping blood anymore and the “blood” should’ve soaked into the carpet and spread out even more during the process of “bleeding” out….up until he “died”.


    • “N.R.A. Supports New Rules on ‘Bump Stock’ Devices”


  34. “Shooter’s Brother Is Caught Lying To Las Vegas PD, Goes On Crazy Rant To Defend Himself”

    the beginning of the video looks like he is getting into character.
    he needs to get a lawyer….and to stop talking

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, I said that the other day and someone thought I had “sinned”. I tried to remind people that they are actors. Of course they are lying. It’s what they do.


  35. and it just keeps getting better:
    “Shooter’s brother pictured wearing t-shirt which links to a crisis management firm PR representative, the Pulse Nightclub and more”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes indeed. Looks like he knows where to go for expert help with this. Notice the blurb for the “active shooter training scheduled for Sept. 30”.


  36. Did anyone else notice that at 1:47 in the video footage up until about 1:60 that you can see the gunfire in the cab drivers mirror?! If she was at “the portch” as she says aka front pick-up…and low to the ground, how in the heck do you explain the gunfire showing in her left rear view mirror?! Would love for someone more qualified to explain that.

    Also, in the photo of him with the now “mystery woman” whose been confirmed as a person police wish to speak with, it appears he’s left handed as he’s holding his drink up with his left hand, (since images are flipped) but it doesn’t appear as though a weapon was near his left hand in the photo.

    His deceased photo also shows blood on his chest pooled towards the front of his t shirt. I think this man was flipped/rolled to his front prior to taking the photo. What’s weird about that however is how his head is tilted back with dried blood leading upwards.

    With some blood soaked in to the carpet and fresh pools going to a different side I think it’s clear the body was moved prior to this photo.


  37. Just a little more on multiple shooters:


  38. Pingback: VIDEO Think The Vegas shooter Acted Alone… – Hannity – Shooter And Intel Community – on Google Before it Happened? | Reclaim Our Republic

  39. New: Las Vegas investigators just changed the story they’d been giving to the public about how the shooting began.

    From Twitchy: WHOA: Latest development from Sheriff Lombardo about Las Vegas shooting just DOESN’T add up: Sheriff Lombardo is now saying that Mandalay Bay security guard was shot BEFORE the attack on the Las Vegas concert.

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  40. The “13” tattoo may not be a permanent tattoo as most believe. It does not have the coloring of a standard tattoos and looks more like it was written with a marker. That does not mean that the dead head shot is actually S. Paddock. That room looks way too clean and free of gun powder residue especially after over 100 rounds fired. It seems the body may have set up there, not actually be S. Paddock and that is not the room where all of the shots were fired. There are so many issues with this event that don’t correspond to the MSM narrative.


  41. Not only everything you bring up but now we have a new problem. What to make of this situation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Stephen T. McCarthy

      Wow! Great find, CINDY!
      I think that “new” Steven Paddock shown in the embedded video looks a lot more like Benjamin Paddock (from his FBI Wanted poster) than does the “Steven Paddock” the MSM and LEOs have been passing off to us. Compare the ears. And his head is similarly rounded, not elongated like the “Steven Paddock” and his brother, Eric, whom they’ve been showing to us.

      And some of those YouTube videos I had not yet seen. Like, the idiot smiling, with the twinkling eyes while he yaks about his buddy being shot three times in the chest and a victim dying in his arms. And that other moron showing us where a bullet supposedly entered his skull and then exited three inches later, while he has no shaved head and no bullet wound to be seen! Incredible.

      This was a False Flag (some people were really shot) with elements of a hoax mixed in (crisis actors and staged photographs). It’s not a case of EITHER / OR; it’s a case of BOTH.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends


    • That was a good find, and so true. I saw a couple of these “victims” as well and………wow, just wow. I think they have learned the value of total confusion. They don’t care if any of it makes sense. The screwier the better. Nobody can make a coherent whole out of disparate nonsense.

      And of course, as I’ve been saying for years, everybody gets hung up on “gee people died”. They don’t care about that. It is not a definer of the term “hoax”.

      Sure, I have some questions. I’d like to know how these actors sauntered around in the middle without injury, apparently unconcerned. I’d like to know how the shooters in the crowd avoided injury. I’m sure there’s a method.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Here’s a video I saw yesterday, that’s mainly about the names of the dead not being legit. At the 3:45 mark, it shows a guy at the concert saying, “Somebody has tapped into the sound system. There’s no hits…nowhere. It’s the sound system.” Very interesting …and would explain a lot.


  42. Dr. Eowyn: This morning I saw that there’s an individual who commented on Jon Rappaport’s blog regarding the Bellagio hotel. The commenter posted that, “Yes I was there. So was my guitar player and his mom. We would live to give you a statement. We not only heard the single shots within the Bellagio but also we had to run into the bathroom and take cover along with many tourists amd scared guests as the gunman was coming our way. He was probably causing a diversion for the Manadalay shooter but he was definitely there as were other gunman at Caesars as well.”

    I attempted to respond and tell the person that I’m sure you’d be interested in hearing their statement if they can’t get in touch with Jon, but Jon hasn’t “moderated” my comment to allow the other commenter to see it — I guess because he doesn’t want you to get the “scoop”, lol.



  43. Lady that shot footage inside Bellagio hotel is interviewed.


  44. Another great video here. Includes statement from witness who is sure that shooters were on the ground plus, George Soros himself profited from the massacre!


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