Washington state’s health-exchange rates to jump 24 percent

Shocker, not.

From Seattle Times: Washingtonians buying insurance through the state’s health-insurance exchange will see the largest premium increases next year since the exchange was created in 2013.

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange board this week approved rate increases averaging 24 percent. The rates, first approved by the state’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner, will impact about 180,000 customers.

“We at the exchange understand that, yes, this is going to create a challenging environment that is going to be difficult” for customers, said Michael Marchand, chief marketing officer and spokesman for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, which was created after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010.

Customers of the exchange will also have fewer insurance providers to choose from in 2018. In King and Pierce counties the number drops from seven to four, Snohomish County goes from six to three and Kitsap County from four to three.

Rate increases averaged 11 percent last year, 4 percent in 2016 and 1 percent in 2015.

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17 responses to “Washington state’s health-exchange rates to jump 24 percent

  1. and yet, with both houses controlled by republicans, they can’t seem to nut it up to let “obama”care go or even repeal it…..for america…just goes to show, whether R or D, if they support obama, they need to go.

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  2. Captain Obvious

    This is simply another way to steal from law abiding white citizens. Are any “undocumented” immigrants subject to this tax? (The Supreme Cour has ruled that that is what Obummer care is, a tax). Americans are facing greater taxation than the colonies faced, but passively believe all that is spewed from our politicians and talking heads on CNN. ” It’s needed! Help the uninsured! ”
    No one is being helped by politicians lining the pockets of the big health insurance companies, except thenlaughing hyena pictured above. (And the Clinton Foundation)

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  3. JCscuba . . . that was fabulous! Thank you.

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  4. Hey RINOs, the midterms are coming.

    I hope you have your resumes updated.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    It should have been clear to all what was coming when they actually put the country’s health care under the control of the i.r.s. thugs making it nothing more than a ‘protection racket’ headed by the world bank criminal cartel.

    If they really meant to help any body, and do something about the absurd cost of health care, they would have started with the total elimination of insurance. Surely it is not that hard to see the foolishness of having to support and make two industries rich for the service of one. Ponzi schemes are supposed to wind people up in prison.

    The cost of health care is destined to keep inflating at an astronomical rate as long as premiums are accumulating like a lottery jack pot. But the people are losing; losing the value of their labor, losing their right to privacy. losing their right to make their own decisions and choices, and losing real health care. Health care is never going to establish a realistic balance between cost and real service as long as they are motivated by a slush fund, and all the lowlife politicians are interested in is the control it promises, and of course their kick backs.

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  6. Government Program = Fraud and Waste.
    Crooks used to rob banks because ‘That’s where the money is’
    Now they can rob the Gumment and most of the time without leaving the comfort of their living rooms.
    You can keep your doctor.
    You can keep your health plan.
    The cost will go down.
    How much evidence do the criminals in congress need before they get the fed out of healthcare altogether.
    Fast.Cheap.Good. Pick two. You can’t have all three.
    Term Limits are already here. VOTE THEM OUT.

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  7. “Barry Soetoro, Esq.” on the state of union

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  8. Find your state below for the details on what’s happening in your health insurance exchange during open enrollment 2018. […]

    Your state-by-state guide to the 2018 health insurance open enrollment period


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  9. Well, look at the bright side. All this rate increase will make everyone’s blood pressure skyrocket, so they have an excuse to go to their doctors for toxic blood pressure medicines to take.
    Good thing people don’t have a “choice” to go to alternative medical practitioners like ND’s, Chiropractors, Homeopathics doctors, Herbalists, TCM, etc….

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