Extraordinary video footage of dogs protecting human babies from harm

While wandering on the web yesterday, I happened across this extraordinary video of dogs fiercely protective of and defending human babies from being assaulted by their caretakers.

In case the video is disappeared from YouTube, I had these GIFs made of two surveillance-camera recordings from the video, thanks to the site makeagif:

These dogs are holy creatures of God.

See also:


13 responses to “Extraordinary video footage of dogs protecting human babies from harm

  1. Dogs are a gift from God. Few things are so clear

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    Too funny. I recall when my K-9 stood between my wife and I when we were bickering. funny shit! And I trained the SOB….lol

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  3. Love the Belgian Malinois/Shepherd pushing the kid in the car…😂

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  4. Dogs are the most wonderful creatures God gave us.

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  5. So sweet/wonderful. Thanks!

    My favorite dog story is abt my grandfather’s dairy-farm dog, Tramp. He was probably boxer/English hound mix. He slept in hay mow in the barn, but went everywhere by day w/my grandfather, even to the fields all day—UNLESS grandchildren were around, & then, he “assigned himself” to guard us all day as we played outside. My father went back to finish college when I was 3 yrs old, & my brother a new-born. Both my parents worked several jobs betw them & had so little money during this time, paying for college out of their pockets, & trying to raise a new family…every penny counted, but they always bought us kids top of the line shoes—-(maybe b/c they had to…we both inherited wide feet/wide heels–nothing “regular” would fit). They’d bought us new shoes, & then we went to the family farm to visit on the way home…played w/cousins…& we kids walked through a newly-plowed field to visit at our aunt’s house at the end of the farm property. The mud sucked that new shoe right off my brother’s little foot somewhere in that vast field. It was dusk by the time we got back to the farmhouse…& my mother burst into tears over the loss of the new, expensive shoe—worn only hours. Tramp—to whom we paid not attention, b/c he was outside…heard all the kerfluffle inside abt the shoe..&, abt 20 min. later, in the (by then) pitch dark, came back w/that muddy shoe in his mouth, scratching at the door to be allowed to come in & deposit it in my mother’s hands.

    I’ve had so many dog ” interventions” like this in my life that both my husband and I have a saying that goes something like, “If your dog “tells” you something, then, ….ALWAYS believe in your dog’s instincts.” 🙂 Trust your dog.

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  6. My mom said that when her and my dad would start yelling at each other, she’d come running in after being asleep in a room and start howling at them!
    I love those videos! My question is though, the one surveillance video, why is the camera moving so much? Was someone holding it?

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  7. The most protected little girl in the world:

    I can remember with our first German Shepherd, he became my sister’s dog – did whatever she commanded, no questions asked.

    She could smack me (as a goof) right in front of his eyes, and he’d still attack me, even though he knew she was doing the hitting. He knew enough to bite right around the ankles, which was quite painful.

    God rest his soul.

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  8. I may have to step on the foot of the next fool who tells me that animals are not intelligent.

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